Korman "Engine Plus" Program

From our many years of experience building BMW engines we offer our "Engine Plus" program. Our quoted engine prices represent much more than just the essential internal parts that other businesses quote. We also include the external parts which are usually in need of replacement. Typically, these tune-up and maintenance parts represent over $300.00 of our package prices. All of our rebuilds include these NEW parts where applicable;

*included only on stock rebuilds of carbureted engines. Fuel injection pumps not included.

In the event that you have just replaced one or more of the above items which are included in your rebuild and prefer to re-use the part, it will be deducted from your invoice.

In engines subject to extreme wear it may be necessary to replace some of the following additional parts. The cost of these parts is not included in our engine quotations unless specifically noted.

Our goal is to provide you with an engine that will offer many miles of driving pleasure with no unexpected surprises.