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Our previously advertised 5.6 liter BMW V12 motors have been discontinued as the parts we used from Germany are no longer in production. To continue our high performance V12 engines we have had larger stroke custom crankshafts made. The engine is capable of  6 liters and as the cost is the same for a crank to produce 6 liters as it would be for 5.6  our new program is for 6 liter engines in a ‘stock’, or Stage 1, 2, or 3 configuration. The bore is increased from 84mm to 86 mm and the stroke from 75 to 86.

The Euro Dollar has climbed so much against the dollar that our new 6 liter motors cost less than the previous 5.6 engines. Our base engine parts, water pump, oil pump, bearings, etc are still BMW original parts. The aluminum blocks cannot be honed or bored as this destroys the hardened coating and there is no facility with the capability to re-coat these blocks outside of Germany. We install high quality steel sleeves which enable us to use conventional type rings and pistons. Where we use American products, crankshaft, pistons, and connecting rods, they are all race quality, precision parts. For more than forty years our philosophy for our Korman street performance engines is to design and build them to out perform and outlast the factory original parts. We have won many championships with our race engines but we do not believe in ‘extreme’ solutions for daily driving.

Korman V12 6 Ltr ‘Super Stock” Spec Engine  405 HP and 425 Torque

All stock BMW components plus sleeved block to 86mm, 86mm custom crankshaft, forged 10:1 pistons, special head gaskets, custom computer chips. Includes tune-up and service parts such as ignition wire sets, distributors caps and rotors, thermostat, air intake boots, serpentine belt, and spark plugs, etc.


Korman V12 6 Ltr Stage 1 Engine   415 HP  435 ft lbs Torque

All the above plus multi- angle valve seat machining, intake and exhaust ports matched to manifolds, exhaust manifolds ported and ceramic thermal barrier coated, intake manifold extrude honed and matched, custom computer chips, and high flow air intake system with K&N air filters. Fully balanced and blueprinted, engine run in, tuned, and tested on dyno.


Korman  V12 6 Ltr  Stage 2 Engine   440 HP  450 ft lbs torque

All above Stage 1 modifications plus Schrick 264 intake and exhaust cams, higher flow fuel injectors, con rods lightened, peened, and balanced, cylinder heads fully ported and polished, big bore throttle bodies, tuned exhaust headers with ceramic thermal barrier coating. Fully balanced and blueprinted. Engines are run-in, tuned, and tested on our dyno.  


Korman V12 6 Ltr Stage 3 Engine  485 HP  465 ft lbs torque

All of above plus custom longer, lighter weight steel connecting rods, 10.5:1 compression ratio, special roller cams, roller cam valve train parts, heavy duty valve springs, titanium valve spring retainers, heavy duty sport clutch assembly, larger mass air flow meters, filter box modified for increased flow air filters.


Other Available Upgrades

Custom Manifolds with Individual Down-Draft Throttle Bodies and Electromotive TEC 3 Engine Management System with direct fire coils. Twelve big 40 mm air horns standing straight up.



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