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Korman street use engines come with a 2 year/24,000 mile limited warranty

Korman Stock Rebuild

Our stock rebuilds are assembled to BMW specifications by our experienced and dedicated technicians rather than off a mass production assembly line. Korman engines are assembled with meticulous craftsmanship, precise machining, and detailed blueprinting. All of our boring an honing is done with a torque plate for exceptional bore roundness and long engine life. These hand built engines are available at prices comparable to a factory remanufactured units which offer only 12 month/12,000 mile warranties instead of our 2 year/24,000 mile limited warranty.

Korman Stock Rebuild 2002 Carbureted A/P# 1100 2 000

Estimated labor for removal, installation and tuning above engine-LAB 11 002 003            

Korman Stock Rebuild 2002Tii A/P# 110T 2 010

Estimated labor for removal, installation and tuning above engine-LAB 11 0T2 013

Korman Stock Rebuild 2002 Turbo A/P# 110T 2 010Turbo

Estimated labor for removal, installation and tuning above engine-LAB 11 0T2 013 Turbo

Korman High Performance Clean Air Engines 

Emissions standards today may lead you to believe that traditional high performance BMW engines have been legislated away. Not so at Korman Autoworks! Excellent power and acceleration gains can be realized within these legal constraints by improving flow and reducing the rotating and reciprocating mass of engine components. Our Clean Air Engines are fast, reliable, and clean to help you get the most out of your BMW.

Stage 1 Clean Air Engine

In our Stage 1 Clean Air engines we apply our high performance techniques to extract maximum power from stock parts while making no changes that affect Federal or State emissions laws. Our flow tested porting; polishing, valve and valve seat work promote smoother, more efficient air/fuel flow keeping the mixture much better suspended for cleaner burning and higher performance. Valve spring pressure is increased for a higher maximum rev limit of 7000 rpm. To reduce reciprocating weight and improve acceleration we lighten and balance the connecting rods, fit stronger light weight piston pins, and lighten the flywheel. Carbureted models include a Bosch Sport Coil, High Performance Ignition Wires, and Mechanical Advance Distributor. Expect a 10% to 15% horsepower increase according to model. On carbureted engines, we recommend our Weber Downdraft Carburetor Conversion.                                                                       

Stage 1 Clean Air Engine w/factory carb. A/P# 1100 2 100 CA

 Estimated labor for removal, installation and tuning above engine-LAB 11 002 103          

Stage 1 Clean Air Engine w/Weber 32/36 conversion A/P# 110W 2 100 CA

 Estimated labor for removal, installation and tuning above engine-LAB 11 0W2 103 

Stage 1 Clean Air Engine-Tii A/P# 110T 2 0CA

 Estimated labor for removal, installation and tuning above engine-LAB 11 0T2 113          

 Stage 2 High Performance Clean Air Engines

These engines receive our Stage 2 competition-type engine treatment for maximum performance while still meeting emissions standards. Porting and polishing are more extensive than our Stage 1 clean air engines. The valves and valve seats are re-cut for improved flow, and all valves are swirl polished. For increased high RPM strength we add dual valve springs, titanium valve spring retainers, and our Korman Rocker Arms. Instead of reworked stock rods, we install our light weight chrome steel alloy connecting rods for a very substantial reduction in reciprocating weight. Lightweight piston pins are included, and the stock steel flywheel is lightened. We also include our competition type oil system modifications for improved engine lubrication along with a Bosch High Performance Coil and Mechanical Advance Distributor. Korman-Stahl headers with our thermal barrier exhaust coating are also included.

Stage 2 Clean Air Engine w/Weber 32/36 Conversion A/P# 1100 2 220 CA 

 Estimated labor for removal, installation and tuning above engine-LAB 11 002 223          

Stage 2 Clean Air Engine-Tii A/P# 1100 2 230 CA

 Estimated labor for removal, installation and tuning above engine-LAB 11 002 233          

 Korman Competition Engines 

These engines are not designed or intended for use on public highways. They do not meet requirements of the Clean Air Act of 1991 or of the California Air Resources Board. They are offered for track use only.

Stage 1 Engine

A moderate increase in compression ratio, special valve work, mechanical advance distributor, Bosch Sport Coil, and Korman-Stahl headers combine to extract about 12% increase in power over the stock engine. The stock cam is used resulting in a very fuel efficient, quick engine. Expect about 112HP with the Weber 32/36 conversion.

Stage 1 Engine A/P# 1100 2 100

Estimated labor for removal, installation and tuning above engine-LAB 11 002 103  

 Stage 1 Engine with Weber 32/36 Conversion A/P# 1100 2 114

Estimated labor for removal, installation and tuning above engine-LAB 11 002 103  

Stage 1 Tii Engine (140 HP) A/P# 110T 2 110

Estimated labor for removal, installation and tuning above engine-LAB 11 0T2 113          

Stage 2 Competition Engines

This is our most popular M10 performance engine. This engine has lots of torque, a smooth idle and rapid acceleration to 7000 RPM. This is a solid 150HP (with our standard Korman K300 camshaft, the optional Schrick 292 camshaft yields 160HP), when used with the Weber dual 40mm DCOE’s, yet when driven with a light foot can get up to 30 mpg. With the Weber 32/36 carb conversion, this engine puts out 140 HP, yet offers the economy of the single two barrel downdraft carb. This engine utilizes the Korman K-300 Camshaft, Bosch Mechanical Advance Distributor, Korman-Stahl Header, Dual Valve Springs, Chrome Alloy valve spring retainers, swirl polished valves and Korman Rocker Arms. The connecting rods are lightened and balanced and the cylinder heads are fully ported and polished. The engine is completely balanced and blueprinted. All boring and honing is done with a torque plate for best cylinder roundness for maximum ring seal. Please see the carburetor kits below to complete your engine.                                                                  

Stage 2 Competition Engine- A/P# 1100 2 200

 Estimated labor for removal, installation and tuning above engine-LAB 11 002 203          

Stage 2 Competition Engine with Weber 32/36 Carburetor

Same as above with the economy of utilizing the two barrel downdraft carb on the stock (73-76) manifold. Dyno tests at 140HP with our Korman K300 camshaft.   A/P# 1100 2 220

 Estimated labor for removal, installation and tuning above engine-LAB 11 002 203          

Stage 2 Competition Engine-Tii 160 HP utilizing the original Kugelfischer Injection. A/P# 1100 2 230

 Estimated labor for removal, installation and tuning above engine-LAB 11 002 233          

Stage 3 2.0L Competition Engine

Our hot autocross/rally engine. This is a light competition engine built for power. Don't expect 150,000 miles at 7500RPM, but it is designed to operate at that engine speed. This 170 HP engine includes the Schrick 316 camshaft, two 45 DCOE Weber carburetors, lightweight connecting rods, high compression pistons, titanium valve spring retainers, racing headers, etc. Blueprinted and balanced to competition specifications.   

Stage 3 Competition Engine- A/P# 1100 2 300

Estimated labor for removal, installation and tuning above engine-LAB 11 002 303          

Stage 4  2.2 Liter Competition Engine

This capacity is available in our otherwise stock spec motor, Stage 1, 2, 3, or Full Race Spec Motor.

The special crankshaft requires a different timing chain/oil pump/crank sprocket, a different front vibration damper/pulley, upgraded front hub assembly, custom light weight forged pistons with light weight pins, custom length competition connecting rods, special machining to the front timing cover, and machining of the block for clearance of the longer stroke assembly. It is characteristic of the dynamics of increasing stroke that there will be frictional and inertia losses at high rpm resulting in a top end increase of only 5-7%, but producing and impressive 20% or more increase in bottom end torque.  The great advantage here is a very substantial increase in acceleration without having to work the engine hard with high revs.  Smooth, strong response is coupled with increased durability.   

M10 2.2 Engine Kit A/P# 1100 4 000

 Estimated labor for removal, installation and tuning above engine-LAB 11 004 003          


Sample: 2.2L Stage 4 M10 "Street" Engine

2002 2.2 liter street engine, 292 cam, and programmable fuel injection: Dyno tested at 170hp.                                                         





M10 2.2 Street/Autocross Crankshaft Conversion Kit-Contains 2.2 crankshaft, crankshaft dowel, front crankshaft pulley, front crankshaft pulley bolt, dampener, front seal, oil pump chain and sprocket and pilot bearing. A/P# 1121 M 102 5   

M10 2.2 Race Crankshaft Conversion Kit-Contains 2.2 crankshaft, crankshaft dowel, aluminum under drive front crankshaft pulley, front crankshaft pulley bolt, dampener, front seal, oil pump chain and sprocket and pilot bearing. Not for street use! A/P# 1121 M 102 5R   


Korman SCCA Improved Touring Engines-Our improved touring BMW engines have won several SCCQA Regional Championships and have set numerous lap records. We provide meticulously blueprinted, balanced, SCCA legal engines, dyno tuned spot-on for maximum power. Don’t waste valuable track time trying to adjust and tune in a few more horsepower. Arrive with a Korman engine already tuned to race and win! Spend your valuable track time tuning your driving skills, not you engine! SCCA ITA Engine (for Tii injection) A/P # 110R 0 020 T                                                                                           SCCA ITB Engine (for Weber 32/36 carb) A/P# 110R 0 002 0

Stage 3 2.0L Vintage/Endurance Race Engine

Similar to our Stage 3 2.0L competition engine listed above but designed to be a “workhorse” engine for vintage and endurance racing. A/P# 110R 3 101 0


 All Korman engines are priced using your good re-buildable core. Rebuilding it yourself?

Korman stocks a wide range of OEM replacement parts, and we can also do machine work on an as-needed basis. Call us with your needs!



Our engines are based on designs tested and proven on our in-house engine dynometer. It is not necessary to Dyno subsequent engines of the same design. However, there are advantages to having your own engine Dyno tuned.

A Dyno tuned engine is fully run in before testing under load. You are not only assures of precise tuning for maximum performance, but your engine is delivered ready for immediate high performance use. You have no further break-in period.

 Korman Autoworks Dyno tuning procedures include a lengthy run-in time. During this break-in period the cylinder head is retrorqued, valves adjusted, compression tested, oil pressure monitored, and temperatures closely controlled. Then under close observation, engine speed and load are gradually increased until the engine is ready for full load testing. One more cycle of adjustment and compression checks and we begin power runs. After satisfactorily completing all power runs, valve adjustments and compression are again checked and recorded. Customers are provided a detailed Dyno chart showing engine specifications, tuning specifications, and full horsepower and torque curves. Each Dyno sheet is certified by Ray Korman.

Stock or Stage 1 M10 Engine-LAB 11 400 001

Stage 2 or Stage 3 M10 Engine-LAB 11 400 002

Stage 1 or Stage 2 M10 Turbo Engine-LAB11 400 003

4 Cylinder Race Engines with Dry Sump-LAB 11 400 005

 Tech note: All Dyno charges listed above do not include the cost of fuel consumed. Costs vary with the types of engines, engine equipment and the tests performed.

Korman Cylinder Head Rebuild

Korman Stock Rebuild 2002 Carbureted Cylinder head rebuild-Your cylinder head is pressure tested for leaks, glass peened to relieve surface tension and rebuilt with new rocker arms, rocker shafts, valve guides, upgraded valve stem seals and carefully rebuilt to BMW specifications. Also included are the installation parts: head gasket set, head bolt set, heat shield exhaust gasket, copper manifold nuts and  Bosch spark plugs  A/P# 1112 0 2002

Korman Stage 2 Rebuild 2002 Carbureted Cylinder head rebuild-As described above along with our Stage 2 cylinder head porting along with our Korman K300 camshaft, Korman rocker arms, Cutting ring head gasket, Korman dual valve springs and chrome alloy steel retainers. You can upgrade the camshaft to a Schrick camshaft for an extra charge. A/P# 1112 2 2002

Tech note: This service is available for all 2002 cylinder heads including the 2002Tii and 2002 Turbo. If your cylinder head is not rebuild able due to cracks or age, we can use brand new cylinder head from BMW. Please call for details!


Cylinder Head Flow Testing

All of our performance cylinder head work follows designs and procedures learned in extensive testing with our precision instrumented flow bench. As with Dyno testing, once the procedures are standardized, we do not flow test ever cylinder head job. For those customers desiring verification of cylinder head flow rates and precise balancing of ports, we offer complete flow testing of your cylinder head with charts of the results.

BMW Four Cylinder heads: Two valves per cylinder-LAB 11 400 400

Schrick Camshafts

Schrick cams represent the newest and most advanced designs for BMW engines. Sophisticated changes in lobe center angles and larger base circles enable reliable utilization of high lift. Their chief quality is their ability to produce a great increase in power across a wide rpm range. Clean idling and strong bottom end torque are combined with superior top end power.

Schrick 284 Cam For 4 Cylinder Engines

This is Schrick’s high torque street performance cam. It gives a strong bottom end response and continues making steady power through the full rev range. It does not require cutting for piston-valve clearance. Ideal for use as a mild upgrade camshaft for A/C equipped 2002’s. 284 degrees of duration with 9.5mm of lift. M10 >9/80. P/N 1131 4 284

Schrick 292 Cam for 4 Cylinder Engines

This is our favorite all around street performance Schrick camshaft. It is a strong step up from the Schrick 284 camshaft. With our competition Stage 2 modifications, it will produce about 160 H.P. with the dual Weber DCOE’s. It does not require cutting for piston to valve clearance and works with side draft or downdraft carburetion. It also works well with A/C equipped 2002’s. 292 degrees of duration with 10.0mm of lift. M10 >9/80. P/N 1131 4 292

Schrick 304 Cam for 4 Cylinder Engines

Considerably more power at top end than the 292 cam, these are the strongest practical autocross, rally and driving school camshafts. These are more sophisticated cams and obtain some of their extra power from more aggressive angles between the lobes and the ramp profiles. Additional piston/valve clearance must be cut. These camshafts are for use only with the Weber 40mm or 45mm DCOE side draft carbs. The use of our offset cam gear listed below is highly recommended for best tuning results. This cam uses a standard journal diameter; however a small groove must be milled by hand into the center bore to provide additional oiling. 304 degrees of duration with 10.7mm of lift. M10 >9/80. P/N 1131 4 304

Schrick 316 Cam for 4 Cylinder Engines

A semi-race camshaft suitable for both club competition and other on-track events. Nearly full racing performance but without sacrificing valve train reliability and life. Use with 45mm Weber DCOE’s and large diameter headers. The big lobes require boring the cam journals in the cylinder head. (Korman can provide this service for you if needed) This cam provides oil directly to the rocker arms, the cam oiling tube is not needed.  Additional piston/valve clearance must be cut. 316 degrees of duration with 11.9mm of valve lift. M10 >9/80 P/N 1131 4 316

Schrick 336 Cam for 4 Cylinder Engines

This camshaft is for fully prepared race motors only. Many engine modifications along with a higher compression ratio is required. The big lobes require boring the cam journals in the cylinder head. (Korman can provide this service for you if needed) This cam provides oil directly to the rocker arms, the cam oiling tube is not needed.  Additional piston/valve clearance must be cut. The Schrick 336 camshaft is used for road racing and is asymmetrical, i.e. the intake lobes have more duration and lift than the exhaust lobes. You will need our offset adjustable cam gear to set the cam timing. We won an SCCA GT2 Championship with the 336 cam and 50 DCOE Webers making 230HP. There is no stronger cam made anywhere for the M10 motor. 336 degrees of duration with 12.45mm of valve lift (intake) and 12.0mm of valve lift (exhaust).M10 >9/80.  P/N 1131 4 336

Cylinder head line boring for Schrick Race Cams

The big lobes of the Schrick 316 and 336 racing cams require boring the cam journals in the cylinder head for fitment. Korman can provide this service for you if needed. This requires shipping your cylinder head and Schrick camshaft to us for modification. P/N 11044


Korman Reground Camshafts

Our reground cams have proven to be quick and reliable for over 150,000 miles. We use only moderate profiles to avoid the steep ramp angles and greater wear associated with more radical designs. They are machined on precision computer driven cam lathes, then hardened, heat treated, and coated. Reasonably priced, sold on an exchange basis with your old usable camshaft in exchange.

Korman K300 Camshaft For 4 Cylinder Engines

As used in our Stage 2 engine. Idles smoothly, will pull strongly through 7200 rpm. This camshaft is capable of up to 150 H.P. in four cylinder engines. 300 degrees of duration with 9.45mm of valve lift.                M10 >9/80. P/N 1131 4 300

Hardened Lash Caps for Korman K330 Camshaft

Sold each, P/N 1134 8 MMX 065

Korman K330 Camshaft For 4 Cylinder Engines

This is our strongest re-ground cam. It idles well, but does have a definite cam lope. It produces power through 7400 rpm and is capable of 170 H.P. in the M10 two liter engine. It has 330 degrees of duration with 11.1 mm valve lift. Use with our hardened lash caps. M10 >9/80. P/N 1131 4 330


Camshaft Installation Kits

M10 4 Cyl. Stage 1

Includes cast alloy rocker arms, Schrick valve springs, and chrome alloy retainers.  Designed to work with the original BMW cam, not the Korman or Schrick cams. A/P# 1139 4 400. 

M10 4 Cyl. Stage 2

Includes Korman rocker arms, Schrick valve springs, and chrome alloy retainers.Valve springs are designed for performance cams, this kit is typically used in the Korman K300 and Schrick 284 and 292 camshaft installations. A/P# 1139 4 401 

M10 4 Cyl. Stage 2 Competition

Includes Korman Racing Rockers, Schrick valve springs, and Titanium valve spring retainers. Valve springs are designed for performance cams, typically used in the Korman K300 and Schrick 284 and 292 camshaft installations for sustained high RPM use. A/P# 1139 4 402

For Korman K330 and Schrick 316 camshaft installations, please see Schrick Racing Valve Springs below.

Valve Train Components

Offset Adjustable Cam Gear

Resurfacing the cylinder head retards camshaft timing. Use this gear to advance it back to original specs.

It is also handy for fine tuning the power band of the engine with performance cams. Machined for 1,3,5 and 7 degrees of offset.

M10>11/78 (for double row timing chain) A/P# 1131 0 006

M10 11/78> (for single row timing chain) A/P #1131 0 806 

Stock Rocker Arm

Aftermarket version by Febi/Bilstein. For use only in stock engines. Do not use in performance engines due to the high breakage rate at high RPM use. Sold each. P/N 1133 1 271 833

BMW Factory rocker arm

Suitable for use in performance engines, except those with high lift cans. Sold each. P/N 1133 B 271 833

Korman Rocker Arms

Lightened cast alloy rocker arms, contoured, peened, and polished. They are then radiused to clear the valve spring retainers with high lift cams. Sold each. P/N 1133 K 256 229                                                                       

Korman Racing Rocker Arms

Lightened cast alloy rocker arms, contoured, peened, and polished. They are then radiused to clear the valve spring retainers with high lift cams. The arms are also fully polished and the pads micro-polished. P/N 1133 R 256 229

Steel Racing Rocker Arms

If you need to turn high RPM’s, these steel rocker arms will give the reliability that the aluminum rocker arms can't provide. Proven on-track with consistent revs to 9000 and above with no failures. The toughest test for these rocker arms has been a customer turning his M10 race engine to 9,000 R.P.M. for 5 seasons with no failures! P/N 1133S256229

Korman Rocker Arm Lock

This rocker arms lock is designed to eliminate both the early style high tension and the late style low-tension rocker shaft springs. It locks the rocker arm into place with less friction loss than the OEM rocker shaft springs. These are machined from billet aluminum and weigh 20.8 grams each. Sold each, you will need one Korman rocker arm lock per rocker arm. P/N 11341 M10 M30

Rocker Arm Parts

All rocker arms from BMW and aftermarket vendors are shipped bare. Here are the parts needed to complete a new rocker arm assembly.

Rocker Arm Bolts-sold each. P/N 1133 0 634 122

Rocker Arm Washer-sold each. P/N 1133 1 258 327

Rocker Arm Nut-sold each P/N 1133 0 634 124

Rocker Arm Eccentric-Standard version, sold each. P/N 1133 1 744 354

Rocker Arm Eccentric-Over size version. Used to correct geometry issues with re-ground camshafts, excessive wear on valve stem tips, ect. Sold each. P/N 1133 0 634 116


Valve Springs & Retainers


High Performance Dual Valve Springs

Includes center damper spring sleeve. Long life with revs to 7600 RPM. Will fit over 79> small valve seals. Must update both the guides and seals on older heads. No cylinder head machining required for installation. P/N 1134 1 204 N

Schrick Street Valve Springs

Schrick’s latest single spring design for your street driven 2002. Typically used in the Schrick 284 and 292 camshaft installations. Sold each (i.e. per valve) P/N 1134 1 204

Schrick Racing Valve Springs

Dual valve spring design made to sustain very high spring pressures, very high cam lift, and extended high RPM. Will maintain original tension four or five times longer than any other spring that we tested for the BMW M10 engines. Recommended for use with the Schrick 316 camshaft and larger. Use only with our titanium retainers listed below, sold each (i.e. per valve, inner and outer set,). P/N 1134 1 028

Titanium Valve Spring Retainers

These retainers are about half the weight and twice as strong as steel retainers. We use these in our Stage 3, 4, and race engines. Weight is 12.5 grams each.

For Korman Dual Valve Springs P/N 1134 2 002

For Schrick Racing Valve Spring P/N 1134 1 029

Chrome Alloy Steel Valve Spring Retainers

Our retainers are much stronger than the stock retainers. As used in our Stage 2 engines. Weight is 21.5 grams each. P/N 1134 2 001      


Stock Replacement Valves

M10 46 mm intake:  P/N 1131 1 254 625          M10 38 mm exhaust:  P/N 1134 1 251 063

Korman Swirl Polished Valves

Factory steel valves which are swirl polished, profiled, and radiused for improved air flow. New valve seats are also cut.

Factory steel valves which are swirl polished, profiled, and radiused for improved air flow. New valve seats are also cut.

M10 46 mm intake: P/N 1134 K 254 625          M10 38 mm exhaust: P/N 1134 K 251 063

Korman Stainless Steel BIG Valves

Available in 47mm for the intake (stock is 46mm) and 39mm for the exhaust (stock is 38mm). These valves are profiled for maximum airflow and are constructed of durable stainless steel. These valves are suitable for both street use or racing use. Designed to be used with the factory BMW valve seat material and factory 3 groove valve locks.

M10 47mm intake P/N 1134 K 662                   M10 39mm exhaust P/N 1134 K 664

Titanium Racing Valves

Forty percent lighter than steel. The Titanium racing valve permits very high rpm on high lift cams with reduced spring pressures. Machined from certified stock and inertia welded, these valves do not have the stress riser issues associated with forged titanium valves. Must be used with special valve guides, retainers, lash caps, locks and they do require larger valve seats and extensive porting and polishing for maximum air flow.

48mm Titanium Intake Valves  P/N 1134 1 148          41mm Titanium exhaust Valves P/N 1134 1 141                     

Titanium Racing Valve Components

Special Valve Retainers P/N 1134 2 100     Special Valve Locks P/N 1134 2 102

Special Lash Caps  P/N 1134 2 101


High Compression Cast Pistons

In addition to all standard BMW pistons, we offer the following special high compression, big bore, cast pistons. These 90mm bore pistons are for sport use, but can be used for every day commuting with the proper fuel and tuning. All piston sets are sold complete with 4 pistons, Deves ring set, 4 piston pins, and 8 piston clips. 

Cylinder Head

Compression Ratio
























Korman BMW Forged Racing Pistons

Our current piston dome shape is the result of years of Dyno testing and successful racing. This piston makes the most power with the least tendency for detonation. Pistons come with lightweight alloy pins and clips. Requires extensive combustion chamber modification for installation. Compression ratios up to 13.5:1 are available. Forged for light weight and strength. Call with your application.

Sold each 3.524” bore P/N 1125 0 601

Sold each 3.534” bore P/N 1125 0 601A

Sold each 3.545” bore P/N 1125 0 601B

Light Weight Piston Pins

Similar to those used in our racing pistons, these lightweight, very strong piston pins are machined to fit stock pistons. They are used in our Stage 2 and 3 special engines and enable the engine to accelerate more rapidly while reducing the dynamic load on the crankshaft and connecting rods. 10 to 20% lighter that stock varying with engine type. Suitable for full race or street application, and a nice addition to any engine rebuild. Sold each. P/N 1125 K 712 198

 Connecting Rods

Korman Stage 2 Connecting Rods

As used in the Korman Stage 2 engine. Your connecting rods are lightened, peened, sized, alignment checked and balanced. Then, new wrist pin bushings, connecting rod bolt and connecting rod nuts are installed. Not having your engine rebuilt at Korman Autoworks?  We can still modify your connecting rods to our specs. Turnaround time is usually 48 hours upon arrival. Korman Stage 2 connecting rods are about 8% lighter than stock rods.  A/P# 1124 1 200

Pauter Lightweight Competition Connecting Rods

Designed for full race use, but equally suitable for the street. Super strong and light 4340 chrome moly steel alloy composition reduces the reciprocating mass in your engine, and reduces the stress forces at high RPM. About 25% lighter than stock, can be ordered in stock sizes or custom lengths for special applications. P/N 1124 1 500 picture shows stock rod left, competition rod right 

Budget H beam Connecting rods

Budget H beam connecting rods with ARP connecting rod bolts. P/N 1124 1 500 A

 Gaskets and Hardware

Cutting Ring /Knife Edge Cylinder Head Gasket-M10

Special combustion chamber sealing rings formed into the head gasket give an extra measure of insurance against leaks. As used in our Stage 1, 2, and 3 engines.  P/N 1112 S 265 420

Heat Shield Exhaust Manifold Gasket-M10

This unique one-piece exhaust gasket forms a shield to deflect heat away from the ignition wires and cylinder head. P/N 1162 1 285 249                                                         

Exhaust Manifold Service Parts

8mm Copper Exhaust Nuts-Sold each, 8 needed P/N 11620643110

Exhaust manifold studs-M8x38.5. Sold each, 8 needed P/N 07119908368A

Exhaust manifold studs-M8x90. Sold each, 1 needed P/N 07129908160   

Aerospace Quality Hardware

BMW uses stretch bolts for clamping the cylinder head to the block.  But for modified high performance engines, stronger fasteners may be needed. We recommend these aerospace quality head studs instead of stretch bolts. They have a guaranteed tensile strength of 190,000 PSI and can be used over and over. Stretch bolts must be replaced, they cannot be re-used. Our kits include precision ground hardened washers and 12 point aircraft nuts to distribute the load evenly. This helps to keep the cylinders more round, improving piston ring seal, compression, and power. We also have replacement stud kits for the s-t-r-e-t-c-h bolts used for the main bearing caps.

Head Stud Kit    P/N 1112 2 014 601          Main Bearing Cap Stud Kit P/N 0711 2 015 001

2002 Oiling System Improvements

Engine Oiling System Modifications

Strongly recommended for frequent high RPM operation. Essential in BMW engines for racing. Modifications increase oil pressure to the bottom end and provide a more even flow and more precise oil pressure through the main and rod bearings, controls oil flow to cylinder head, reducing excess pooling of oil in the cylinder head under high RPM operation. Kit includes special main bearings, new oil pump with hardware. You must ship your crankshaft to us for modification special machining.

 2002 M10 4 Cyl. A/P# 1141 1 002

Korman Competition Oil Pan

Designed for racing, we have also used many of these pans on hot street/autocross cars. Enlarged sump increases oil capacity by 2 liters. Extensively baffled, three one way flapper valves provide unmatched oil control. Can be used alone, with our Formula 2 style windage tray or our budget windage tray (both listed below). An excellent oil pan choice for 2002’s with the S14 M3 engine swap. This oil pan provides the oil capicity the S14 M3 engine needs. For M10 and S14  4 Cylinder engines installed into a 2002. Sold on an exchange basis, send you oil pan in for modification or purchase an oil pan core from us. P/N 1113 2 002

 Core Charge for above oil pan. P/N 1113 2 CORE                                                                                                

Korman Special Oil Pan 

One way flapper valves controls surging in the sump, maintains deeper oil level around pick up to preclude sucking air in hard turns, hard braking and hard acceleration. This proven design saves rod bearings. Can be used alone, or with our Formula 2 style windage tray or our budget windage tray (both listed below). A great oil pan for street, autocross and track days, especially when combined with our budget windage tray. This is a very cost effective package. P/N 1113 0002 EXC  

 Core Charge for above oil pan. P/N 1113 2 CORE                                                                                                

F2 Style Windage Tray/Scraper Assembly-M10 4 Cyl.

Heidegger AG F2 style windage trays with three stainless steel scraper blades. The blades strip oil from the crank and rods and direct turbulence and splashing oil away from moving parts reducing drag and foaming. NOTE: Stock connecting rods will not clear the F2 Windage Scrapper Blade Assembly. You must use our Korman Modified, Competition, or Special Alloy Connecting Rods. Alternately, you can cut the cast balancing mass from the bottom of your rods and have them re-balanced. Oil dipstick hole must be added. P/N 1113 0 000

Korman Windage Tray/Scraper Assembly-M10 4 Cyl.

M10 w/o Teflon    M10 w/Teflon

This is our budget windage tray/scrapper assembly. It has almost all of the futures of the F2 version above at a much more attractive price. This crank scraper comes with dual independent trap doors and a second scraper.  The second scraper operates on the down stroke of the crank shaft and shunts the oil to the side of the pan. The dual trap doors allow oil to freely drain from the side of the block without becoming trapped on top of the scraper, but during high speed sweeper turns the doors swing shut to keep oil at the oil pump pick-up area. This helps prevent a well-known problem with the tilted engine design of oil traveling up the side of the block.  At the rear of the scraper a ledge has been added to help prevent oil from climbing the rear of the sump during heavy acceleration. These are for wet sump street and race engines; we also have versions for dry sump engines. Call for details. Use 2 of our P/N 1113 0 607 100 oil pan gaskets for installation (sold separately).

M10 w/o Teflon P/N 1113 M10       M10 w/Teflon P/N 1113 M10 T


M10 w/o Teflon P/N 1113 M10       M10 w/Teflon P/N 1113 M10 T

Oil Cooler Kits

Our stacked plate design coolers provide as much as 9 times the surface area as conventional tube type units.

Korman Remote Oil Cooler Kits

Includes cooler, remote filter adapter, remote filter mount, filter, all necessary hoses, clamps and fittings.                                                   

3"x11" Oil Cooler Kit A/P# 1142 4 002                                                                              

5.75"x11" Oil Cooler Kit A/P# 1142 4 003


Korman Competition Oil Cooler Kit

Includes oil cooler, aircraft type aluminum fittings, stainless steel braided #10 hose, remote adapter, remote oil filter mount and filter.                     

3"x11" Oil Cooler Kit A/P# 1142 4 100                                                                                                   

5.75"x11" Oil Cooler Kit A/P# 1142 4 200

Heavy-Duty Remote Oil Filter Mount

The commonly used cast aluminum adapters are known to split open (usually when the engine is fired up cold).  Our remote adaptor is machined from solid aluminum billet and is tapped for O-ring boss fittings (and also tapped for both oil pressure and oil temperature sending units.  We supply these units with 2 AN10 fittings and plugs in case you do not want to use the oil temp and oil pressure units. Use a Fram HP1 or equivalent with this mount.  AN 12 available on request.  P/N 1142 9 000 04

Billet Aluminum Remote Filter/Cooler Adaptor Plate

Same as above but made from solid billet aluminum instead of cast aluminum.  Includes 2 AN10 male fittings (AN 12 available on request).  Drilled and tapped for oil pressure sender and oil temp sender. Requires 1 P/N 1142 1 312 607 gasket for installation (sold separately).                               

P/N 1141 4 077 R

Cast Aluminum Remote Filter/Cooler Adaptor Plate

Replaces original BMW filter mount, bolts directly to engine block.  With ½” NPT threads to accept hose or AN fittings.  As used in our standard oil cooler kits. P/N  1142 0 545 7

Oil Thermostat

Works with the above oil cooler kits to facilitate quicker engine warm up and avoid blown oil coolers. A must for cold climates!

For Korman Remote Kits #002 and #003 with barbed fittings. A/P# 1142 0 111

For Korman Competition Kits #100 and #200 with AN 10 male fittings. A/P# 1142 0 222

High Performance Canton Mecca Oil Filters

In extensive testing, these filters trapped smaller particles than any other tested, and their high flow design required less horsepower to pump oil through the filter.  Most filters caused a 5-6 psi pressure drop, we measured only 1 psi drop on these.  The strong aluminum canister contains a replaceable filter element.    



Spin On Filter-For installation to original BMW 2002filter housings. Cast aluminum. P/N 1142 025 26

Remote Competition Type Filters

Same as the above unit, but designed for remote mounting. Comes with 1/2"NPT threads and installs as a remote unit. Machined from solid billet aluminum construction with a replaceable filter element. Stainless steel mounting bracket included.   P/N 1142 0 250 0

Replacement Filter Elements for the above Canton Mecca Remote Oil filters:

Each P/N 114202600      6 Pack P/N 114202602

Replacement Seal Kit for Spin-on Filter P/N 1142 0 999 9

Replacement Seal Kit for Remote Filter P/N 1142 0 268 0



 Korman High Performance Aluminum Radiator

Korman High Performance Aluminum Radiator

A 35% increase in cooling capacity over the stock radiator. Of all new construction, it bolts in the stock mounting points, uses the stock cooling hoses, stock radiator cap and works with the stock or a electric cooling fan. Great for performance engines, hot climates, and track cars. Includes new mounting screws and cable clamps for the overflow tube, but the over flow tube is not provided. Drain fitting is tapped M14x1.5 to accept water temp sending unit if desired (Korman part number 62323055). Made in the USA.  P/N 1711 1 2002 A

Radiator cap for the above radiator P/N 1711 1 100 848

Overflow hose for the above radiator P/N 1712 1 119 294

Korman 3 Row Radiator

For our customers who wish to keep a stock “OE” appearance, we offer a 3 row sport radiator based on your stock unit. Our special cores are thicker, and have three rows of tubes offset for better cooling. We have customers using these in deep southern states with very modified engines plus air conditioning and this radiator gives them cooling capacity in reserve. Sold on an exchange basis. P/N 1711 1 2002

Radiator cap for the above radiator P/N 1711 1 100 848

Overflow hose for the above radiator P/N 1712 1 119 294

BMW Tropical fan kit

The original equipment fan for the BMW 2002 for the US market is 360mm in diameter. Our tropical fan upgrade is 400mm in diameter. Fits the original equipment radiator and both our aluminum radiator and the Three Row Sport radiator listed above. P/N 1152 0 786 120

Catch Cans

Required by many sanctioning bodies to collect vented fluids before they reach the track surface. Can be used for coolant, crankcase, transmission or differential overflow.

Plastic with 1 quart housing and drain. P/N 1142 1 504

Aluminum with 1 quart housing w/breather, drain and mount. P/N 1142 2 303 0

Competition Crankshaft Pulley Kit

Smaller diameter reduces rpm of water pump and alternator. Prevents water flow cavitation problems, lessens alternator wear, and reduces horsepower losses. Fore race use only! Can not be used on the street as the water pump RPM is too slow.

2002 Engines A/P# 1123 1 200          2002Tii Engines A/P# 1123 1 100 K                                                                             


Other Engine Parts

Korman Tii Kugelfischer Pump Drive Gear

Sometimes available from BMW, sometimes not, we have these gears machined for us. Hard anodized and machined from solid billet aluminum, not cast aluminum.  Restores proper fuel pump timing and installs same as original part. P/N 1352 1 261 790

Tii Kugelfischer Pump Drive Gear

The original steel BMW version of the Tii Kugelfischer Pump Drive Gear, when available from BMW Mobile Tradition. P/N 1352 1 259 586

 Heavy-Duty Engine/Transmission Mount Kit

The rubber engine and transmission mounts of the 2002 and 1600 allow excessive engine movement under sport driving conditions, and sometimes break. Our kit includes stronger heavy-duty rubber mounts for the engine, both left and right sides, one transmission mount, and a modified right side steel-mounting bracket. A/P# 1181 0 002


Heavy Duty Transmission Mounts

A harder than stock rubber heavy duty transmission mount for BMW 1600/2002 with either the 4 speed, 5 speed close ratio or 5 speed overdrive transmission. P/N 2323 3 100

Polished, Krinkle Finished Valve Covers & Intake Manifolds

Your parts are cleaned and glass peened for superior paint bond. The raised ribs and the BMW logos are polished to a bright finish. Can be supplied with your new engine or shipped to you on an exchange basis. Available in black, red or blue.                 

2002 valve cover P/N LAB 1112 4 000

Tii Intake Manifold P/N LAB 1112 4 200

Dual Weber Manifold P/N LAB 1112 4 100

Stainless Steel Valve Cover Nuts

A finishing touch to our Krinkle finished valve cover listed above. P/N 1112 1 720 11S


55 Amp Alternator Conversion

We supply a Bosch re-manufactured alternator that converts your OEM external regulator 45 amp alternator to a 55 amp internal regulator alternator. This gives you more amps to run aftermarket lighting, stereo systems and ignition systems (a typical MSD 7 box pulls 15 amps alone!).  P/N 1231 1 277 504  

Heavy Duty Alternator Bushings

These heavy duty polyurethane bushings replace your stock rubber parts. The stock rubber bushings collapse over time causing misalignment of the alternator, resulting in a thrown belt. Look and see if your alternator is crooked, then use these improved bushings for a long term solution. These heavy duty alternator bushings fit both the original 2002 and our 55 amp alternators.

Short Bushings (2 required) P/N 1231 1 268 432  Long Bushings (2 required) P/N 1231 1 268 433

Lightweight Racing Starter

Bolts right on to the M10 block. This starter is 2.6 lbs. lighter than the stock 2002 starter. You must fabricate a front mounting bracket for use with the 2002 engine. P/N 1241 K 440

Rear Strut Brace/Battery Mount Kit

Steel stress bar with built in battery tray. Kit includes brace; battery mount, battery cable and all hardware to trunk mount a battery. Can be used as a strut brace only. P/N 3352 5 2002

Remote Battery Box

The Final touch to optimize handling. Transfer battery weight from the front corner to the center of your BMW. Complete with special battery case, connectors, and load and distance tested heavy duty cable. Relocation provides more space in the engine bay for mounting of remote oil filters, oil coolers, turbochargers, carburetor conversions, etc. A/P#1212 0 000 000

Battery Disconnect

We supply the correct 4 terminal battery disconnect that will correctly and safely shut off the alternator and isolate the battery. Comes with a removable key. Approved for BMWCCA, NASA, SCCA, ect. competition use. P/N 1142 4 578 0


Electronic Points Conversion

Pertronix Electronic Points Conversion

Replaces troublesome points with an infrared trigger unit. Greatly reduces dwell variation and erratic timing. Very reliable.

For all models with left hand points >9/79 or with 002, 002R and 045 Bosch distributors. P/N 1212 0 01

For all models with right hand points >9/79, or with Bosch 003, or 72-73Tii P/N 1212 0 04   

For 72-73 2002 and 74Tii with Bosch 008 distributor P/N 1212 0 06   

Pertronix Coil for Electronic Points conversion P/N 1212 0 02 

Korman Mechanical Advance Distributor

 The famous Bosch Mechanical Advance Distributor is no longer being made by Bosch in either a new or remanufactured version. We have had this distributor recreated for us WITH an electronic points conversion already installed! One of the best performance additions you can make to your 2002. Sold with distributor gear, cap, rotor and electronic conversion, ready to install. P/N 0 231 1 880 02R

Mallory Unilite® Electronic Distributor Kit 

The Mallory Unilite distributor is an electronic ignition with a one-piece self-contained optical pickup and electronic module. It utilizes an easy 3-wire hookup and has an adjustable mechanical advance. The distributor features include a Mallory Super-Duty Cap and rotor with brass terminals. It’s self-lubricating bushings provide years of trouble-free service. Mallory supplies these with an undrilled shaft and no distributor gear installed. To ease installation, we supply our kit with the distributor shaft drilled, then install a new BMW distributor gear which is indexed with the end play set. A new roll pin is installed and then braded. The distributor is then ready to drop in and install. A/P 1267 1 01A 

Bosch Ignition Components

Korman stocks the full line of quality Bosch replacement ignition parts (points, caps, rotors, condensers, etc.) Don't settle for less when tuning up your 2002! If you do not see what you need, please call us!

Distributor caps

2002 & Tii 68-74 P/N 1203 0 12

2002 w/002, 002R performance distributor and 2002 75-76 P/N 1203 0 10

Distributor rotors

2002 68-71 P/N 1204 0 04

2002 72-74 (with 6000 RPM rev limiter) P/N 1204 1 41

2002 w/002, 002R P/N 1204 0 33

Distributor points

2002 68-74 with left hand points only. P/N 1201 0 11

2002 68-74 with right hand points and 2002 Tii 72-74. P/N 1201 0 12

2002 w/002 and 002R performance distributor. These points have a stronger spring to prevent point bounce at high RPM's. Necessary for revs over 6200. P/N 1201011

Distributor condenser

2002 68-72 with round plug. P/N 1202 0 31

2002 73-74 and Tii with square plug. P/N 1202 1 02

2002 w/002, 002R and 008 performance distributor. P/N 1202 0 93

Bosch High Performance Ignition Coils

The quick and easy way to upgrade your standard ignition system. Rugged, reliable, and easy to install. Substantial improvement in heavy load or high RPM conditions. The red coil cannot be used with pointless ignition system, but the Bosch blue BC12 coil can be used with our electronic points conversion. 12 volt use only                                                      

Blue Bosch Coil-for systems without external ballast resistor. P/N BC12

Red Bosch coil-for systems with 1.4 to 1.8 ohm external ballast resistor P/N RC18

2002 Lifetime Warranty Bosch Ignition Wire Sets

These 7 mm high temperature silicone ignition wires offer excellent performance, value and durability. We use these wire sets on all of our engines with excellent results. The last set of plug wires you'll ever buy! P/N  1209 0 12

Rebuilding it yourself?

Korman stocks a wide range of OEM replacement parts, and we can also do machine work on an as-needed basis. Call us with your needs!

2002 Turbo, 2002Tii and 2002 steel gas pedal pivot ball-Replace your problematic, breakage prone,  plastic gas pedal pivot ball with our steel gas pedal ball.  P/N 3541 K 001

2002 Turbo and 2002Tii throttle body rebuild-We can rebuild your throttle body with new bearings to eliminate air leaks and drivability issues. Service includes 2 bearing and the labor to disassemble, rebuild and re assemble your throttle body. Installation requires the use of 1 throttle body mounting gasket (sold separately, see below). A/P 1354 1 259 686

 2002 Turbo and 2002Tii throttle body gasket-We are having this NLA part from BMW built for us in Germany. P/N 1354 1 257 852

2002Tii fuel injectors-Original replacement fuel injectors for your Tii. Sold each P/N 1353 1 252 861

Weber Carburetor Conversion Kits

In design, performance, and reliability, Weber Carburetors are world renowned. Korman Autoworks offers a complete line of Weber conversion kits for BMW's. All of our Weber kits have received extensive engine Dyno development and testing by Ray Korman. This is backed up by many miles of street and track testing. Our Weber kits are sold with the correct chokes and jets for your engine and tailored to your driving requirements.

ometimes we hear rumors that Weber carburetors are difficult to tune and maintain. This is a misconception caused by improper installations or bad tuning. Unfortunately many Webers are sold for BMW applications that are not correctly jetted or have the wrong choke sizes, and often are not even the correct model Weber for the engine intended. Poor throttle linkage can cause many problems and in most cases we provide linkage of our own design. A correct Weber installation will provide smooth running at all rpm, will be easy to tune, will not require frequent readjustments, and will get good fuel economy.

Weber 32/36 Downdraft Conversion For 2002

Replaces the troublesome stock Solex two-barrel carburetor and brings a smoothness and crispness of throttle response that your 2002 never had before. This carburetor bolts directly to the stock '73 - '76 manifold and works well with standard or automatic transmissions. The Solex vacuum operated secondary opens slowly. The Weber secondary throttle area is 6% greater and the mechanical linkage opens the secondary throttle immediately on full throttle providing much quicker acceleration. The linkage is progressive so on part throttle cruising only the primary is operating, yielding excellent fuel economy. Includes carburetor, base gasket, air cleaner, and sheathed choke cable. Detailed instructions included.

2002 Stock - 32/36 DGV, Manual Choke A/P# 1300 4 001 MS

2002 w/Perf Cam - 32/36 DGV, Manual Choke A/P# 1300 4 001 MK

2002 Stock - 32/36, Water Choke A/P# 1300 4 001 WS

2002 Stock- Electric Choke A/P 1300 400 1 EC

Emissions Legal Weber 32/36 DGV Kit

For California BMW owners a C.A.R.B. exemption has been granted for a specific Weber DGAV downdraft carb but it must be used with the original BMW air filter assembly. We can provide this 'emissions legal' carb with an adapter to enable installation of the BMW air cleaner. P/N 1300 4 001 CA

orman SCCA ITB/Race 32/36 Weber Kit

This carb is SCCA legal. Our kit includes 32/36 carburetor with special Dyno and on-track proven jet settings, along with a K&N air filter.  A/P# 1300 400 1 IT

Aluminum 2 Barrel Intake Manifold

This cast aluminum manifold replaces the original 1 barrel intake and allows installation of the two-barrel Weber 32/36 kits. It does require re-routing of the water hose as this intake does not have the water pipe in it for the carburetor heating. P/N 1161 2002

Weber DCOE Dual Sidedraft Conversion for the 2002

The classic carburetor conversion for improved performance. These Webers can be installed alone with no other modifications to replace your present carburetor or fuel injection and give a marked improvement in acceleration. The Weber DCOE’s s work best when combined with the mechanical advance distributor and Stahl headers. This combination will produce a full 20% H.P. increase, as tested on our engine Dyno. With our Stage 2 modifications the Weber DCOE’s deliver 150 H.P. to 160 H.P., depending on compression ratio and camshaft selection. The Weber DCOE’s are very efficient carburetors and customers report up to 30 mpg on highway driving.



Korman Weber DCOE Kits are the most complete on the market. In addition to the DCOE carburetors, they include:

  • Korman Intake Manifold with balance ports for increased low end and mid-range torque
  • Korman custom linkage assembly
  •  breather hose
  •  intake manifold gaskets
  • all necessary clamps and hardware
  • full instructions
  • K & N air cleaner assemblies
  • Soft mount anti-vibration kits
  • water by-pass pipe and hoses
  •  fuel line and fittings
  •  fuel pump block off plate

Additionally, Korman Autoworks will custom jet your new Webers using our own Dyno and track proven settings, assuring you of top performance. Our linkage kits and manifolds are also available separately.

Weber 40 DCOE Dual Sidedraft Conversion for the 2002

2002 except '76 A/P# 1340 4 002

2002 1976 A/P# 1340 4 762

Weber 45 DCOE Dual Sidedraft Conversion for 2002

Same as above kits, but with 45 DCOE Webers for very high performance applications. As used on our Stage 3 engines which produce 170 H.P. and up.

2002 except '76 A/P# 1345 4 002

2002 1976 A/P# 1345 4 762

Weber 50 DCOE Dual Sidedraft Conversion

Conversion kits are available with the 50 DCOE Webers. These are for race applications only, and the kit does not include air cleaners. Very extensive modification to the intake and cylinder head required. Call for details!

 2002 A/P# 1350 4 004

 ~The above Weber Carburetor conversions are for off road use only unless otherwise noted~

Korman stocks many hard to find Weber Carburetor parts including rebuild kits, chokes, jets, etc. Call us with your needs!


Additional Parts for Weber Conversions


Korman Dual Weber DCOE intake for M10 engines

Kit includes intake manifold and gaskets. No carburetors or carburetor linkage is provided. Please see linkage kits below. P/N 99006.65K

Korman Dual Weber DCOE linkage kit

For the Korman dual DCOE intakes only! Our kit supplies the complete linkage less the intake and carburetors. For 2002 except ‘76. A/P# 1340 4 002 LK

Water neck kit for Weber Dual DCOE Sidedraft Conversion

Use of this BMW water neck kit avoids any intake manifold fitment issue encountered on most 2002’s. The kit includes a brand new BMW water neck,  drain plug seals and grain plug seal gaskets.  A/P 1153 K 274 009

Stainless Steel Braided Fuel Line Kit for Weber Dual DCOE

Pre-assembled, ready to install stainless steel fuel lines with aluminum aircraft type fittings. Includes fuel filter and standard fuel pressure regulator. Fits all Korman 2002 dual Weber DCOE kits with 4 cylinder M10 engines. A/P# 1300 4 125

Heavy Duty Electronic Fuel Pumps

These quiet, reliable, compact, electronic fuel pumps are designed for use with Weber carbs and come complete with mounting kit, integral fuel fittings and installation instructions. Must be used with a fuel pressure regulator. P/N 1391 2 FPMP

Standard Fuel Pressure Regulator

Adjustable from 1 to 5 psi. When used with the above heavy duty pump it delivers the correct flow and pressure with quick surge capacity for high performance engines. Packaged complete with fittings.

For 8mm rubber lines- A/P 1331 0 600 8MM

For 6AN braided stainless steel lines- A/P 1331 0 600 6AN

Bypass Fuel Pressure Regulator

Permits use of original fuel injection fuel pump with Weber conversions. We supply this regulator with 2 spring pressures. One for carbureted fuel pumps and 1 for fuel injection fuel pumps. Comes with remote mount and fittings. This regulator is boost sensitive, it can be used in Turbocharged or Supercharged applications. P/N 1331 0 700

Manual Fuel Pump

The current aftermarket fuel pumps for the 2002 do not fit correctly onto the cylinder head. To fit the aftermarket fuel pump, you must shim the fuel pump outboard for clearance. However, shimming the fuel pump outboard reduces the travel of the fuel pump arm reducing both fuel volume and pressure. We recommend using the original BMW fuel pump. It is more expensive that the aftermarket versions, but much cheaper than burning a hole in your piston from detonation caused by lack of fuel. Not for use with Weber dual DCOE conversions, but can be used with Weber 32/36 conversions.  P/N 1331 1 265 192            

 Weber Tools and Manuals


This tool synchronizes your Weber DCOE carburetors to assure the best performance, economy, and emissions. Simple precision device enables quick and accurate tuning. Complete with instructions. 

P/N 1331 4 025


Haynes Weber Manual for all popular Weber carburetor models. P/N 99001.393

Weber Service Parts

 DGV Service Parts

 DGV 32/36 Overhaul Kit- P/N 92.1137.05

DGV 32/36 Gasket Kit- P/N 92.0107.05

DGV 32/36 Base Gasket- P/N 99005.068

DGV 32/36 Base Gasket- P/N 99005.068

DGV 32/36 to OEM air cleaner adapter- P/N 99004.350

DGV 32/36 Main Jet (Sold each, add jet size to last 3 digits)- P/N 73801.XXX

DGV 32/36 Air Jet (Sold each, add jet size to last 3 digits)- P/N 77201.XXX

DGV 32/36 Idle Jet-Large size, about 0.155” diameter, used in the primary side. (Sold each, add jet size to last 3 digits)- P/N 77409.XXX

DGV 32/36 Idle Jet, Small size, about 1/8” diameter, used in the secondary size. (Sold each, add jet size to last 3 digits)- P/N .77403XXX

 DCOE Service Parts

 40 DCOE Repair Kit w/1.75” needle- P/N 92.1046.05

40 DCOE Repair Kit w/2.00” needle- P/N 92.1047.05

50 DCOE Repair Kit- P/N 92.0332.05

40 & 45 DCOE Soft Mount Kit-99005.145

50 DCOE Soft Mount Kit-99005.150

DCOE Gasket Kit- P/N 92.0015.05

DCOE Main Jet (Sold each, add jet size to last 3 digits)- P/N 73401.XXX

DCOE Air Jet (Sold each, add jet size to last 3 digits)- P/N 77401.XXX

40 DCOE Choke Tube, (Sold each, add size to last 3 digits)- P/N 72303.XXX

45 DCOE Choke Tube, (Sold each, add size to last 3 digits)- P/N 72110.XXX

 UNI Pod Air Cleaners

The original "POD" air filter with a cylindrical foam element. A heavy gauge steel spring maintains shape and prevents collapsing. Our Dyno tests have proven this filter produces higher horsepower than the Lynx or K & N air filters. Heavy rubber base with stainless steel clamp fits securely over air horns. Use one filter per carburetor.                                                  

UNI Air Cleaner 40 DCOE (sold in pairs) P/N 1372 0 WK40

UNI Air Cleaner 45 DCOE (sold in pairs) P/N 1372 0 WK45

K & N Filtercharger

The K & N Filtercharger is unsurpassed in filtration protection, while maintaining an air flow greater that the OEM paper filter. Constructed of a pleated special cotton fabric with aluminum screen mesh and wide rubber seals, it comes pre-oiled with a one million mile warranty. When dirty, simply clean, re-oil and reinstall.  These filters are a direct replacement for your factory paper element. These come with a million mile Warranty from K&N.                

 Replacement elements

1600, 2002 with factory air cleaner 66-71 P/N 1372 2 630

2002 with factory air cleaner 72-76 P/N 1372 2 850

1800, 1800Ti with factory air cleaner 66-67 P/N 1372 2 630

2000Ti, cs with factory air cleaner 66-67 P/N 1372 2 630

2002Tii for the OEM Air Box P/N 1372 2 410

 K&N air filter with air cleaner assembly

1600, 2002 with Weber 32/36 carb P/N 1372 0 332

1600, 2002 with Weber 40mm DCOE (sold each) P/N 1372 5 332

1600, 2002 with Weber 45mm DCOE (sold each) P/N 1372 5 335

2002Tii Pod Style replaces OEM Air Box P/N 1372 2 290

K & N Filtercharger Service Kit

12 ounces of K&N air filter cleaner, 6.5 ounces of K&N oil and instructions for servicing in one convenient package. P/N 1372 9 950 50

K & N Accessories

K & N Cleaner 32 oz. P/N 1372 0 032                                                      

K& N Oil 8 oz. P/N 1372 0 008

K& N Sealing Grease P/N 1372 0 080

 Lynx Air Cleaners

A high quality foam element/chrome mesh air cleaner made in Australia, specially designed to clear the BMW brake booster assemblies. After extensive testing we found no other unit to come close in function and appearance. The filter element can be cleaned and re-used and we also stock replacement elements. Use one filter per carburetor.                               

Lynx Air Filter for DGV or DGAV Weber P/N 1372 0 432

Lynx Air Filter for 40 DCOE Weber P/N 1372 0 440

Lynx Air Filter for 45 DCOE Weber P/N 1372 0 445

Korman stocks many hard to find Weber Carburetor parts including rebuild kits, chokes, jets, etc. Call us with your needs!


Throughout our many years of Dyno testing, STAHL headers have always made the best power gains. These headers will produce a 6 to 10% increase in power on stock engines and much more on high performance engines. On stock engine customers have reported over 5% improvement in gas mileage. All Stahl headers have good sealing connections and will not noticeably increase under hood engine noise. All units will adequately clear air conditioner units except race headers. The size in inches refers to the primary tube diameter. All come with standard diameter collectors with ends or flanges that bolt directly to original or standard aftermarket exhaust systems. Competition headers with larger collectors come with straight pipe ends and no connecting flange. Stahl headers are finished in aluminum color heat resistant paint. For a more permanent finish see High Performance coatings below.

Street/Autocross/Track Day headers

1600 Manual Trans. 1 1/4" P/N 1821 1 114

2002 Manual Trans. 1 3/8" P/N 1821 2 138

2002 Manual Trans. 1 1/2" P/N 1821 2 150

Supersprint Stainless Steel 2002 Headers

Each header incorporates CNC laser cut port matched flanges. Primary tubes are mandrel bent using the latest CNC tube bending equipment. With special tooling Supersprint has been able to keep weld joints to a minimum for added reliability. The fully appointed R&D department uses the latest in proto typing equipment along with the reliability and accuracy of a MAHA "all wheel drive" chassis dyno to verify power gains. With over 50 years in performance exhaust development they have earned the confidence of many of Europe's most respected tuners. Headers are 100% stainless steel. P/N 1883 0 403 01

Stock Exhaust Manifold Porting

A careful porting and polishing of the stock exhaust manifold. We then precisely mate the exhaust manifold gasket to the exhaust manifold for maximum flow. Especially recommended with the Ceramic Thermal Barrier Coating. An excellent alternative where headers are not an option due to emission regulations or race regulations. P/N LAB 1821 3 004

Ceramic Thermal Barrier Coating

From Aerospace technology comes this oven baked metallic/ceramic finish that is far superior to ordinary header paints. In salt spray testing where high temperature paints lasted 40-50 hours, the ceramic coating lasted over 5,000 hours. In addition to coating the outside, the ceramic thermal barrier finish also coats the inside of the pipe. The thermal barrier will reduce under hood temperatures and testing has shown horsepower gains due to combustion chamber stabilization and increased gas velocity. A great option for show room stock racers who are not allowed headers. Available in silver or black, please specify your color choice. For all M10 4 cylinder exhaust manifolds and headers. P/N 1821 1 0014

Heat Shield Exhaust Manifold Gasket-M10

This unique one-piece exhaust gasket forms a shield to deflect heat away from the ignition wires and cylinder head. P/N 1162 1 285 249                                                         

Exhaust Manifold Service Parts

8mm Copper Exhaust Nuts for headers-Sold each, P/N 1162 0 643 110

8mm Copper Exhaust Nuts for factory exhaust manifolds-Sold each, P/N 1162 0 711 954

Exhaust manifold studs-M8x38.5. Sold each, 8 needed P/N 0711 9 908 368A

Exhaust manifold studs-M8x90. Sold each, 1 needed P/N 0712 9 908 160 

Performance Exhaust

Korman 2002 Big Bore Exhaust System

Our kit contains the front exhaust pipe, front muffler, rear muffler and the 55mm chrome exhaust pipe. The best flowing exhaust built for your 2002. Use with our part number 1812 9 898 767 exhaust system installation kit listed below. Recommended for use with our Korman Stage 2, Stage 3 and Stage 4 engines. A/P# 18 BMW 2002

Korman 2002 Stainless Steel Exhaust System

Our kit contains the front down pipe, front muffler, rear muffler and the installation kit to install onto your 2002. This exhaust system is built in Germany in stainless steel and imported by Korman. This is the side exit style of exhaust, not the center exit. A/P# 18 BMW 2002 SS


ANSA Performance Plus mufflers are designed to increase torque and power an average of 5%. ANSA mufflers have high quality materials and superior workmanship. Mufflers have heat resistant black Krinkle finish paint and chrome plated tips. ANSA mufflers are made in Italy, and come with a one year warranty.


Front Resonator, 2002 All (painted grey) P/N 18 BW 0205

Front Resonator, 2002 All (painted black) P/N 18 BW 0225

Rear Muffler, 2002 thru ‘74 (75-76 must modify hanger) P/N 18 BW 0227

Down Pipe, 2002 All (painted grey) P/N 18 BW 0201

  Performance Exhausts

 The PREMIER performance exhaust for your 2002 featuring:

  • Dual 60mm chrome tips
  • Low back pressure
  • Stainless steel internal components for long life
  • 2 year warranty
  • Fitments available for 68-74 2002
  • 75-76 models require minor repositioning of hangers

Rear only (use with Ansa front 18BW0225) P/N 1883 7 801 02

2002 Exhaust System Installation Kit-Contains downpipe gasket, copper nuts, 2 rubber muffler hangers, 2 plastic inserts for muffler hangers, exhaust doughnut and u-bolts. P/N 1812 9 898 767

Korman Adjustable Short Shift Kit

Let's you select the shifter throw that suits your needs.

  • Adjusts in minutes from inside your car
  • Uses late model push on gearshift knobs
  • Assembled unit saves on installation time
  • Adjustment locking mechanism
  • Replaceable, self-lubricating bushings
  • Includes shifter cup bushings and complete instructions
  • Easily installs in less than an hour                                          

 This short shifter use the late style snap on shift knob, not the original screw on knob.

All 2002 with 4 speed, 5 speed close ratio or 5 speed overdrive transmissions. P/N 2525 0 002

Korman Shifter Boots, Knobs and emblems

Black leather boot w/round screw on knob w/black 5-SPD O/D pattern for original style shifter arm-P/N 2511 1 S21

Black leather screw on shifter knob w/ roundel for original style shifter P/N 2511 1 203 074

Black round snap on knob w/ no logo for Korman short shifter P/N 2511 1 220 823

Round emblem with 4-SPD pattern w/M stripe. P/N 2511 1 220 953

Round emblem with 5-SPD O/D pattern w/M stripe. P/N 2511 1 220 954

 Transmission Rebuilds

Our standard gearbox rebuilding includes complete disassembly, thorough cleaning, and close inspection of all parts. We replace the synchro rings, bearings, seals and gaskets with original BMW parts. Other worn parts are replaced as needed at additional cost. The transmission is blueprinted, shimmed, torqued and pre-loaded precisely to BMW specifications using the correct BMW special tools for each task.

We have read that BMW gearboxes have inherent weaknesses in bearings and synchros. In over 39 years of experience with BMW gearboxes, we cannot agree with that opinion. We typically race all season with the same stock BMW gearbox and usually only change the synchros during between season winter rebuilds. We race several seasons on the bearings some claim are weak, and with engines double the original horsepower!Korman offers transmission rebuilds warranted for 2 years/24,000 miles for all the BMW transmissions we rebuild, even the old BMW Porsche-type synchronizer gearboxes. And, you'll be surprised how much you can save over a factory reman unit!

Korman 2002 4 Speed Transmission Rebuild with 2 year/24,000 mile warranty.  A/P# 2323 1 400

Korman 2002 5 Speed Transmission Rebuild with 2 year/24,000 mile warranty.  A/P# 2323 1 500   

Five Speed Close Ratio Transmission Rebuild

Close ratio gearboxes are designed primarily for competition usage. First gear is geared higher than in a standard four speed or overdrive five speed transmission. Fifth gear in a close-ratio box is the same (1:1) as fourth in a four speed or overdrive five speed. The closeness of the ratios requires much more shifting but keeps the engine rpm up in the peak torque ranges for maximum acceleration. These transmissions are no longer available from BMW. For those of you lucky enough to acquire a used close ratio transmission, we offer a rebuilding service with our 2 year/24,000 mile warranty. A/P# 2323 1 550    

Transmission Rebuild Kits

If you wish to rebuild your BMW transmission yourself or have a local shop rebuild it for you, Korman Autoworks can provide our transmission rebuild kits to provide all of those hard to find parts. Each kit comes with gaskets, seals, bearings and synchro rings. 

2002 4 speed with Porsche style synchro rings A/P# 2323 P 400 KIT

2002 4 speed A/P# 2323 1 400 KIT

2002 with E21 5-SPD conversion A/P# 2323 1 500 KIT

Rem Finishing of Transmission Gears

This technology has dropped in price, so it is finally affordable for club racers and Pro racers on a budget. Ideal for SCCA IT race classes and other rule regulated classes that limit horsepower. This process micro polishes the gears in your transmission for less parasitic power loss and cooler transmission temps. Please call for pricing on your project.

BMW Five Speed Overdrive Transmission Installation Kits

If you already have a good, usable 5 speed transmission, we also offer an installation kit that includes all of the parts supplied in the above kit (less the transmission) for a seamless installation. The price includes the cost of shortening and re-balancing your present driveshaft, which you must ship it to us. If your original driveshaft is not useable, we will furnish a new driveshaft at additional cost.                                                                                     

2002 (up to ’74) A/P# 2323 5 202 73K

2002 ('74 – up) A/P# 2323 5 202 74K

Heavy-Duty Engine/Transmission Mount Kit

The rubber engine and transmission mounts of the 2002 and 1600 allow excessive engine movement under sport driving conditions, and sometimes break. Our kit includes stronger heavy-duty rubber mounts for the engine, both left and right sides, one part number 23233100 heavy duty transmission mount, and a modified right side steel-mounting bracket. A/P# 1181 0 002


Heavy Duty Transmission Mounts

A harder than stock rubber heavy duty transmission mount for BMW 1600/2002 with either the 4 speed, 5 speed close ratio or 5 speed overdrive transmission. P/N 2323 3 100

Clutch Parts

 Sachs Clutch Parts

We use only new Sachs clutch parts – no rebuilt units. Sachs manufactures the original equipment clutches for BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, etc. Note: for later models with 215mm clutch components, you must convert to a 228mm flywheel to utilize the heavy duty clutch components              


Sachs OEM Replacement Clutch Kit

Each Sachs clutch kit includes a new Sachs pressure plate, clutch disc, and release bearing. Suitable for use in our Stage 2 engines with street tires.                       

2002 to 9/73 and all 2002Tii (228mm) P/N 2121 0 000 001

2002 9/73 on (215mm) P/N 2121 0 000 002

Sachs Performance Clutch Disc

The friction facing of original equipment clutch discs is riveted only. These heavy duty units have high performance facings that are both bonded and riveted for greater strength. Sachs Performance discs with organic friction material have a superior thermal resistance, are more resistant against RPM's than OE discs and are able to transmit higher torque.

For 2002 to 9/73 and all Tii’s. P/N 2121 168 132  

Sachs Performance Pressure Plate

Modified engines and wider tires place an increased load on clutch components. Heavier duty assemblies are recommended. BMW 2002’s used a 228 mm clutch until 1974 when a smaller 215 mm clutch became standard. These models especially need stronger clutches. Sachs Heavy Duty Pressure Plate for 2002 and 2002Tii with 228mm flywheel. P/N 2121 0 630 31

Sachs Clutch Release Bearings                                                  

2002 1/68-9/73 & All Tii P/N 2151 1 204 224

2002 9/73 on P/N 2151 1 204 225

Stainless Steel Braided/Teflon Clutch Hose

Replace your cracked rubber hose with our more durable stainless steel braided unit. Improved clutch feel and modulation when compared to OE rubber line.

    All 2002 & 2002Tii with a 4 speed P/N 2152 1 156 30S     All 2002 & 2002Tii with a 5 speed P/N 2152 1 120 30S

 ATE Racing Brake Fluid

A non-silicone high performance DOT 4 brake fluid designed for the extreme demands of motor racing, yet perfectly suited for street applications. Sold in 1 liter cans.  We have 2 versions, the original Super Blue which is blue in color or the Type 200 which is a yellow version of Super Blue.

Blue version P/N Super Blue     Yellow version P/N TYPE200

 Lightweight Flywheel Kits

Precision machined on the latest numerical control lathes to ensure the highest possible accuracy. Constructed of high strength, heat treated aluminum, with a replaceable steel friction surface retainer by aircraft structural bolts. The steel friction surface is stress relieved, Blanchard ground, precision drilled, countersunk and heat treated. It is far superior to spray-on type friction surfaces and can be replaced when needed. Kit comes with aluminum flywheel, anti-gall plate and flywheel bolts.  Total flywheel weight is 8.9 lb. OEM is in the 17.5 to 18 lb. range. The flywheels listed below are the later 8 bolt versions. If you have a 1600 or very early 2002 with the 6 bolt pattern, we can build a 6 bolt version for you.

2002 (to 9/73) & 2002Tii (72-74) 228 mm Aluminum Flywheel Kit P/N 1112 1 828 K

2002 (9/74 up) 215 mm Aluminum Flywheel Kit P/N 1112 1 800 K

Lightweight Racing Clutch/Flywheel Kit

Race only kit includes ultra-lightweight aluminum flywheel (7 lbs.), light weight 7 ¼” (184mm) double disc clutch assembly and special release bearing. For racing only, not suitable for street use.  Single 5.5” and Dual 5.5” version available for special racing applications, please call for details.

  P/N 1112 1 800 LW



Lightweight Steel Flywheels

Special milling and lathe cutting reduces the weight of your factory BMW flywheel by up to 35%. The modified flywheels are then precision balanced. Allows the engine to accelerate and de-accelerate much more rapidly than stock. Prices are for modifying your flywheel. Typically a 2-3 day turn around time.

P/N 1122 0 230

Flywheel Bolts

Lightweight steel flywheels should always be installed with new flywheel bolts.

12 X 28 mm flywheel Bolts 2002 (to 9/73) (8 needed) P/N 1122 0 616 142

12 X 22 mm flywheel Bolts 2002 (9/74 on) (8 needed) P/N 1122 0 616 143

Driveshaft Parts

Korman Driveshaft Service

A complete rebuild service for your 2002 driveshaft.  Includes new center support bearing, rebuilding your u-joints and rebalancing the driveshaft. We can also shorten your drive shaft if you are installing a 5 speed conversion.  P/N 2611 1 111 111


Differentials with normal wear do not usually require replacement of the ring and pinion gears. Our standard rebuilding includes complete disassembly, thorough cleaning, a close inspection of all parts, replacement of all bearings, seals, and gaskets, crush sleeve, and lock ring. Our rebuilding includes meticulous attention to correct gear lash, gear contact patterns, precise pre-load of bearings and exact torque specifications. We provide a 2 year/24,000 mile warranty with our rebuilds, but expect them to last well over 100,000 miles.

If you have a limited slip differential, we can also refurbish the limited slip carrier while rebuilding your differential (additional charges apply). As BMW limited slip units wear, the percentage of lock (25%, 40%, etc.) gradually drops off. We can restore your limited slip assembly to original lock.

If you want to change your differential gearing, combining this operation with a rebuild saves you both time and money.

Rebuilding Of Stock Differentials

Korman 2002 Differential Rebuild with 2 year/24,000 mile warranty. P/N 3312 4 000

 Tech Notes: Add 3 hours of labor to differential rebuild to change ring and pinion ration while differential is being rebuilt. In some cases, the ring and pinion bolts can be reused. If not, new ring and pinion bolts must be purchased.


Differential Components

Optional Ratio Differential Gear Sets

"My first BMW, a 1964 1800 TISA four door sedan regularly beat the performance sport cars of its day in autocrosses: E-Jaguars, Lotus Élans, Corvettes, MG Twin Cams, Porsche Super 90's, and more than a few 911's! Along with very minor engine changes, a good suspension package, wider wheels and tires, and a close ratio gearbox, my most effective "speed secret" was the change to a 4.75 gear set!"

Ray Korman

 Racing Teams use different gear ratios to suit the characteristics of each track and obtain maximum acceleration. Successful autocrossers know the advantages of a quicker ratio, but as a street/highway performance option it is often overlooked. This may be because it seems more difficult than

changing computer chips or adding a suspension package. Also, many local shops and even dealers lack the special tools and expertise to rebuild and change gear sets in BMW differentials. With our racing experience we are very proficient with BMW differentials and we have the special tools needed to make modifications correctly. UPS and other carriers have increased their weight limits and can now pickup and deliver your differential at your front door. The usual diff removal or installation time for most BMW's is 1.5 hours.

Changing to a quicker ratio provides faster acceleration in all gears at all rpm's. It does not affect engine emissions or idle speed and can make up for changes in tire diameter. Some BMW models were originally geared very long for increased fuel mileage. These cars benefit the most from quicker ratios. Generally, longer ratios yield better fuel mileage and shorter ratios offer more acceleration and higher fuel consumption. In practice, the fuel difference is often slight. If you have such a long ratio you must frequently downshift to pass or accelerate quickly, then in reality you do not get the theoretically higher fuel mileage that the longer ratio would have you expect. And, if you switch to a shorter ratio for more acceleration, you may not burn much more gas than before, as you are now able to upshift more quickly into the higher gears.

In a similar way, you would expect that changing to a shorter ratio for more acceleration will reduce your top end speed and you would run out of revs in high gear. However, few cars have enough top end torque to pull full revs in high gear. Changing to a shorter ratio will usually enable the engine to pull more revs against the high speed drag resistance. Though you will turn more revs per mile, your actual top end speed may be as good as or better than before, especially if you have added some additional performance improvements.

The following formula will enable you to calculate your possibilities, but keep in mind actual results will vary. Drag, rolling resistance, tire characteristics, spoiler packages and engine modifications all affect acceleration and achievable top end speed. And don't forget road conditions, speed limits, and radar! It is usually more practical to gear for greater acceleration than higher top end speed. You can enjoy it more often with fewer penalties.

MPH= (RPM) (TIRE DIAMETER) in inches

                (GEAR RATIO)(336)

  Korman recommends a +/- 9% gear ratio change for most street driven cars. To obtain a percentage change, divide your original gear set ratio by your proposed new gear set. The resulting percentage also equals your RPM change at a given speed.

Korman Suggested Differential Gearing

2002 with 4 speed change stock 3.64 to 3.90

2002 with 5 speed overdrive change stock 3.64 to 4.22

2002 with 5 speed close ratio change stock 3.64 to 3.90

Available ratios:

3.45:1 P/N 3312 4 345

3.64:1 P/N 3312 4 364

3.90:1 P/N 3312 4 390

4.10:1 P/N 3312 4 410 (Current supply is running low)

4.22:1 P/N 3312 4 422 (Current supply is running low)             

Replacement Ring & Pinion Bolts- sold each, 8 required. P/N 3313 3 604 188

Call us for pricing and availability on differential gear changes- Tech Notes: Add 3 hours of labor to differential rebuild to change ring and pinion ration while differential is being rebuilt. In some cases, the ring and pinion bolts can be reused. If not, new ring and pinion bolts must be purchased.

Rem Finishing of Differential Gears

This technology has dropped in price, so it is finally affordable for club racers and Pro racers on a budget. Ideal for SCCA IT race classes and other rule regulated classes. This process micro polishes the gears in your transmission for less parasitic power loss and cooler transmission temps. P/N 3312 REM.

Korman Competition Differential Covers

A finned aluminum rear cover with ported aluminum air dam for extra cooling. This cover, when used along with Redline Synthetic Lubricant, provides proven reliability under full racing or autocross conditions without the need for differential oil cooler. Price is for modifying your differential cover. P/N 3312 1 002

Differential Vent Bellows

Here is a trick idea for BMW road racers as first used by off road and rally racers.  It is very adaptable and useful to road racers.  The Differential Vent Bellows is attached via a wire tie to the vent tube of your BMW race car’s differential.  As the differential fluid heats up during racing, it expands, weeping out of the differential vent tube port.  Our Differential Vent Bellows captures this fluid in the expandable bellows.  After the race, when the differential fluid cools down, the fluid flows back into your differential, not onto the track or your differential housing.  P/N 3310 Bellow

E21 Limited Slip Differential Installation Kit

This kit contains all of the parts to install an E21 limited slip differential into a 2002. Kit does not include the E21 limited slip differential. A/P# 3314 4 900 K

2002 Hardened Drive Flange

These hardened drive flanges replace the original non hardened drive flanges. A must for 2002’s with sticky race tires and race suspension kits. Sold each, 2 required per 2002. P/N 3341 1 116 776


Korman Suspension Systems

Korman suspension systems have been developed with one primary objective: SUPERIOR HANDLING. A secondary and important consideration was to keep prices as reasonable as possible without sacrificing performance and quality.

e have combined years of BMW race, rally, autocross, and highway experience with the latest technological advances available today from manufacturers of suspension components. We have focused on suspensions as a complete system. Some parts of the system, the basic geometry, mounting points, weight distribution, and the like, cannot be modified in any practical way on most street cars. The components we can readily change are the shock absorbers, anti-sway bars, and springs and some bushings. Improving any one of these can definitely enhance handling but truly superior performance can only be achieved by the installation of a complete suspension package.

At Korman Autoworks each component has been selected, developed, and tested for its capability to perform its own function, and also for its capability to work with the other components. The selection of these technically advanced components combined with the road and track testing of the complete systems is what makes Korman suspension systems unbeatable.or maximum versatility and to fit your driving needs, we have developed four types of suspension systems for the 2002: ROADSPORT, CLUBSPORT, and TRACKSPORT, and full RACE systems. Each is described in detail below.

Korman Roadsport Suspension

For all around street/highway use. Designed to be comfortable yet firmly controlled for everyday commuting and provide very substantially improved handling for winding roads and weekend club events. The Roadsport suspension is our biggest selling kit. It includes: 4 stronger 1/2" lower springs, 4 Bilstein HD Shock Absorbers, 1 set 22 front and 19 adjustable rear sway bars, with mounting hardware, polyurethane bushings and the special polyurethane bushing lube. A/P# 3110 2002 H1

Korman Clubsport Suspension

Still acceptable for street/highway use, this package focuses more strongly on “club” event handling.  Bilstein Sport shocks are matched with stronger springs that lower the car 1.5 inches, 1 set 22 front and 19 adjustable rear sway bars, with mounting hardware, polyurethane bushings and the special polyurethane bushing lube. Best performance will require rear Camber & Toe adjustment (See P/N. 33203567 for details)  A/P#  3110 2002 H2

Korman Tracksport Suspension

Includes considerably stronger springs and shocks (Bilstein Sports) than our Roadsport suspension. For the more competitive enthusiast who is willing to accept a much stiffer ride on the street to obtain a winning edge at club events. We include our front upper and lower decamber plates to modify the front suspension geometry. We modify your rear subframe (must be shipped to us) for camber & toe adjustment. Suspension Package Includes: 4 stronger 1.5" lower springs, 4 Bilstein Sport Shocks, 1 set 22 front and 19 adjustable rears sway bars, 1 pair lower camber correction plates, 1 pair upper decamber plates, and your rear sub frame modified for adjustable Camber & Toe. A/P#    3110 2002 H1S

Korman Race Suspension

Our customers have broken lap records in SCCA ITB with this package. Designed for the driver who is determined to win at club events. Superb handling, neutral controlled drifts under hard throttle, faultless tracking through chicanes and slaloms, forgiving and quick to recover from excesses. Brings out the best in you and your 2002. This is an advanced, adjustable racing system with custom valved front shocks, threaded adjustable front struts, adjustable front camber assembly with solid spherical bearings, lower decamber plates, rear custom valved shocks, and rear race springs.

The basic race suspension problem for the 2002 is that when lowered to minimum legal ride height there is insufficient stroke length and all standard aftermarket shocks will bottom out. In addition to damaging shocks and other parts, the bottoming out causes the car to break traction. Our front strut units and rear shocks are both about 1 1/4" shorter to eliminate this problem. Front springs are lightweight 2 1/4" precision wound racing springs. Rears mount in the stock location and are high tech progressive rate springs from Germany, designed to eliminate the typical rear end squat under acceleration. 

A/P# 3110 2002 C

Performance Suspension Components

 Bilstein Shocks

The best shocks made for your 2002. Covered by Bilstein’s limited lifetime warranty

Bilstein front Heavy Duty P/N P30-0023

Bilstein rear Heavy Duty P/N B46-0803

Bilstein front Sport P/N P30-0025

Bilstein rear Sport P/N B46-0118

Korman Suspension Springs


2002 Roadsport Suspension Spring set (lowers .5”) P/N 3155 1 022

2002 Clubsport Suspension Spring set (lowers 1.5”) P/N 3155 2 022

Korman Sway Bars

For 1600 and 2002. Comes with front 22mm sway bar, rear 19mm adjustable sway bar, polyurethane bushings and all mounting hardware necessary for installation- P/N 3110 2 106 000

Korman Sway Bars Installation Kits 

Koramn Autoworks has selling the Korman sway bar kits for the 2002 for over 30 years now. Re-new your original Korman sway bars with our installation kits. Each kit contains new polyurethane sway bar bushings and all mounting hardware.

Front Installation Kit P/N 3150 000-777

Rear Installation Kit P/N 3351 000-777

Note-Replacement Polyurethane sway bar bushings are listed below in the Polyurethane Suspension bushing listings section of the web page

Teflon Sway Bar Bushing grease-Tube of special Teflon grease specially formulated for polyurethane sway bar bushings. Helps avoid excessive sway bar bushing wear and squeaky swaybars.

P/N # 31040001

Suspension Components

Replacement Steering Box

The quick ratio 12.8:1 steering boxes are no longer available. However, the 15.5:1 standard steering boxes are still available (as long as supply lasts). If you steering box is loose and you can no longer adjust it, it is time to replace it! P/N 3211 2 002

Adjustable Camber Plate Assembly

For competition use only, not recommended for normal street use. A spherical bearing mounted in a sliding housing on a slotted T6 aluminum base plate provides full camber adjustability and can be pivoted in mounting to strut tower to improve caster angle. Some strut tower cross braces may restrict full adjustment. Simply the best set-up for very serious auto crossing and racing.   A/P# 3100 1 875

Upper Decamber Plates for BMW 1600/2002

A pair of steel plates complete with studs and bolts for easy installation. Improves front negative camber by about one degree. Works well for aggressive street use/autocross, track day use. P/N 3106 2 054

Lower Decamber Plates for BMW 1600/2002

For lowered cars only. Corrects geometry of lower control arm, improves negative camber angles under hard cornering. Machined from hardened T-6 aluminum.  P/N 3108 2002

Rear Trailing Arm Camber/Toe Assembly

Our eccentrics allow adjustment of rear wheel camber and toe in just a matter of minutes. This enables the restoration of factory alignment specifications and corrects rear suspension geometry on lowered cars.  These kits are weld-in only; you must send us your sub frame for modification. Allows for  adjustment of BOTH camber and toe.  A/P 3320 3 567

Solid Subframe Mounts

These mounts are constructed of steel, not rubber. For racing use only as these mounts are too loud and harsh for street use. Allows for the rear subframe to be moved closer to the body for additional lowering and better trailing arm angles on lowered race cars. Sold by the pair. P/N 3300 K 2002

Strut Braces

Compensate for the additional chassis loading of bigger wheels and tires, stronger suspension components, and added horsepower. Our upper stress bars bolt across the upper shock mounts. 2002's are prone to breaking welds at the radiator bulkhead, making a front strut brace mandatory for enthusiastic driving or modified cars.  We supply two different versions: the 312002T has a single square tube and it fits all 2002’s except for carbureted 2002’s using the factory air cleaner. The 3142002C fits all 2002’s except for carbureted 2002’s using the factory air cleaner. It has dual round tubes with a brace that can be bolted to the firewall for added rigidity. It also comes with a torque tube that can be bolted to the valve cover to limit engine movement. The torque tube does NOT have to be installed to use the Strut Brace; the Strut Brace can be installed alone without the torque tube.                   

1600/2002 with square tube:  P/N 312002T

1600/2002 with dual round tubes and engine limiter: P/N 312002C

Rear Strut Brace/Battery Mount Kit

Steel stress bar with built in battery tray. Kit includes brace; battery mount, battery cable and all hardware to trunk mount a battery. Can be used as a strut brace only. P/N 3352 5 2002

Battery Disconnect

We supply the correct 4 terminal battery disconnect that will correctly and safely shut off the alternator and isolate the battery. Comes with a removable key. Approved for BMWCCA, NASA, SCCA, ect. competition use. Can also be used with the above rear strut brace/battery mount as an easy way to isolate the battery for long term storage and as an anti-theft device. P/N 1142 4 578 0

Rubber Suspension Bushings

Upper Support Bearing-Rubber

After many miles and years of service, the rubber bushings material deteriorates. We highly suggest replacement of these upper support bearings when you install new shocks or a Korman suspension system. These are sold each, 2 are required. For the 1602, 2002 and 2002Tii (1970 through 1976). These are the new design version (E21 style) and the original upper bearing support cap will no longer fit. We suggest using our cap covers listed below to protect the upper bearing support from water and road grime. P/N 3133 1 110 195

Upper Support Bearing Cap

Use with the new design 2002 upper support bearing (P/N 3133 1 112) to protect the upper support bearing from water and road grime/ P/N 3352 1 132 854

Offset Upper Support Bearing-Rubber

Improves caster and camber angles for better front end traction and reduced outer edge tire wear. Sold in pairs with the mounting hardware. A/P# 3133 1 112 K

Offset Rear Trailing Arm Bushings

These heavy-duty trailing arm bushings are made offset. They can be used to make very small camber corrections in the rear trailing arm angles but with their limited range of offset they are designed primarily for making toe adjustments to the rear wheels. Fits all 1600, 2002. P/N 3322 0 220 3

Hard Rubber Suspension Bushings   

Hard rubber suspension bushings will slightly stiffen the ride on the street but does not transmit direct road vibrations as the solid Delrin bushings do. The hard rubber bushings are generally used as a replacement for the original factory rubber bushings, autocross and competition use where the Polyurethane and Delrin bushings are not allowed. They produce much more precise steering and quicker cornering than the stock rubber bushings.

Polyurethane Suspension Bushings

Polyurethane suspension bushings are harder than the OEM rubber bushings, but do not transmit shock like the solid Delrin bushings do. Suspension deflection is minimized, providing much more precise handling.

Front Kit-Includes front lateral link bushings and  front lower control arm bushings P/N 3112 1 2002Rear Kit-Includes rear trailing arm bushings and 2 differential mount bushings. P/N 3112 3 2002

Differential Mount Kit- Tech Note: Using the polyurethane differential mount bushings in a street driven 2002 can lead to excessive differential noise in the interior.  P/N  3312 0 0002 P

Complete Kit-Includes front lateral link bushings, front lower control arm bushings, rear trailing arm bushings, and differential mount bushings. Tech Note: Using the polyurethane differential mount bushings in a street driven 2002 can lead to excessive differential noise in the interior. A/P# 3112 0 2002 P

Front Sway Bar bushings-For Korman Sway Bars only. Polyurethane material for 22mm front sway bars. Sold each. P/N 31337/8

Rear Sway Bar bushings-For Korman Sway Bars only. Polyurethane material for 19mm rear sway bars. Sold each. P/N 31333/47/8

Polyurethane Sway Bar End Link Bushings. Sold each, 8 required per sway bar. 16 required for both sway bars. P/N 3104 0 000 

  Solid Delrin Suspension Bushings

Delrin solid bushings are designed for hardcore autocross and road racing cars. This bushing material will not deflect during hard cornering. This produces a very much more precise steering, turn in and quicker cornering. Being solid, they transmit road noise and vibration directly. Due to their harshness, we do not recommend them for normal street use.

Delrin Front suspension Kit-Includes front lateral link and lower control arm pivot point bushings       P/N 3112 0 2002

Delrin Rear Trailing Arm Kit-P/N  3312 0 100 2

Delrin Differential Mount Kit- P/N  3312 0 000 2

Delrin Complete 2002 Bushing Kit- Includes front lateral link and lower control arm pivot point bushings, rear trailing arm kit and differential mount kit. A/P# 3112 2 2002


We are proud to offer the classical styled Panasport wheels for your 2002 with the PROPER offset in both 15" x 6" and 14" x 6" sizes. Please call for details!

Lug nuts for the factory 2002 wheels

Acorn lug nuts for the factory steel wheels-Sold each. P/N 3613 1 113 131

Acorn lug nuts for the factory aluminum wheels-Sold each. P/N 3613 1 113 132


Front Brake Conversions

Korman Stage I Brake Conversion

Kit includes slotted front brake rotors, 1 set of Ferodo or Korman pads, 1 liter of ATE Type 200 brake fluid and stainless steel brake lines.                                                                                          

Korman Stage I Brake Conversion 2002 A/P# 3411 200 1

Korman Stage I Brake Conversion 2002Tii A/P#  3411 200 1T

1600/2002 kit-Includes new struts, wheel hubs, wheel bearings, wheel studs, brake calipers, Ferodo or Korman brake pads & brake rotors.) A/P# 3411 2 222

2002Tii kit (with Caliper Spacers, w/o struts) A/P# 3411 2002

Upgraded Master Cylinder

The larger bore size of this master cylinder gives stronger braking with less pedal effort. Highly recommended for all 2002 high performance brake systems. Fits all 1600/2002 with dual circuit master cylinder brake systems.         A/P# 3431 1 2002

Power Brake Booster Rebuild

The 2002 and 2002Tii power brake boosters are N.L.A. from BMW & Mobile Tradition. We can rebuild your power brake booster to factory specifications. As we do not have any cores to rebuild, you must ship us your power brake booster for rebuilding.

BMW 2002, except for Tii models-P/N 3411 1 103 339

BMW 2002Tii, 3411 1 103 340

Brake Bleeder Screw

Replace your rusted or stripped brake bleeder screws with our replacements. These come with the brake bleeder screw dust cap. Sold each. This is the new design from BMW, it cannot be used on the 2002 with 13” steel wheels. P/N 3411 1 153 197

Brake Bleeder Screw Dust Cap

A replacement for your torn or missing brake bleeder screws dust cap. P/N 3411 1 153 198


Front Brake Rotors and Pads

Korman High Performance Brake Rotors

Available in a computer cut gas slotted version with the gas ports milled to the wear limit. While nothing beats the appearance of the cross drilled rotors, we suggest using the gas slotted versions for true high performance and track use due to its superior wear rates and brake cooling.  

KHP Front Gas Slotted Brake Rotor 2002 (each) P/N 3411 S 117 422

KHP Front Gas Slotted Brake Rotor 2002Tii (each) P/N 3411 S 152 087

KHP Front Cross Drilled Brake Rotor 2002 (each) P/N 3411 D 117 422

KHP Front Cross Drilled Rotor 2002Tii (each) P/N 3411 D 152 087

Front Brake Rotors

Front  Brake Rotor 2002 (each) P/N 3411 1 117 422

Front Brake Rotor 2002Tii (each) P/N 3411 1 52 087


Superior Pad Life/                 High friction coefficient/       Extremely rotor-friendly/        Pre-bedded at factory/ Ready to race!

2002tii front P/N HB206BLUE

Korman High Performance Brake Pads

These brake pads are able to maintain an average of a .50 friction level within a very wide temperature range. This gives the Korman High Performance Brake Pad astounding versatility and makes it very suitable for a wide array of various track conditions. With use of the latest ceramic technology, the Carbon based semi-metallic materials allow the pads to absorb tremendous amounts of heat and dissipate it at a very even rate, while at the same time insulating excessive heat from calipers. Another inherent characteristic of our carbon Kevlar material is how quickly the pads warm up to race temperature which

is quite helpful during restarts, and when track time is limited. Optimum operating temperatures are 450ºF and above. When used with cast iron and steel alloy rotors, this compound requires a minimal bed-in period. Throughout the entire heat range, the Carbon Kevlar material will give extremely consistent modulation and predictability smooth release characteristics up to the threshold.

1600, 1800, 2002 (69 >) P/N KDB35

2002 Ti (69 >), 2002 Tii (72-74), P/N KDB34



Ferodo Vintage High Performance Brake Pads

The Vintage Ferodo brake pad. No longer imported into the USA.  Low noise with fast, firm stops. Limited to stock on hand.

1500, 1600, 1600 Ti (62-68) 1602, 1600 GT (67-68) 1800, 1800Ti, 1800A (63-68) 2002 (68) P/N FDB2

1800 (69-71) 2000, Ti, Tii (69 >) 2002 Tii (71-74) P/N FDB34


Rear Brake

 Rear Disc Brake Conversion for the 2002

This kit converts the 2002 stock 230mm rear brake assembly to a rear disc brake conversion. This kit bolts on to your existing trailing arms with no welding. Comes with 2 rear disc brake rotors, 2 brake calipers with parking brake assembly (re-use your existing E-brake cables), street compound brake pads with mounting hardware, 2 stainless steel brake lines, and adapter brackets with mounting hardware. You will never have to adjust your rear brakes again. The E-brake now has a short travel (typically, 5 to 7 clicks). Use with our adjustable brake bias valve listed below. Your rear drive hubs must be shipped to use for modification, core charge may apply. P/N 3421 0 2002

Core charge-for above drive hubs (pair) P/N 3421 HUB CORE

Wilwood Adjustable Brake Bias Valve

Allows fine tuning of brake fluid bias for maximum performance. We re tap the existing Wilwood Adjustable Brake Bias Valve to accept the BMW 10mm x 1.0mm size brake lines for easy installation.

P/N 3431 2 2002

250mm Rear Brake Conversion for the 2002

This kit converts the 2002 stock 230mm rear brake assembly to 250mm. It is a comparatively low cost way of greatly improving your 2002 braking capability. This kit does not require the replacement of the factory brake bias valve. Will not fit the old 4 or 4 1/2" steel rims or some 5" by 13" alloy rims.  Available with street/autocross/track day brakes shoes or our race brake shoes

Conversion with street/autocross/track day brakes shoes A/P# 3421 0 250                                                  

Conversion with Carbon/Kevlar Racing brakes shoes A/P# 3421 0 250 R  

OEM Rear Brake Shoes

For those restoring their BMW for light street use, we offer the OEM factory brake shoes in both the 2002 OEM size of 230mm and for our 250mm rear brake conversion. (Tech note-On the 2002 with the 230mm brake shoes, you will need to remove your brake shoe levers from your old brake shoes and rivet them onto your new brake shoes. See service parts, sold separately, below 

For the standard 2002 230mm brakes (4 required, sold each)  P/N 3421 1 159 584

For the Korman 250mm brake conversion (set of 4 brake shoes) P/N 3421 1 159 588

High Performance Street Carbon/Kevlar/Metallic Rear Brake Shoes

This performance lining is noted for stability under both heavy and light braking situations. We consider it the strongest, longest lasting material for sprint or long distance running, yet it is still eminently suitable for high performance street, rally or autocross use. Try these shoes before you convert to rear discs, you may be surprised! Sold on an exchange basis, core charge applies.

For OEM 2002/ 230mm drums. (set of 4 brake shoes)  P/N 3421 2 230

For Korman 250mm brake conversion. (set of 4 brake shoes)  P/N 3421 3 250

Brake Shoe Core Charge P/N 3421 CORE

Rear Brake Drums

For the standard 2002 & 2002Tii 230mm brakes (2 required, sold each)  P/N 3421 1 101 741

For the Korman 250mm brake conversion (2 required, sold each) P/N 3421 1 117 047

Service parts for OEM Rear Brake Shoes

Brake shoe rivets, sold each. P/N 3421 3 660 164

Brake shoe shims for  230 mm brake shoes. sold each P/N 3421 1 117 860

Brake shoe shims for  250 mm brake shoes. sold each P/N 3421 3 660 163

Carbon/Kevlar Racing Rear Brake Shoes

Designed for the unique challenges of racing with drum brakes. Idea for SCCA IT racing.

For the Korman 250mm brake conversion, but is also available in the OEM 230mm size by special order.

For Korman 250mm brake conversion. (set of 4 brake shoes)  P/N 3421 3 250 CK

Brake Shoe Core Charge P/N 3421 CORE

Rear Wheel Cylinder

2002Tii rear wheel cylinder-sold each, 2 required per car P/N 3421 3 460 120

2002 rear wheel cylinder-sold each, 2 required per car P/N 3421 1 101 760

Rear Wheel Cylinder rebuild kits

2002Tii rear wheel cylinder rebuild kit-sold each, 2 required per car P/N 3421 1 100 735

2002 rear wheel cylinder rebuild kit-sold each, 2 required per car P/N 3421 1 102 624

 Brake Hydraulics

 Stainless Steel/Teflon Braided Brake Lines

Essential for driving schools and highly recommended for all high performance driving. These brake lines provide stronger pedal feel and improved modulation under hard brake usage, along with eliminating expansion associated with rubber lines.


Four Line Set: for early 1600 & some 2002’s w/one Brake Line Per Front Caliper.  A/P# 3432 1 004

ATE Racing Brake Fluid

A non-silicone high performance DOT 4 brake fluid designed for the extreme demands of motor racing, yet perfectly suited for street applications. Sold in 1 liter cans, Type 200 is a yellow version of the Super Blue brake fluid that is no longer being sold in the US. P/N TYPE200



Type 200

Dot 4

Dry Boiling Point



Wet Boiling Point





Lightweight Fiberglass Parts

Fiberglass provides several advantages: light weight for quicker acceleration and cornering, special shapes for customized appearance, and no rust. Our fiberglass is hand laid and carefully reinforced for stiffness. It is finished in a smooth gel coat and ready to wet sand and paint.

The Alpina Style Flares present a smooth rounded appearance. The Schnitzer Style is more angular and similar in appearance to the E30 M3 factory fender flares. Both types are wider, allowing the installation of larger tires and wheels. Depending on offset, a rim width of 7.5" to 8.0" is possible with the Alpina Style Flares, and an 8.5"-9.0" rim width is possible with the Schnitzer Style Flares. Our fiberglass hoods, trunk lids and doors are lightweight "skins" which must be pinned in place (no provision for hinges/latches). Depressions for BMW emblems molded in. All components are available in high strength Kevlar at additional cost.

Alpina Style

Complete Alpina Style 1600-2002 Kit (2 front fenders, 2 rear flares and front air dam.

A/P# 4135 0 000C

 Alpina Left Front Fender. P/N 4135 000 1LF

Alpina Right Front Fender. P/N 4135 000 1RF

Alpina Left Rear Fender.  P/N 4135 1 002 LR

Alpina Right Rear Fender.  P/N 4135 1 002 RR

Alpina Air Dam. P/N 4135 3 007 A



 Schnitzer Style








Complete Schnitzer Style Kit (2 front fenders, 2 rear fenders and front air dam.) A/P# 41350003C

 Schnitzer Left Front Fender. P/N 4135 000 3LF

Schnitzer Right Front Fender. P/N  4135 000 3RF

Schnitzer Left Rear Fender. P/N 4135 000 4LR

Schnitzer Right Rear Fender. P/N 4135 000 4RR

Schnitzer Racing Air Dam. P/N 4135 3 007 S

Turbo Style Fiberglass Flares


 As used on the BMW 2002 Turbo.  Kit includes 4 flares which may be riveted, screwed or bonded in place.  Combine the flare kit with our Turbo Front Spoiler for a complete kit.  Flares are sold in sets of 4 and we offer 2 different kits. One kit has the 4 flares and the welting (The welting is the black material between the body and the flare shown in the photos above.) for a factory look. The other kit has the 4 flares, but is supplied without the welting and is used where the flare is either bonded into place (welting is not needed) or for racing where the flare is riveted into place.


Turbo Style Flare Kit without welting.  P/N 4135 000 2 C

Turbo Style Flare Kit with welting.  A/P#  4135 0 002 CK    

Replacement welting kit for Turbo Style Flare Kit

Replacement welting for the Turbo Style Flares. Sold per meter. Purchase 6 meters for flares only, 8 meters for flares and front spoiler. P/N 5171 1 831 708

Turbo Flare Installation Hardware

A complete set of stainless steel screws with caps nuts to install the Turbo flare kit. P/N 5113 1 400 013

“TURBO” Rear Deck Emblem    

The finishing touch for your 2002 Turbo restoration. A new original BMW factory rear deck “TURBO” emblem. P/N 5114 1 834 966

 Turbo Style Front Spoiler


  Fiberglass Turbo Style Front spoiler  P/N 4135 3 007 A

 Turbo Rear Spoiler

 Turbo Rear spoiler  An original, brand new OEM part for the 2002 turbo P/N 5171 1 Turbo R

Korman Front Spoiler

We have recreated the vintage 2002 front spoiler in our high quality fiberglass. Originally designed to be used without the front bumper, it can be used on both chrome and big bumper 2002’s if you notch front spoiler at top for clearance. P/N 4135 2002

 Fiberglass Hood, Trunk Lid, Door Skins

Hood P/N 4133 2002

Trunk Lid P/N 4134 2002

Left Door Shell P/N 4135 2002 L

Right Door Shell P/N 4135 2002 R

Hood Insulation Kits

Korman Hood Insulation Kits

Our self-adhesive hood insulation kits are pre-cut and feature a Mylar outer layer for ease of cleaning, long life, and improved appearance. P/N 4111 0 999-2002

BMW Factory Hood Insulation Kits   P/N 5148 1 805 775

BMW Roundels

Front-Original hand painted metal P/N 5114 5 480 181

Trunk-P/N 5114 1 872 378

Rear Valance-P/N 5114 1 801 560

BMW Grill Reflectors

Original style BMW 2002 front grill reflectors. These are sold in a pair only, imported from Germany. These replace original part # 5113 5 480 106 and 107. P/N 5113 5 480 106/107

Engine Bay Decal Sets

A set of engine bay decals to refresh your 2002 engine bay. Perfect for dressing up your engine bay or when you repaint your engine bay. Please provide your VIN number, paint color code and if your 2002 has air conditioning when ordering. P/N 51 DECAL 2002   



Quartz Halogen Headlight Conversions

 For off road and racing applications only. Competition proven by rally racers and off road racers around the world.

  • Replaceable Halogen bulb, non-sealed
  • Lead Crystal Lens
  • Metal aluminum-coated reflect reflector produces more light than tungsten sealed beams
  • Precision optics, projects the light right where you need it
  • Reflects 100% of the light produced by the Halogen bulb
  • Direct plug-in replacements for your sealed beam units. No additional wiring required.

Hi/Lo Conversion-sold each, 2 required P/N 70476

Euro Front Turn Signal Assemblies

Convert your US Spec front turn signals to the Euro flush mount front turn signals. This conversion does require adapting and modifying the US bulb socket.

Left front P/N 6313 8 454 102

Right front P/N 6313 8 454 103 

VDO Gauges

The Cockpit Line introduced the motoring world to new standards of accuracy and reliability with styling designed to enhance any instrument panel.  This full line of instruments features matte black faces, white characters and red pointers. Efficient illumination provides instant day or night readability. Whatever instrumentation your automobile or driving style requires, you will find it in the VDO Cockpit Line. Bulb covers are available to match your existing gauge illumination.


Korman 1600/2002 Gauge Panel

For  the 1600 and 2002. This 3 gauge pod is constructed of fiberglass. It mounts on top of the dash slightly to the right of the factory gauge panel. Price does not include gauges. P/N 6211 0 871

Korman 1600/2002 Gauge Panel with Gauges

Kit contains Korman 1600/2002 Gauge Panel, oil pressure gauge, water temperature gauge and volt gauge with all sending units and wiring needed for installation- 2002 >1969 A/P# 6211 0 879

 Korman 1600/2002 Gauge Panel with Gauges

Kit contains Korman 1600/2002 Gauge Panel, oil pressure gauge, water temperature gauge and volt gauge with all sending units and wiring needed for installation- 2002 1970> A/P# 6211 0 880

 Korman 1600/2002 Gauge Panel with Gauges

Kit contains Korman 1600/2002 Gauge Panel, oil pressure gauge, clock and volt gauge with all sending units and wiring needed for installation- 2002 >1969 A/P# 6211 0 882

Korman 1600/2002 Gauge Panel with Gauges

Kit contains Korman 1600/2002 Gauge Panel, oil pressure gauge, clock and volt gauge with all sending units and wiring needed for installation- 2002 1969> A/P# 6211 0 883

Oil Temperature gauge- to 300 degrees F, 2 1/16"


Oil Temperature sending unit (Replaces oil pan plug)


Water Temperature gauge- to 250 degrees F, 2 1/16"


Water Temperature sending unit


Oil Pressure gauge/ electrical- to 150 psi, 2 1/16"


Oil Pressure double sending unit (permits use of original   warning light)


Oil Pressure sender adapter (1970 models on) Coarse


Oil Pressure sender adapter (up to 1969 models) Fine


Voltmeter gauge- 0 to 12 volt DC, 2 1/16"


Gauge Wiring Kit


Cylinder Head Temperature- to 600 degrees F, 2 1/16"


Cylinder Head Temperature Wiring Kit


Sending Units (fits 14mm spark plug)


Turbo Vacuum/Boost Gauge - 30" Vacuum to 15 psi Boost     2 1/16"


Installation Kit for turbo boost gauge


Single gauge mounting cup (fits all gauges listed above)





Korman 2002 Air Conditioning Systems

We have installed many of these systems here in our shop and we can confirm its superior operation even in our hot and humid North Carolina summers. This system has been completely redesigned for a correct conversion to R134 from R12 (which is scheduled to be phased out completely). We even include console reinforcements to stiffen up the factory console sides.

All 2002’s P/N 6455 2002      

Tech note for 2002 Tii’s only: Must use additional Tii only A/C crank pulley for installation P/N 6455 2002P 

Dash Cap

A hard plastic dash cover for you old tired, cracked dash. Must be slightly altered to fit the Tii clock or the late model 2002 seatbelt warning light.

P/N 5125 2 104

  2002 Carpet Kits-Korman Autoworks  offers interior carpet sets for most models of 02 Series sedans. The carpet did not change much except that BMW changed from a cut and bound carpet to a molded in the later years of the 2002. The floor pan did not change significantly so the same cut and bound carpet pieces can replace the molded carpet. We offer both the "cut and bound" and molded version of the 02 Series carpet.  There are certain factors that affect the carpet set. Automatic transmission cars are slightly different from manual versions because of the pedals. Baur conversions will have slight changes in the side areas because the conversion added body reinforcements that affect the carpet. Touring cars had carpet in the storage area behind the rear seats and can be bought as a separate set from the interior set.

2002 carpet set with domestic loop carpet- P/N 5147 D 2002                                                                  

2002 carpet set with German loop carpet- P/N 5147 G 2002

Korman Restoration Kits-When we restore a 2002, it is stripped down to the bare shell. These bumper, chrome trim and rubber kits provide us with all of the material typically used to reassemble the 2002 for street use. Availability is limited as some of these items have limited stock!

Rubber restoration kit for round tail light 2002 >12/72 A/P# 5100 E 2002 R

Rubber restoration kit for round tail light 2002 1/73> A/P# 5100 E 2002 RL

Rubber restoration kit for Square tail light 2002 A/P# 5100 L 2002 R

Front bumper restoration kit for round tail light 2002  A/P# 5111 F 2002

Rear bumper restoration kit for round tail light 2002  A/P# 5112 F 2002

Chrome Trim restoration kit for round tail light 2002 A/P# 5113 E 2002 C

Chrome trim restoration kit for Square tail light 2002 A/P# 5113 L 2002 C

Motorsport Stripe Tape

High quality one-piece vinyl tape in BMW Motorsport colors is perfect for customizing your car, trailer, tool box or workshop. Self-adhesive peel and stick with a top layer that can be left in place during installation for a perfectly straight application with no distortion or waves. To follow a curve, simply peel away the top layer and stretch to match the contour. Except for the 9" stripe, stripes are sold in pairs at 15' long per roll. 


15mm width (shown) P/N 99 M STRIPE 15

30mm width P/N 99 M STRIPE 30

60mm width P/N 99 M STRIPE 60

9" wide x 36" long P/N 99 M STRIPE 9 (no top layer, reinforced vinyl)

Sew-On Patches, Decals

P/N 99MSTRIPE        P/N 99BMWMTEAM              P/N 99KPATCH                            P/N 99DECAL


Synthetic street motor oil per quart

Redline street motor oil is a 100% fully-synthetic ester formula for your BMW and other makes of cars and trucks. It has excellent wear protection and friction reduction across a wide range of operating conditions and temperatures. It’s high detergency levels allows extended drain intervals and provides increased cleanliness to your engine along with both improved fuel economy and ring seal for increased horsepower. Redline has superior high temperature stability and an oxidation resistance that increases lubrication of hot metal compared to other synthetics and petroleum based motor oils. Redline has a high natural viscosity index (VI) that provides thicker oil film in bearings and cams and less evaporation than other synthetics. All Redline motor oils are completely compatible with other conventional and synthetic motor oils.

5W30 (As specified for most late-model BMW engines.) Per quart. P/N 11000530           

5W40 (As specified for BMW engines, also popular in BMW turbocharged applications.) Per quart P/N 11000540

10W30 per quart P/N 11001030

10W40 per quart P/N 11001040    

10W60 (Popular for newer BMW M-cars applications like E46 M3 and E60 M5) P/N 11001060

15W50 (Popular in turbocharged applications. Also used for wider bearing clearances and racing engines that see occasional street use. 25% more viscosity than a petroleum based 20W50. Not recommended for use in cold climates (-20C/-4°F) per quart P/N 11001550

20W50 (Popular in turbocharged applications.  Also used for wider bearing clearances and racing engines that see occasional street use) per quart P/N 11002050


Synthetic race motor oil per gallon 

 Redline synthetic race motor oils have special detergents for improved lubricity and less detonation. Its Polyol ester base stocks provide more stability and film strength when exposed to excess fuel dilution from race fuels. Each of these Race products has no less than 2200ppm of zinc and phosphorus for longer camshaft and bearing life. Each race oil product is a multi-grade, offering 2-4% more horsepower than oil of a similar viscosity - 20WT is a 5W20, 30WT is a 10W30, 40WT is a 15W40, and 50WT is a 15W50. Redline provides improved protection at startup, lower oil temp and increased internal engine cleanliness. Please remember to change these oils more frequently than regular motor oils. NOT for street use!!!

20W Used by many top engine builders in Spec E30, Spec Miata and other low-power road race engines. Per gallon P/N 11009020

30W per gallon P/N 11009030     per quart P/N 11000030

40W per gallon P/N 11009040     per quart P/N 11000040 

50W typically used in applications with wider bearing clearances. Per gallon P/N 11009050

Synthetic transmission lube MTL (Manual Transmission Lube)

Safe for brass synchros, as it lacks the reactive sulfurs found in most GL-5 oils that cause damage to the early factory brass synchros. Eliminates notchy shifting, even when cold, High performance gear protection and longer synchro life. Recommended for most BMW transmissions except the late models that require an ATF style fluid. Per quart P/N 110023MTL

MT90 (transmission lube) 75W90. A GL-4 gear oil (similar to SAE 5W40/10W40 engine oil viscosity) that is safe for brass synchros, as it lacks the reactive sulfurs found in most GL-5 oils that cause damage. Recommended for GL-1, GL-3, and GL-4 applications, as well as where most special synchromesh fluids are specified. Per quart P/N 1100MT90

D4ATF Our most versatile ATF, use where Dexron III®, Dexron II®, Mercon® and Mercon V® fluids are recommended, provides a GL-4 level of gear protection. Also used with manual transmissions and transaxles like the T-5, T-45, T-56 and late-model BMW which specify an ATF fluid. This ATF has excellent cold weather operation. Per quart P/N 1100D4ATF

Synthetic Differential Lube

Redline Synthetic Differential lubes are fully-synthetic formulas created from polyol ester base stocks and offer excellent lubrication under extreme conditions. They have a high viscosity-index (VI) to provide relatively constant viscosity and film thickness with varying temperature changes along with superior shear stability and reduced oxidation compared to other synthetics and conventional gear oils. Redline exceeds API GL-5 specifications and is engineered to provide the highest degree of protection and improvement of differential efficiency for better mileage, longer drain intervals, and less wear.

75W90 our most popular Red Line gear oil. Contains additional friction modifiers for suitability with clutch-type limited slip differentials - for most BMW LSDs, no additional friction modifiers are required. Per quart P/N 11007590

75W90NS For BMW owners who want the benefits of using Redline 75W90, but who do not have a limited slip differential, we offer the 75W90 without the limited slip additive for use in open differentials.                                   Per quart P/N 11007590NS

75/140 Contains additional friction modifiers for suitability with clutch-type limited slip differentials - for most LSDs, no additional friction modifiers are required. Per quart P/N 110075140

Gasoline additives & cleaners

Redline gasoline additives cleans injectors, carburetors, valve and combustion chamber deposits, along with pollution control valves with a concentrated blend of the most powerful high-temp and low-temp detergents available. They clean to nearly 100% efficiency in one treatment and reduces the need for octane by up to two points. Redline also contains a synthetic upper cylinder lubricant for exotic fuels. Use one 15oz.bottle per tank for most effective treatment of a neglected vehicle (one bottle treats up to 100 gallons) and use the 4oz bottle for continued use (one bottle treats up to 20 gallons.) Redline gasoline additives and cleaners are safe for continual use.

4oz bottle P/N 110033S2     15oz bottle P/N 110031S1

Grease and Engine Assembly Lube

Redline CV2 grease

Outperforms the best conventional or synthetic greases and lubes. It withstands extreme temperature and pressure in wheel bearings, U-joints, and high-angle CV Joints. Redline grease has excellent high-temp stability, extreme-pressure protection, and water resistance and is used in a variety of applications with operating temps from -100°F to 500°F. Along with a strong resistance to oxidation and corrosion, low evaporation and oil separation with a minimum effect on rubber seals, its synthetic fluidity allows increases in bearing life by up to 200%. Redline CV2 grease will darken after high-temp use, this is NOT detrimental to performance. 14oz tube P/N 110056CVMOL

Redline Assembly Lube

Used by Korman Autoworks and many of the best engine builders, engineers, and technicians in Formula 1, GP2, Formula 3, NASCAR, NHRA, and WRC. Redline assembly lube prepares engine wear surfaces and prevents metal to metal contact before adequate lubrication can be supplied by the oiling system. Unlike other assembly lubes, Red Line's will not plug filters after initial engine start-up. Redline assembly lube provides 3x greater film strength than conventional black Molybdenum Disulfide greases and is an excellent rust and corrosion inhibitor, which allows for long-term parts storage. For use on camshafts, lifters, pushrods, piston skirts, main and rod bearings, and bolt threads. Recommended and used by top camshaft and drivetrain manufacturers. 4oz can P/N 1100LUBE

Water Wetter

Reduces or eliminates both the bubbles and the vapor barrier that form on hot metal surfaces to reduce coolant temperatures by up to 20°F. It has superior heat transfer properties as compared to any glycol-based antifreeze alone. Water wetter is compatible with either new or used antifreeze (including DEX-COOL and other long-life versions) and improves the heat transfer of both ethylene and propylene glycol based systems. Use one bottle per cooling system; just add to your existing anti-freeze mix. Racers can use Water Wetter along with plain or distilled H20 to reduce temperatures also and lubricate the water pump. P/N 1100COOL



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