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4 Cylinder M10 Engines-U.S. 320i/iS

Korman Stock Rebuild-CIS M10

The skill and craftsmanship of high performance engine building applied to a stock engine produces a clean, tight, exceptionally smooth engine that can be expected to outlast the original. Includes the disassembly, cleaning, testing and reassembly of the fuel injection system. (Components of the injection system may require replacement at an additional cost) P/N 1132010


Korman Stage 1 Rebuild-CIS M10 2.0 Liter 1977-1979

The early (77-79) 320i engine responds dramatically to Stage 1 tuning, with up to 135 HP from 110 HP stock. We also include our performance distributor to replace the original.

P/N 110B2110


Korman Stage 1 Rebuild-CIS M10 1.8 Liter 1980-1983 320i

The 80> 320i models come with a 1.8 liter engine. Our Stage 1 performance rebuild on these models includes a 2.0 liter conversions. Special fuel injection tuning is required and included. We reuse the original electronic ignition system but include a special Korman-Stahl header. Torque gains are substantial, and combined with the 3.91 gearing of the 1.8 liter cars provides that acceleration "punch" lacking in the original.

P/N 110B2180


Korman Stage 2 2.0 liter engines

150 HP, revs to 7000 RPM. Dual Weber 40 DCOE's, Korman intake manifold, Stage 2 porting and polishing, high compression pistons, lightened rods, Korman K300 cam, dual valve springs, chrome alloy retainers, Korman rocker arms, mechanical advance distributor, Korman-Stahl headers. Also available with Schrick 292 cam, (160 HP), or Weber 32/36 carb (140 HP).

Call with your specific application for pricing.


Korman Stage 2 2.0 liter Competition Engine

Our hot autocross/rally engine. Many BMW enthusiasts use this engine for regular street driving since it is surprisingly tractable and well behaved in city traffic. But it is a light competition engine and built for power. Don't expect 150,000 miles at 7500RPM, but it is designed to operate at that engine speed. This 170 HP engine includes the Schrick 316 cam, two twin 45 DCOE Webers, lightweight connecting rods, high compression pistons, titanium valve spring retainers, racing headers, etc. Blueprinted to competition specifications.

P/N 11002330


Stage 3 2.2 liter Competition Engines

This engine utilizes a special knife edged crankshaft, lightweight connecting rods, custom pistons, Schrick 316 cam, dual Weber 45 DCOE's, etc. Produces 200 horsepower in this configuration (others available). Don't forget bigger brakes! Call for pricing. 



6 Cylinder (M20) Engines 2.0, 2.3 Liters for 320/6 and 323i

From stock to full race, we can provide a strong small six engine for your E21 built to your specifications. Call for pricing. 



Engine Components-M10 4cylinder









9.5 mm





9.5 mm

M10 9/80>




10.0 mm





10.0 mm

M10 9/80>




10.7 mm





10.7 mm

M10 9/80>




11.1 mm



Korman Reground Cams



9.4 mm





9.4 mm

M10 9/80>


Notes:  (2) Not for use with CIS injection (carbs/programmable fuel injection only). (3) Additional piston/valve clearance may be required. (4) Korman Rocker Arms, dual valve springs required. (5) Offset adjustable cam gear required (6) Weber 45 DCOE's, large diameter headers, fully prepared cylinder head required (7) Sold on a core exchange basis.


Offset Adjustable Cam Gear

Resurfacing the cylinder head retards the camshaft timing. Use this gear to advance it back to normal. Machined for 1,3,5 and 7 degrees of offset. Can also be used to fine tune the power band of the engine.

>11/78 (double row chain) P/N 11310006

11/78> (single row chain) P/N 11310806


Korman Rocker Arms

Lightened cast alloy rocker arms, contoured, peened and polished. Radiused to clear valve spring retainers with high lift cams. Sold each.

M10 4 Cyl. P/N 1133K256229


Korman Racing Rocker Arms

Similar to above, fully polished arm, pads micropolished.

M10 4 Cyl. P/N 1133R256229



Steel Racing Rocker Arms

If you need to turn high revs these steel rocker arms will give the reliability that aluminum can't provide. Proven durable on-track with consistent revs to 9000 and above with no failures. P/N 1133S256229





High Performance Dual Valve Springs

Includes center damper spring sleeve. Long life with revs to 7600 RPM. Will fit over 79> small valve seals. Must update guides and seals on older heads. No cylinder head machining required. Fits all M10 and M20 engines. M20 requires use of our titanium valve spring retainers, below.

P/N 11341204


Schrick Racing Valve Springs

Made to sustain very high spring pressures, very high cam lift, and extended high RPM. Will maintain original tension four or five times longer than any other spring that we tested for BMW engines. Use with titanium retainers, sold each. 

P/N 11341028 (inner and outer set, each)


Titanium Valve Spring Retainers

About half the weight and twice as strong as steel. Used in all our Stage 3, 4, and race engines. Weight is 12.5 grams each.

For Korman Dual Valve Springs-M10 P/N 11342002

For Schrick Racing Valve Springs P/N 11341029


Chrome Alloy Steel Valve Spring Retainers

Stronger than stock, used in all our Stage 2 engines. Weight is 21.5 grams each. 

P/N 11342001


Korman BMW Valves

Note: M20 engines manufactured before 12/86 have 40 mm intake and 34 mm exhaust valves. Upgrading to the sizes below offers a nice increase in flow, provided your cylinder head ports are enlarged to take advantage of the bigger valves.

Swirl polished, profiled, and radiused for improved flow.

46 mm intake P/N 1134K254625

38 mm exhaust P/N 1134K251063


Special BIG Racing Valves-M10

Special 47 mm alloy intake valve (stock is 46 mm). Fits stock valve seat, features dished design with polished surface.

P/N 11344140


Camshaft Installation Kits

M10 4 Cyl. Stage 1 

Includes cast alloy rocker arms, dual valve springs, and chrome alloy retainers. P/N 11394400

M10 4 Cyl. Stage 2

Same as above but includes Korman Rocker Arms. P/N 11394401

M10 4 Cyl. Stage 2 Competition

Korman Racing Rockers, Titanium valve spring retainers, dual valve springs. P/N 11394402

High Compression Pistons-M10 4 Cyl.

OE type Mahle piston sets include rings, pins and clips.

Cylinder Head

Compression Ratio









Korman BMW Racing Pistons

Our current piston dome shape is the result of years of dyno testing and successful racing. This piston makes the most power with the least tendency for detonation. Pistons come with lightweight alloy pins and clips. Requires extensive combustion chamber modification. Compression ratios to 13.5:1 are obtainable. Forged for light weight and strength. Call with your application.


Lightweight Piston Pins

Similar to those used in our racing pistons. Nice addition to any engine job. Ten to twenty percent lighter than stock pins, suitable for full race or street applications.

M10 4 Cyl. P/N 1125K712198


Korman Modified Connecting Rods

Lightened, balanced, peened, sized ,rebushed, and alignment checked. About 8% lighter than stock rods. Shipped complete with new rod bolts and nuts. Sold on an exchange basis. P/N LAB 11241201


M10_Race_Motor_Con_Rods_A.jpg (35659 bytes)Korman Lightweight Competition Connecting Rods

Designed for full race use, equally suitable for the street. Super strong and light 4340 chrome moly steel alloy composition reduces the reciprocating mass in your engine, reduces stress forces at high RPM. About 25% lighter than stock, can be ordered in stock sizes or custom lengths for special applications. M10 4 Cyl. P/N 11241500 picture shows stock rod left, competition rod right 

Lifetime Warranty Bosch Ignition Wire Sets

8 mm high temperature silicone ignition wires offer excellent performance, value and durability. We use these wire sets on all of our engines with excellent results. The last set of plug wires you'll ever buy!

320>9/79 P/N 12121360603

320 9/79> P/N 12121705697

M20 ALL P/N 12121710591 (may require relocation of coil on some models)


Polished, Krinkle Finished Valve Covers & Intake Manifolds

Parts are cleaned and glass peened for superior paint bond. Raised ribs and BMW logos are polished to a mirror finish. Can be supplied with your new engine or shipped on an exchange basis. Available in black or red.

  • M10 4 Cyl. Valve Cover P/N LAB11124000

  • M10 1.8 L Intake Manifold P/N LAB 11124200

  • M10 2.0 L Intake Manifold P/N LAB 11124200

  • Dual Weber Manifold P/N LAB 11124100

Heavy Duty Alternator Bushings

These heavy duty polyurethane bushings replace your stock rubber units. The stock rubber bushings collapse over time causing misalignment of the alternator, resulting in a thrown belt. Look and see if your alternator is crooked, then use these improved bushings for a long term solution. Fits all E21's.

Short Bushings (2 required) P/N 12311268432

Long Bushings (2 required) P/N 12311268433


Korman Special Oil Pan-M10 4 Cyl.

Welded-in baffle with one way flapper valve controls surging in the sump, prevents oil pump from sucking air in hard turns, hard braking, hard acceleration. This proven design saves horsepower and rod bearings. Can be used alone or with Formula 2 style windage tray, below. Sold on an exchange basis.

P/N 11130003EXC


Korman Competition Oil Pan-M10 4 Cyl.

Designed for racing, we have used many of these pans on hot street/autocross cars. Enlarged sump increases oil capacity by 2 liters. Extensively baffled, three one way flapper valves provide unmatched oil control. Can be used alone or with Formula 2 style windage tray, below. Sold on an exchange basis.

P/N 11130320


Windage Tray/Scraper Assembly-M10 4 Cyl.

Heidegger AG style F2 windage trays with three stainless steel scraper blades. The blades strip oil from the crank and rods and direct turbulence and splashing oil away from moving parts. Requires connecting rods without counterweights.

P/N 11133000


Engine Oiling System Modifications

Modification to the crankshaft and main bearings increase bottom end oil pressure, prevent oil from pooling in cylinder head at continuous high RPM operation. Kit includes special main bearings, new oil pump with sprocket and hardware. You must ship your crankshaft to us for modification.

M10 4 Cyl. P/N 11411320


Oil Cooler Kits

Stacked plate design coolers provide as much as 9 times the surface area as conventional tube type units.

Korman Remote Oil Cooler Kits

Includes cooler, remote filter adapter, remote filter mount, filter, all necessary hoses, clamps and fittings. For all E21's.

3"x11" Oil Cooler Kit P/N 11424002

5.75"x11" Oil Cooler Kit P/N 11424003

Korman Competition Oil Cooler Kit

Includes oil cooler, aircraft type aluminum fittings, stainless steel braided #10 hose, remote adapter, remote oil filter mount, filter. For all E21's.

3"x11" Oil Cooler Kit P/N 11424100

5.75"x11" Oil Cooler Kit P/N 11424200


Korman Solid Billet Remote Adapter

The commonly used cast aluminum adapters are known to split open (usually when the engine is fired up cold).  Our remote adaptor is machined from solid aluminum billet and is tapped for aeroquip type oil line fittings (1/2" NPT) and also tapped for both oil pressure and oil temperature sending units.  AN10 fittings included (2).  And 12 available on request.  Fits all M10 engines.    P/N  11414077R




Heavy-Duty Remote Oil Filter Mount

Extra strength for the most demanding situations. Housing machined from billet aluminum, red anodized finish. Includes AN 10 fittings, AN 12 available on request.

P/N 1142900004




Remote Adaptor Block-Off Plate

As included in our kits above.  P/N  114205457


Oil Thermostat

Works with the above oil cooler kits to facilitate quicker engine warm up.

P/N 11420111 (for Korman Remote Kits 002 and 003)

P/N 11420222 (For Korman Competition Kits, AN 10 fittings)


High Performance Canton Mecca Oil Filters

These filters pass Korman requirements for flow, pressure drop, and size of particles filtered out. Excellent protection for street, autocross or full race conditions. Filter utilizes a synthetic element which you simply replace at your service interval.

Spin On Type

For installation to original BMW filter housings. Fits 320, 320/6, 323. Cast aluminum housing.

P/N 114202526

Remote Competition Type Filters

1/2"NPT threads, installs as a remote unit. Stainless steel mounting bracket included.

P/N 114202500

Replacement Filter Elements

Each P/N 114202600

6 Pack P/N 114202602




Korman Roadsport Suspension Systems

This system is designed for all around street/highway use. Comfortable on a daily basis, yet firmly controlled for spirited driving, club events, autocrosses, etc. Kit includes performance springs which lower the car 1.3" front and rear, four Bilstein shocks, and front and rear adjustable anti-sway bars.


Kit P/N

320i 77-9/78

3110320H1 Sway bars not available

320i 10/78-83


320/6, 323 77-9/78

3110323H1 Sway bars not available

320/6, 323 10/78-83




Adjustable Front Camber Plate Assembly

Spherical bearing mounted in a sliding housing attached to a T6 aluminum base plate. Provides for full camber adjustability, can also be mounted inboard of current strut mounting holes for even greater camber changes. Designed for street/track use.

P/N 31001875


Rear Trailing Arm Camber/Toe Assembly

Getting excessive tire wear on the inside tread? Once installed, our eccentrics allow adjustment of rear wheel camber and toe in just a matter of minutes. Enables the restoration of factory alignment specifications. Corrects rear suspension geometry on lowered cars. These kits are weld-in only, you must send us your subframe for modification. P/N 33203567  


Strut Braces-E21

Aluminum Front Strut Brace

All E21 P/N 3111035

Rear Strut Brace/Battery Mount Kit

Steel stress bar with built in battery tray. Battery mount offset to passengers' side for improved weight distribution. Kit includes brace, battery mount, battery cable and hardware. Can be used as a strut brace only.

P/N 33525320323


Suspension Bushings


Polyurethane Bushings

Steering Rack Kit-P/N 3221320P

Rear Trailing Arm Bushing Kit-P/N 311232002

Teflon Urethane Bushing Lube, 1/2 ounce-P/N 31040001


Rubber Bushings

Hard Rubber Rear Subframe Mount Kit-P/N 3330102

Offset Rear Trailing Arm Bushings-Allows small corrections in camber and toe. Sold in pairs. P/N 332202203

Front Upper Support Bearings-Korman suggests replacing these units when upgrading your front suspension. Sold each. P/N 31331110195


Delrin Bushings

For competition use.

Adjustable Offset Front Lower Control Arm Bushings-Allows +/- 1 degree of camber change. Kit includes aluminum eccentric and delrin sleeves for both lower control arms. P/N 310802002. Special wrench for eccentrics (optional) P/N 310802002W.

Front Control Arm (sway bar end) bushings-77 models only-P/N 311202320

Rear Trailing Arm Kit-P/N 331201002

Differential Mount Kit-P/N 331200320


Solid Subframe Mount Conversion-Your subframe required for modification. Most often done while we are installing our adjustable camber/toe assembly. Subframe can be relocated closer to the chassis for improved roll center.


Korman Competition Front Brake Kit-All E21

Designed for competition, this kit contains rotors that are 1 1/2" larger in diameter than the 323i (225mm) brakes. Vented rotors feature 2 piece aluminum hat/iron rotor construction. Calipers are fixed 4 piston aluminum units weighing only 4.9 lb. each, and include stainless steel caliper pistons. Pads included, 15' wheel required.

P/N 34112323


Korman Rear Competition Big Brake Kit

As above, requires deleting the emergency brake assembly and using 323i trailing arms. An adjustable proportioning valve is strongly recommended.

P/N 34210323


320i Stage 1 Brake Kit

Kit includes 2 vented rotors, (255mm x 22 mm vs. 255mm x 12.7mm stock), our special caliper spacer kit and brake pad hardware. Fits 78-79 320i only. (later models can utilize this kit with the addition of larger struts and bearing hubs)

P/N 34113320


Korman High Performance Brake Rotors

Available in either a computer controlled cross-drilled version with the holes chamfered to the wear limit, or in a computer controlled gas slotted version with the gas ports milled to the wear limit. Our rotors are then finish plated with cadmium. While nothing beats the appearance of crossdrilled rotors, we suggest using the gas slotted versions for true high performance and track use due to superior wear rates and brake cooling. Our high performance rotors are especially beneficial in non-ventilated rotor applications.

320i, 320/6>8/77, 323i>82 Front P/N 3411D119112

320i 8/77> Front P/N 3411D119248

Other applications available on a special order basis


Stainless Steel/Teflon Brake Lines

Essential for driving schools and highly recommended for all high performance driving. Provides stronger pedal, improved modulation under hard brake usage. Eliminates expansion associated with rubber lines. Kit includes a full set of 6 lines. As used in ALL our race cars, perfectly suitable for the street.

320, 320/6 P/N 34321004

323i P/N 34321323 Includes rear lines with banjo fitting.






Super Blue Racing Brake Fluid

A non-silicone high performance dot 4 brake fluid designed for the extreme demands of motor racing, yet perfectly suited for street applications. Sold in 1 liter cans.

P/N SUPER BLUE  (blue fluid)   (Type 200 is a yellow version of Super Blue)  P/N TYPE200


Super Blue

Dot 4

Dry Boiling Point



Wet Boiling Point




 Korman Endurance High Performance Brake Pads

Custom friction material that won the 24 Hours of Watkins Glen, Driver and Manufacturer's Championships in IMSA, etc. Excellent for dual purpose street/track use since this compound works well under both light street and full race conditions. Your old backing plates may be required in exchange on low volume part numbers.

  • 320i, 320/6, 323 >77 Front P/N KDB 116

  • 320i, 320/6, 323 77> Front P/N KDB 192

  • 323i Rear-made to order

Korman High Performance Rear Brake Shoes-320, 320/6

Thinking of converting your rear drums to discs? Try these shoes first! Semi-metallic friction material yields performance rivaling disc brakes at a fraction of the cost. Excellent upgrade for street driven cars, mandatory for track use. We need your old shoes back as cores.

P/N 34213250

Core P/N 3421CORE


High Performance Brake Pads

An excellent upgrade over stock pads or MetalMasters. We use these pads in our shop as a standard replacement part since they offer no drawbacks in the areas of dust, noise, cold performance, etc. They do, however, offer excellent resistance to fade in high performance situations. Stock pads have a max temp of 572, MetalMasters have a max temp of 872, but Ferodos have a max temp of 1300!

  • 320i 77-78 Front P/N FDB162

  • 320i 79-83 Front, 323 77-81 Front P/N FDB192

  • 323 Rear 77> P/N FDB210



flowtech.jpg (132108 bytes)Flowtech Intake System

A special venturi tube and cone shaped filter easily replaces your stock air filter assembly. A great improvement over the ineffective stock air path.  Five to six horsepower gain, sporty sound.  P/N 13711320E21

Relocation of battery required, see our battery relocation kit/rear brace part number 33525320323.


K & N Filterchargers for Stock Air Filter Housings-320i

Lifetime warranty and improved performance without removing your stock air box. Replaces original paper element perfectly.

P/N 1372332005


Weber Carburetor Conversions

A Korman specialty. Our kits are shipped complete with Korman Manifolds, linkage assemblies, hardware, and even fuel line! We custom jet for your application so you can just bolt on and go. Webers will not pass visual emissions inspection, (though they often pass tailpipe tests) but they're still the best choice for all out performance. Call us with your needs.


Korman-Stahl Headers

These high quality headers provide a 6-10% power increase on stock engines, much more on high performance engines. Engineered for trouble free fit and long service. Also available with ceramic thermal barrier coating (described below) for additional performance, durability and improved appearance.

Primary Tube Size





1 3/8"


stock engine

320i 77-79


1 1/2"


modified engine

320i 77-79


1 1/4"

bolt to cat. conv.

stock engine, has O2 sensor fitting

320i 80-83


1 3/8"

bolt to cat. conv.

modified engine, has O2 sensor fitting

320i 80-83


1 1/4"

no cat

Euro Model

320i 80-83


1 3/8"

no cat

Euro Model

320i 80-83


1 1/2"

standard floor

competition, 2.5" collector

320i ALL


1 5/8"

standard floor

competition, 3" collector

320i ALL


1 3/4"

standard floor

competition, 3" collector

320i ALL


1 5/8"

raised floor

competition, 3" collector

320i ALL


1 3/4"

raised floor

competition, 3' collector

320i ALL



Exhaust Manifold Porting

A careful porting and polishing of the exhaust manifolds. We then precisely mate the exhaust manifold gasket to the exhaust manifold for maximum flow. Especially effective when combined with Ceramic Thermal Barrier Coating. We have several core manifolds on hand often allowing us to ship on an exchange basis and keep your downtime to a minimum.

P/N LAB18213004 All 4 Cyl.


Ceramic Thermal Barrier Coating

The ceramic coating provides superior corrosion protection, stain resistance, increased gas velocity and combustion chamber stabilization. Even if scratched or chipped its unique self-sacrificial properties won't allow oxides to form under the coating. Unlike other coatings, both the inside and outside of the exhaust manifold is coated. Expect underhood temperatures to be reduced by 20 or 30%.

4 Cyl. M10P/N 182110014


Performance Plus Exhaust Systems

Free flow systems made in Italy come with a one year warranty. Excellent reduction in back pressure, sporty sound.


Front Section

Rear Section


320 77-78

18112BA1612 (or Supersprint unit)


18219056634 installation kit required

320 79>





Replacement Catalytic Converters, 320i 80-83

Free flowing aftermarket units offer excellent value and performance at substantial savings over OE units. 5 year warranty on pipes, 2 year warranty on catalytic converter.

P/N 18BMW1401



Korman Adjustable Short Shift Kit

Let's you select the shifter throw that suits your needs

  • Adjusts in minutes from inside your car

  • Accepts original or aftermarket gearshift knobs

  • Assembled unit saves on installation time

  • Adjustment locking mechanism

  • Replaceable, self-lubricating bushings

  • Includes shifter cup bushings and complete instructions

  • Easily installs in less than an hour

All E21 P/N 25250002


Aluminum Flywheel Kit

Reducing the rotating mass of your engine is one of the easiest ways to make it climb through the RPM band more rapidly. Energy usually spent on turning the heavy original steel unit can be directed at the wheels. Our complete kit includes anti-galling plate and new flywheel bolts. Friction surface is steel and easily replaceable. Weight is 8.9 lb.

4 Cyl. M10 engine (215mm) P/N 11121800K

6 Cyl. M20 engine (228mm) P/N 11121880K




Lightweight Steel Flywheels

Special milling and lathe cutting reduces weight by over 30%. Precision balanced. Sold on an exchange basis.

320i P/N 11220230


Stock Clutch Kits

All new (no reman) kits include stock pressure plate, disc and release bearing.

320i P/N 21210000003



Korman Rebuilt Transmissions

We disassemble, clean and inspect each transmission before rebuilding. Standard rebuild parts include bearings, synchronizers, gaskets and seals. We rebuild to BMW factory specifications for pre-load, clearances, torque figures, etc. Built on your core, exchange units available on request.

320i 4 speed rebuild P/N 23231400


5 Speed Overdrive Conversion-320i 77-79

This complete kit allows you to install a later model five speed overdrive transmission in your early 4 speed car. Kit includes gearbox, shift linkage and supports, etc. Also included is the cost of shortening and rebalancing your driveshaft.

P/N 2323550320


Close Ratio Gear Boxes

Designed for performance, these factory units feature a 1:1 fifth gear (same as 4th in a 5 speed overdrive transmission). May require differential gear change for maximum performance. Call with your application.



Stock Differential Rebuild

Each unit is disassembled, cleaned and inspected before rebuilding. All bearings, seals and gaskets are replaced, unit is then assembled to factory specifications. Factory limited slip units rebuilt at additional cost. Gear sets may be changed at the time of rebuild for a minimal additional fee.

P/N 33124000 (non limited slip and limited slip)


Optional Differential Gear Change Ratios

Available optional ring and pinion sets ALL E21 chassis:



Original Equipment

Suggested Change



320i 77-79 5 Speed, 320/6




320i 80>1.8L all, 320i 2.0L auto 77-79







Motorsport Style Front Bumper/Spoiler

e21msptftsplrside.JPG (46365 bytes)Cast from a rare BMW racing part, this unit replaces the entire front bumper/bumper shock/valence assembly on your E21. Strong and lightweight, weighs only 7 lbs! The "bumper" section is cast from a European model for a sleek look. The rubber bumper molding has been integrated into the mold and can be painted black for appearance. Mounts using existing valence mounting points and hardware. Sold for "racing only" due to deletion of bumpers. Gray gelcoat finish is ready to sand and paint.

P/N 41350320FB






e21__D_Mod_W_Glen.jpg (98858 bytes)Schnitzer Style Fender Flares  

Our hand laid fiberglass parts come in a smooth gel coat finish, just wet sand and paint. Front flares bolt on like original fenders, rear flares are overlays which must be bonded and blended into the body for best appearance. Available in high strength kevlar at additional cost.



Fender, LF


Fender, RF


Fender, RR


Fender, LR


Spoiler 413530008

Hoods and Trunk Lids

Our fiberglass hoods and trunk lids are lightweight "skins" which must be pinned in place (no provision for hinges/latches). Depressions for BMW emblems molded in. Available in high strength kevlar at additional cost.

Hood, all E21


Trunk, all E21


Hood Insulation Kits

Our self adhesive hood insulation kits are pre-cut and feature a mylar outer layer for ease of cleaning, long life, and improved appearance.

P/N 41110999


Gauge Packages

We offer the full line of VDO gauges, sending units and wiring kits to fit your E21. Gauge holder options include a 3 gauge OE appearance unit (mounts on top of dash to the right of the factory gauge panel), standard 3 gauge unit, and a single gauge holder. Call us with your needs.


Hella Headlight Conversions

Imported from Germany, Hella lamps are known throughout the world for their quality and superior illumination in off-road and racing applications. Features include: replaceable halogen bulbs, non-sealed lead crystal lens, and aluminum coated metal reflector. Produces more light where you need it with excellent patterning. Direct replacement for original headlights.

High Beam 5 3/4" (each) P/N 71456

Low Beam 5 3/4" (each) P/N 71156





pad320gt3.jpg (82552 bytes)




Champion Spark Plug Ad featuring Korman GT3 320i







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