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Korman BMW E30 325 Racing History

Winner: 1986 IMSA Manufacturer and Driver Championship, Sport Class

Class Wins:   

Sebring 6 Hours  

Watkins Glen 6 Hours

Portland 6 Hours

Riverside 6 Hours

Road America, 6 Hours  

Class and Overall Wins: 

Watkins Glen 24 Hour Race June 1986. The only time in IMSA history that a Sport Class Car won first overall over Grand Sports.  


Other Wins:

Watkins Glen 24 Hours Race June, 1988. Korman Prepared 325iS, first in class.  

1993: Korman Prepared customer car wins Mid Atlantic Race Series Championship in SCCA ITS BMW 325iS, winning pole and lap record nearly every race.

Lou Mendola; Korman 2.9 liter M20 Race motor in D Modified Club Race Car. 2003 National Champion.

Scott Cassagrande; BMW 325iS K Prepared National Champion 2004, Korman engine and suspension.

Pvsroadam325.gif (135568 bytes)

Right: Ron Christiansen, Ray Korman, John Andretti  


 Korman offers 6 basic rebuilding configurations:

  • Stock

  • Stage 1

  • Stage 1 and 2 Clean Air Engines-Emissions legal-50 States

  • Korman 2.7 and 2.9 Liter Stroker Engines(emissions legal variants available)

  • Korman Competition Engines(not emissions legal due to inclusions of headers/cams)

  • Korman Full Race Engines


Korman Stock Rebuilds

Our stock rebuilds are assembled to BMW specifications by our experienced and dedicated technicians rather than off a mass production assembly line. Korman engines are assembled with meticulous craftsmanship, precise machining, and detailed blueprinting. All of our boring is done with a torque plate for exceptional bore roundness and long engine life. These hand built engines are available at prices below factory reman units and ours carry a 24 month/24,000 mile warranty.

318i P/N 11318010

325e P/N 11036100

325i P/N 11036200


Korman Stage 1 Engines


Korman Stage 1 Engine-318i

As above, but includes 2.0L conversion to provide the "punch" missing from the 1.8L engines. Headers are included (check local laws for legality). High compression pistons, special valve work, and Stage 1 head porting yield 140 horsepower. P/N 110B3180


Korman Stage 1-M20 325i

Our Stage 1 rebuild will provide a strong increase in power through the use of our proven performance techniques. Special valve and valve seat work, increased compression, Korman-Stahl Headers and Stage 1 cylinder head porting will net a gain of 12-25 HP depending on model. Performance computer chip recommended but not required.   325e P/N 11036410     325i P/N 11036510


Korman Stage 2 Competition Engine-M20 325i

Our Stage 2 engines are designed for maximum performance without adversely affecting engine life or driveability. All Stage 2 Engines receive our flow testing porting and polishing, proven 3 angle valve seat work, back cut intake valves, dual valve springs, titanium retainers, Korman Rocker Arms, Korman-Stahl headers, and a Schrick 272 Camshaft (or Schrick 284 or 288). M20 "i" engines receive our aluminum flywheel, while M20 "eta" engines receive our exchange lightweight flywheel. Korman performance computer chip required.  325i P/N 11036350                                                                                                   


Korman High Performance Clean Air Engines


Stage 1 High Performance Clean Air Engine-M20

In our Stage 1 Clean Air Engines we apply our high performance techniques to extract maximum power from stock parts while making no changes that affect Federal or State emissions laws. Our flow tested porting, polishing, valve and valve seat work promote smoother, more efficient air/fuel flow keeping the mixture better suspended for cleaner burning. Valve spring pressure is increased for a higher max rev limit of 7000 rpm (except for 325e). To reduce reciprocating weight and improve acceleration we lighten and balance the connecting rods, fit stronger light weight piston pins, and lighten the flywheel. These techniques produce a 10-15% power increase and an engine which revs much more quickly. Korman Performance computer chip suggested, not required.  325e P/N 110364C0      325i P/N 110365C0


Korman Stage 2 Clean Air Engines 325i

These engines receive our Stage 2 competition-type engine treatment for maximum emissions legal performance. Porting and polishing are more extensive than in our Stage 1 Clean Air Engine, and all valves are swirl polished. Also included are our titanium valve spring retainers, dual valve springs, Korman Rocker Arms, light weight steel alloy connecting rods, light weight piston pins and our lightened steel or aluminum flywheel (depending on model).  Tuned exhaust headers are included with a ceramic thermal barrier coating and our special engine oiling system modifications, special computer chip required. 325i P/N 11036650C


Korman 2.7 Liter Stroker Engines

The 2.7L 325 eta engine is the ultimate in smooth, very high torque, ultra efficient performance. But the light nodular iron cast crankshaft and light valve spring pressure limit this pleasure to about 4850 rpm. Our special conversions include a high performance 2.7L crankshaft and stronger valve springs which allow safe revs to 6900 rpm. This conversion is available on all of our M20 Stock, Stage 1 and 2 Competition and Stage 1 and 2 Clean Air Engines. Call one of our staff for suggestions and pricing for any applications not listed.

  • 327e Standard Engine P/N 11327100

  • 327i Standard Engine P/N 11327200

  • 327e Stage 2 Competition Engine P/N 11327370

  • 327i Stage 2 Competition Engine P/N 11327350

  • 327e Stage 1 High Performance Clean Air Engine P/N 113274CO

  • 327e Stage 2 High Performance Clean Air Engine P/N 113273CO

  • 327i Stage 1 High Performance Clean Air Engine P/N 113275CO

  • 327i Stage 2 High Performance Clean Air Engine P/N 113276CO

  • 2.9 liter Stroker Engines

Our 327e series engines are special versions of the eta 2.7 motors.   The 327i series are stroked special versions of the 325i 2.5 motor.


Korman 2.9 Liter M20 Engines

Our latest M20 high performance development project has been highly successful. Super strong, tremendous torque, and very durable, this motor brings your roughly 20 year old car up to today’s performance standards.  This motor in an E21 323 chassis has won numerous CCA Club Racing D Mod races, often finishing ahead of most C Mods, and even winning first overall and regional club racing championships.


Korman 2.9 ltr M20 Motor – Stage 1

Includes special crankshaft (86mm stroke), custom length competition connecting rods, light weight Mahle pistons, oiling system modifications for more flow to rod bearings, oil sprayers to cool pistons and enable less piston expansion, closer piston/wall clearance for better sealing and longer life. Plus all our Stage 1 porting, polishing, lightening, balancing, blueprinting etc and tuned headers and a custom computer chip.

P/N 1103690

Korman 2.9 ltr M20 Motor – Stage 2    Clean Air

All of our Stage 1 parts and mods plus high performance parts that increase acceleration but do not affect exhaust emissions.  K&N air filter, Korman polished rocker arms, dual valve springs, titanium valve spring retainers, lt wt piston pins, and aluminum flywheel kit (195HP)

                                                                                                            P/N 110360CA

Korman 2.9 ltr M20 Motor – Stage 2 Competition

Same as our Stage 2 Clean Air Engine but adds Schrick 288 or 304 cams plus stronger valve springs. Not designed for street/highway use for vehicles subject to EPA or state emissions standards. Includes additional porting for increased flow with Schrick cams. (235HP)   P/N 1103690R

Recommended Options: 

Extrude honed intake manifold                                                                                 

Big throttle body                                                                                                      

Lt wt, H.D. sport clutch assy                                                                                 

Dyno running-in, tuning, testing   


Korman Race Engines

Whatever your series, whatever your specifications, Korman can build you a dependable, long lasting engine engineered for maximum power. Whether you need a more durable engine for low cost club or vintage racing or a 325HP fully modified race winner, call us first!



 E30 Engine Components


Korman Computer Chips




Plug In P/N

Conversion P/N

HP Gain













325e, es


5 021, 027, 24pin




325e, es


021, 027, 28pin




325e, es






325i, iS






325i, iS


173, 380





Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator

This modified Bosch fuel pressure regulator allows you to adjust the fuel pressure on your 318i or 325. Increased fuel pressures can help compensate for performance modifications (cams, exhaust, intake, etc.) as well as addressing some rough idle and "flat spot" problems.  P/N 13106020


These are Schrick's street performance cams. All give a strong increase in power across the full rev range while retaining a smooth idle. They do not require cutting for additional piston/valve clearance. They are designed to perform with the BMW original fuel injection systems.

Schrick performance camshafts are not emissions legal. Sold for off road use only.

M20 Schrick Camshafts for 325’s

         Schrick 272-272 duration, 11 mm lift. Smooth idle, works with automatic transmission. Best when used with Korman performance chip. Dual valve springs required. P/N 11386272323

         Schrick 284-284 intake duration (11.4mm lift), 272 exhaust duration (11.0mm lift).  Split profile cam gives nice gains at higher rpm’s without sacrificing low end power. P/N 11386284323

         Schrick 288-288 duration, 11.4mm of lift. Lumpy idle limits application to manual transmission models only. Works best with Korman performance chip, free flow intake and exhaust systems. Korman Dual Valve Springs and titanium retainers required. P/N 11386288323

         Schrick 304-304 duration, 12.2mm lift. Race profile, requires modified valve train, deeper piston relief, custom fuel management or stand alone engine management.  P/N 11386304323


M10 Schrick Camshafts for 318i

         Schrick 284-284 duration, 9.5mm of lift. Dual valve springs and chrome alloy retainers required. P/N 11384284

         Other profiles including 292, 304, 316, 328 and 336 are available for the M10 engine but require changing to carburetion or stand alone engine management


Camshaft Installation Kits

M10 4 Cyl. Stage 1 Includes cast aluminum alloy rocker arms, dual valve springs, and chrome alloy retainers.  Designed to work with original BMW cam.  P/N 11394400  

M10 4 Cyl. Stage 2  Same as above but includes Korman Rocker Arms.  Valve springs designed for Schrick performance cams.   P/N 11394401

M10 4 Cyl. Stage 3 Competition  Korman Racing Rockers, Titanium valve spring retainers, dual valve springs. Designed for Schrick cams.  P/N 11394402

M20 6 Cyl. Stage 2 Korman  rocker arms, dual valve springs, titanium valve spring retainers. Designed for Schrick cams. P/N 11396420



Valve Train Components

Korman Rocker Arms

Lightened cast alloy rocker arms, contoured, peened and polished. Radiused to clear valve spring retainers with high lift cams. Sold each.  M10 4 Cyl. P/N 1133K256229  M20 6 Cyl. P/N 1133K271429


Korman Racing Rocker Arms

Similar to above, fully polished arm, pads micropolished.   M10 4 Cyl. P/N 1133R256229  M20 6 Cyl. P/N 1133R271429


High Performance Dual Valve Springs

Includes center damper spring sleeve. Long life with revs to 7600 RPM. No cylinder head machining required. Fits all M10 and M20 engines. M20 requires use of our titanium valve spring retainers, below.  P/N 11341204N


Schrick Racing Valve Springs

Made to sustain very high spring pressures, very high cam lift, and extended high RPM. Will maintain original tension four or five times longer than any other spring that we tested for BMW engines. Use with titanium retainers, sold each. Fits M10 and M20 engines.      P/N 11341028 (inner and outer set, each)


Titanium Valve Spring Retainers

About half the weight and twice as strong as steel. Used in all our Stage 3, 4, and race engines. Weight is 12.5 grams each.

For Korman Dual Valve Springs-M10 P/N 11342002; M20 P/N 11342003

For Schrick Racing Valve Springs-M10 P/N 11341029; M20 P/N 11341030

Chrome Alloy Steel Valve Spring Retainers

Stronger than stock, used in our M10 Stage 2 engines. Weight is 21.5 grams each. Not for M20 motors.  P/N 11342001


Korman BMW Valves

M20 engines manufactured before 12/86 have 40 mm intake and 34 mm exhaust valves. Upgrading to the sizes below offers a nice increase in flow, provided your cylinder head ports are enlarged to take advantage of the bigger valves. Swirl polished, profiled, and radiused for improved flow.

M10 4 cyl.

M20 6 cyl.

46 mm intake P/N 1134K254625

42 mm intake P/N 1134K708895

38 mm exhaust P/N 1134K251063

36 mm exhaust P/N 1134K708896


Korman Stainless Steel BIG Valves-M10 318i

47mm intake and 39mm exhaust valves profiled for max flow of hardened stainless steel. For street or racing.  Get the best out of your motor.      47mm intake  P/N  1134K662      39mm exhaust P/N  1134K664


Offset Adjustable Cam Gear-M10

Resurfacing the cylinder head retards the camshaft timing. Use this gear to advance it back to normal. Machined for 1,3,5 and 7 degrees of offset. Can also be used to fine tune the power band of the engine.    78> (single row chain) P/N 11310806


Pistons and Connecting Rods

High Compression Pistons

In addition to standard pistons, we offer the following special pistons. All piston sets include rings, pins and clips. You MUST provide your bore size when ordering.

M10 9.1:1 P/N 112508245

M20 325i 9.7:1 112508265

M20 2.7i 9.5:1 P/N 112508254


Lightweight Piston Pins

Similar to those used in our racing pistons. Nice addition to any engine job. Ten to twenty percent lighter than stock pins, suitable for full race or street applications.    M10 4 Cyl. P/N 1125K712198      M20 6 Cyl. P/N 1125K712120


Korman Modified Connecting Rods

Lightened, balanced, peened, sized, rebushed, and alignment checked. About 8% lighter than stock rods. Shipped complete with new rod bolts and nuts. Price is for servicing your rods.       M10 318 P/N 11241200  M20 325 P/N 11241203


Korman Lightweight Competition Connecting Rods

Designed for full race use, equally suitable for the street. Super strong and light alloy composition reduces the rotating mass of your engine, reduces stress forces at high RPM. About 25% lighter than stock, can be ordered in stock sizes or custom lengths for special applications.      M10 4 Cyl. (550 grams) P/N 11241500

M20 6 Cyl. (485 grams) P/N 11241600 


Polished, Krinkle Finished Valve Covers & Intake Manifolds

Parts are cleaned and glass peened for superior paint bond. Raised ribs and BMW logos are reworked to a polished finish. Can be supplied with your new engine or shipped on an exchange basis. Available in black, red or blue.

M10 4 Cyl. Valve Cover P/N LAB11124000

M10 1.8 L Intake Manifold P/N LAB 11124200

M20 Valve Cover P/N LAB11126035

M20 Intake P/N LAB11126200


Heavy Duty Alternator Bushings

These heavy duty polyurethane bushings replace your stock rubber units. The stock rubber bushings collapse over time causing misalignment of the alternator, and premature belt wear or failure. Look and see if your alternator is crooked, then use these improved bushings for a long term solution.  Long Bushings (4 required) P/N 12311268433


Heavy Duty Hard Rubber Motor Mounts

Our mounts reduce unwanted engine movement during hard acceleration, braking and cornering. Sold in pairs. E30 325>86 P/N 11810325S               E30 325 87> P/N 11810325A

Engine Oiling

Engine Oiling System Modifications

Modification to the crankshaft and main bearings increase bottom end oil pressure, prevent oil from pooling in cylinder head at continuous high RPM operation. Kit includes special main bearings, new oil pump with sprocket and hardware. You must ship your crankshaft to us for modification.                                                          M10 4 Cyl. P/N 11411320                               M20 6 Cyl. P/N 11411206


Oil Cooler Kits

Stacked plate design coolers provide as much as 9 times the surface area as conventional tube type units.

 Korman Remote Oil Cooler Kits

Includes cooler, remote filter adapter, remote filter mount, filter, all necessary hoses, clamps and fittings.

 3"x11" Oil Cooler Kit P/N 11424002         5.75"x11" Oil Cooler Kit P/N 11424003

 Korman Competition Oil Cooler Kit

Includes oil cooler, aircraft type aluminum fittings, stainless steel braided #10 hose, remote adapter, remote oil filter mount, filter.             3"x11" Oil Cooler Kit P/N 11424100       5.75"x11" Oil Cooler Kit P/N 11424200


Korman Solid Billet Remote Adapter

The commonly used cast aluminum adapters are known to split open (usually when the engine is fired up cold).  Our remote adaptor is machined from solid aluminum billet and is tapped for aeroquip type oil line fittings (1/2" NPT) and also tapped for both oil pressure and oil temperature sending units.  AN10 fittings included (2).  And 12 available on request.  Fits all M10 318engines. P/N  11414077R





Heavy-Duty Remote Oil Filter Mount

Extra strength for the most demanding situations. Housing machined from billet aluminum, red anodized finish. Includes AN 10 fittings, AN 12 available on request.                            P/N 1142900004


Oil Thermostat

Works with the above oil cooler kits to facilitate quicker engine warm up. P/N 11420111 (for Korman Remote Kits 002 and 003)

P/N 11420222 (For Korman Competition Kits, AN 10 fittings)


High Performance Canton Mecca Oil Filters

These filters pass Korman requirements for flow, pressure drop, and size of particles filtered out. Excellent protection for street, autocross or full race conditions. Filter utilizes a synthetic element which you simply replace at your service interval.

Spin On Type 

For installation to original BMW filter housings. Fits M10, M42/44, M20. Cast aluminum housing.  P/N 114202526


Remote Competition Type Filters

1/2"NPT threads, installs as a remote unit. Stainless steel mounting bracket included.           P/N 114202500

Replacement Filter Elements       Each P/N 114202600    6 Pack P/N 114202602



Bosch Lifetime Warranty Ignition Wires

7mm high temperature silicone wire sets offer performance and durability. M20 wire set includes loom (wires preinstalled) 

M20 P/N 12121710664   M10 P/N 12121705697


Bosch Replacement Ignition Components


Distributor Cap


Super Spark Plugs

Platinum Spark Plugs




WR9DC (7512) (.032")

WR9DP (4220)




WR9LS (.028")

WR9LP (4237)




W8LCR (7509) (.028)

W8LPR (6234)


Bosch Replacement Oxygen Sensors-OE Plug Connection

Replace at 60,000 mile intervals for best performance.

  • 318i P/N 11032

  • 325e >11/87 P/N 13008

  • 325e 12/87> (88), 325i, iX>12/87 P/N 13045

  • 325i, iX 1/88>91 P/N 13064

  • 325iX P/N 13045

  Korman Complete Suspension Packages

INDY CAR, IMSA GTP, SCCA TransAm, and Formula Car drivers testing or racing with our race suspension systems have often remarked that it "handles like a good formula car". Co-drivers such as John Andretti, Davy Jones, Robbie Buhl, Dorsey Schroeder, and David Hobbes have praised the handling of Korman Suspensions.  In 2004 a customer with our suspension and engine work won 15 consecutive races and the National K Prepared championship!  Join the winners and the record breakers! 







Korman Roadsport Suspension Systems

Our best selling suspension package is comfortable enough for daily use, yet provides substantially improved handling for winding roads and weekend club events. Kit includes:

  • 4 progressive rate springs which lower the car 1.3" front and rear

  • front and rear adjustable anti-sway bars (22mm/19mm) (iX receives a modified  stiffer stock front sway bar, 19mm rear bar)

  • polyurethane sway bar bushings and bushing lubricant

  • Bilstein Sport shocks, front and rear (heavy duty Bilsteins for iX)





318iS (M42)


325 i/e






Korman Clubsport Suspension System

Still acceptable for street/highway use, this system is for the enthusiast who can accept a firm ride on the street for substantially better handling in club driving events.  The package is designed around Bilstein Sport shocks and includes stronger springs and hard rubber offset lower control arm bushings. P/N  3110325H2


Korman Tracksport Suspension Systems

Designed for the driver who intends to win at Club events and autocrosses. This is a fully adjustable racing suspension which is designed for maximum control, not comfort. The hard rubber bushings instead of solid material keep the package quite acceptable for street/highway use. Legal in the prepared and modified classes of the BMW CCA Club Racing Program. Kit includes:

         Bilstein shocks re-valved to Korman specifications

         Threaded adjustable front struts

         Offset hard rubber front upper support bearings

         Lightweight 60mm diameter front main and tender spring assembly

         Group N rear springs, extremely progressive

         Front and rear threaded spring perches

         Aluminum spring plates

         Adjustable front and rear sway bars

         Adjustable sway bar links

         Rear subframe camber/toe assembly

         Rear sway bar reinforcements

         Offset lower control arm bushings-heavy duty hard rubber.

         Hard rubber subframe and differential mount bushings

All E30 318 &325 P/N 3110325H3


Korman Race Suspension Systems

All the components of our Tracksport Suspension System with the following additions:

  • Adjustable Front Camber Assembly with Solid Spherical Bearings

  • Delrin Front Lower Control Arm and Differential Bushings

  • Solid Subframe Mounts

  • Delrin rear trailing arm bushings

  • Full Race Springs

  • Aluminum Front Lower Control Arms

This system lets you out-handle almost everything else on the track. Neutral controlled drifts under hard throttle, faultless tracking through chicanes and slaloms, forgiving and quick to recover from excesses. Brings out the best in you and your car.   All E30 318i and 325 P/N 3110325H4


SCCA ITS Race Suspension System

We developed this system for the first year the E30 325 was eligible in ITS and our first customer got just one second place and won all the rest of his races, set many new lap records, and ran away with the SCCA ITS regional championship.  We have since made some tweaks to the package and it continues to produce winners.

The front struts are shortened and shorter race rated Bilsteins installed.  In front, 60mm race springs in a tender spring set up, mounted over threaded aluminum sleeves , hardened aluminum, adjustable, spherical bearing, upper camber plates.  In the rear, race rated Bilstein shocks, 60mm diameter race springs, aluminum upper spring hats, lower spring seats are threaded for height adjustment.  Delrin offset front control arm bushings, delrin diff mount bushing and solid subframe mounting.  Bolt-in reinforcement for rear sway bar mounts.  All the right parts and winning shock and spring rates.                       P/N 31103M3T


Korman Club Racing K Stock Suspension System

Carefully and thoroughly developed, tested and proven components to comply with BMW CCA stock class rules.  Race valved Bilstein shocks, adjustable front and rear anti-sway bars, front upper camber plates, solid delrin lower front control arm bushings, rear sway bar reinforcements, delrin rear trailing arm bushings, delrin differential mount bushing, heavy-duty rear subframe mounts, heavy-duty rear shock mounts, adjustable sway bar links front and rear.  Everything you need to win legally.        P/N  31103M3JS


Components in the above suspension systems also available separately


Suspension Components


Frt Adj Camber Plt.jpg (35145 bytes)E30 Adjustable Camber Plates

Crafted from aircraft quality aluminum these precision machined adjusters feature OE style bearings and a bonded urethane insulator. Both camber and caster are adjustable from the engine bay after installation. Works with original or aftermarket springs and strut inserts.

P/N 31001873



Upper Decamber Plates

A pair of precision machined plates complete with studs and bolts for easy installation. Improves front negative camber by about 1.  P/N 31062056 (fits all E30's except iX)


Adjustable Front Camber Plate Assembly (Road Use)

Hardened aluminum sliding plates with polyurethane insulator bushing.  Designed for road use. P/N 31001873


Adjustable Front Camber Plate Assembly-Track/Race Use

Spherical bearing mounted in a sliding housing attached to a T6 aluminum base plate. Provides for full camber adjustability, can also be mounted inboard of current strut mounting holes for even greater camber changes. Designed for track use.   P/N 31001875


Rear Subframe Camber/Toe Assembly

Our eccentrics allow adjustment of rear wheel camber and toe in just a matter of minutes. Enables the restoration of factory specified alignment settings, adjustable for racing.  These kits are weld-in only, you must send us your subframe for modification. P/N 33203567  

Strut Braces

Strengthens chassis, minimizes strut tower deflection. Polished aluminum finish.  Front-P/N 3130103A     Rear-P/N 33220461


Competition Adjustable Anti-Sway Bar End Links

Allows for custom tuning of front and rear anti-sway bar preload to suit specific track layouts. Light weight aluminum threaded centers connect right and left hand threaded heim joints for quick adjustments. Front links may be used singly or in pairs, rear links must be installed in pairs.

Front Adjustable Link-P/N 3102847     Rear Adjustable Link-P/N 3102848


Rear Anti-Sway Bar Reinforcements

The original rear sway bar to body mounting brackets are notorious for breaking. When they tear out, you're left with more work than just replacing a bracket! Our reinforcement bracket fits into the stock location but has provision for an extra through-trunk mounting bolt. The resulting vertical and horizontal rigidity completely eliminates any future breakage problems. Sold in pairs.  P/N 3133E30RACE


Aluminum Lower Control Arms

Stronger than the original steel front control arms and half the weight! 4.5 lb. reduction in unsprung weight per side.     Left P/N 31121308L       Right P/N 31121308R


Manual Steering Rack

More precise steering and a 14 lb. weight reduction when all the power steering components are removed. Parasitic load on the engine caused by the pump is also eliminated. No more steering effort required at speed, noticeably more effort required for low speed maneuvers. Kit includes new steering rack and necessary linkage parts.           P/N 32110325


Performance Bushings


Hard Rubber Bushings-Will slightly stiffen ride. Use for street, autocross, and competition.

Offset Upper Support Bearing Mounts-Improves caster and camber angles for better front end traction and reduced outer edge tire wear. Sold in pairs.     P/N 3131143

 Offset Lower Control Arm Bushings-Improves caster and camber, also provides necessary clearance for larger wheel/tire packages. This solid bushing reduces fore and aft wheel movement for more precise steering. Sold in pairs.   P/N 3112222

Rear Subframe Mounts-Stronger than stock, built to handle the increased loads of modified suspensions and engines. Sold in pairs. P/N 3330108

Differential Mount Bushing-Same advantages as subframe mounts, above.   P/N 3330109

Complete Hard Rubber Kit-Includes all above part numbers in a convenient kit.  P/N 31501E30

Offset Rear Trailing Arm Bushings-Used for making small camber and toe changes to the rear suspension. Sold in pairs.  P/N 332202203

Polyurethane Bushings

  Trailing Arm Bushings-Complete kit with metal sleeves. Can be used on the street or track. P/N 332202204


Delrin Bushings-No compliance, no deflection. For track use.

  Offset Lower Control Arm Bushings     P/N 311202325 (pair)

  Differential Mount Bushing      P/N 33120325

  Trailing Arm Bushings      P/N 331201002 (complete kit)




Korman Big Brakes

E30 325 kit to fit within original 15” wheels.  Lightweight aluminum floating calipers with titanium pistons.  Same calipers we used on our E36 I prepared M3 that won the Club National Championship in ’98 and many wins and lap records since.  Double ventilated 290x20mm rotors on lightweight aluminum hats.   P/N  34112325A


Korman Big Brakes, Stage 2   (pictured)

Require 16” or larger wheels.  Same lightweight aluminum caliper with bigger 310x20mm double ventilated rotors, aluminum hats.  Will handle full racing use with spec tires.     P/N 34112325B


Korman Big Brakes, Stage 3

Same as above but with thicker 28mm rotors.  You may need these if you are on race slicks. P/N 34112325C






325Competition Brake Duct Kit

As used on our IMSA cars

A custom made front brake backing plate with sealing lip that precisely fits the inside of the brake rotor. Air is brought in from the front spoiler under pressure and forced into the center of the rotor and out through the vent holes. Provides superior cooling under hard use. Kit includes backing plates only due to variations in front spoiler type (we can supply the other needed components-call us with your needs) Requires R & R of wheel hubs for installation. P/N 345130RACE  (pair)

P/N DUCTHOSE 6 ft. 3.0" diameter brake ducting hose

P/N 3451106A  5”x9” universal air duct, black ABS, 2 required



Low Cost Brake Duct Kit

Our competition kit above is hand matched to each customer’s exact rotor configuration, stock or oversize, for best sealing and cooling.  These lower cost, all purpose volume production run ducts do not cool as well as but the low cost makes them popular for many who just need some moderate cooling improvement and can get by with less than the full race cooling effectiveness.  More $=more cooling. Less $=less cooling.  These are very popular and have been sufficient for many customers.                                      P/N 34130E30


Ferodo Premier Brake Pads

With extensive research , development and testing Ferodo varies their pad materials for the variations in braking systems and loads of different cars.  Thus a Premier pad for a 318 may be quite different than the Premier formulation for a 540.  They are fully ABS compatible, minimize brake noise, minimum bedding-in period, fade resistant, and provide reduced disc wear.  An “always there for you” pad for hard street and highway driving.  


Ferodo DS2500 Compound Brake Pads

This is a race developed pad with characteristics that make it perfect for track days.  Its consistent coefficient of friction at any temperature, low or high, give very predictable braking and great pedal modulation.  This new generation of friction material is very low in compressibility ensuring a firm pedal feel while still providing great life for both disc and pad.  Combing with low dusting of wheels and low noise this product is the brake pad for the driver who demands the ultimate in track day braking performance. 


Ferodo Premier

Ferodo DS2500






318i (M10)





318iS (M42/44)

FDB 296




Hawk Racing Brake Pads

BLUE compound for full race applications

HT10 Race Compound-Intermediate to high torque with a smooth initial bite, excellent modulation, consistent pedal and good release characteristics.  Very rotor friendly, even on heavier cars.


Hawk Blue

Hawk HT10






318i (M10)


See below


See below












Korman High Performance Rear Brake Shoes-318i

Try these shoes first! Carbon-Kevlar friction material yields performance rivaling disc brakes at a fraction of the cost. Excellent upgrade for street driven cars, essential for track use.     P/N 34213228          


Ate Power Disc Rotors

computer designed pattern for optimal performance

-reduced fading

-reduced stopping distances

-reduced brake noise

-high performance at about the same price as a stock rotor!

318, 325 P/N 3411P154749


Korman High Performance Brake Rotors

Available in either a computer controlled cross-drilled version with the holes chamfered to the wear limit, or in a computer controlled gas slotted version with the gas ports milled to the wear limit. Our rotors are then finish plated with cadmium. While nothing beats the appearance of crossdrilled rotors, we suggest using the gas slotted versions for true high performance and track use due to superior wear rates and brake cooling.                                                                          

Front-all E30 (except 318i M10) P/N 3411D154749

Rear-all E30 (except 318i M10) P/N 3421D119581

(318i M10 Korman Front Rotors available by special order)


Stainless Steel/Teflon Brake Lines

Essential for driving schools and highly recommended for all high performance driving. Provides stronger pedal, improved modulation under hard brake usage. Eliminates expansion associated with rubber lines. Kit includes a full set of 6 lines.  DOT approved.





318iS, 325e, i, iC,





Super Blue & Type 200 Racing Brake Fluid

Non-silicone high performance dot 4 brake fluids designed for the extreme demands of motor racing, yet perfectly suited for street applications.   Dry boiling point 536F, Wet Boiling Point 392F, 1 liter cans.     P/N SUPER BLUE  (blue fluid)   (Type 200 is a yellow version of Super Blue)  P/N TYPE200





The K & N Filtercharger is unsurpassed in filtration protection, while maintaining an air flow greater that the OEM paper filter. Constructed of a pleated special cotton fabric with aluminum screen mesh and wide rubber seals, it comes pre-oiled with a one million mile warranty. When dirty, simply clean, re-oil and reinstall.  




318i M10



318iS M42



325e, eS



325e, eS, i, iS, iC, iX



K&N Accessories

K&N Oil, 8 oz.

P/N 13720008

K&N Cleaner, 32 oz.

P/N 13720032


Big Bore Throttle Body

Bore size is enlarged 3mm for a 10% increase in throttle butterfly area. Quicker acceleration and noticeably more torque throughout the midrange and top end. Especially effective when installed along with our high performance computer chip, free flow intake and performance exhaust system. Sold on an exchange basis.  325e,i (please specify when ordering) P/N 11610321 Core P/N 116159CORE

High Flow Intake System

Easy bolt on installation. Just remove the factory air filter box and install the new venturi tube. A special cone shaped K&N Filtercharger is then clamped onto the end of the venturi tube. Nice increase in throttle response, sporty induction sound.

325e only 84-85 P/N 1371K325e

325 ALL 86-91 P/N 1371K325E30

318i M10 P/N 1371K318E30  


Extrude Honed Intakes

The ExtrudeHone process accomplishes porting and polishing throughout the complex BMW M10 and M20 intake manifolds which are inaccessible by hand tools.  ALL 4 and 6 Cylinder P/N 13EXTRUDE01



Korman-Stahl Headers

These high quality headers provide a 6-10% power increase on stock engines, much more on high performance engines. Engineered for trouble free fit and long service. Also available with ceramic thermal barrier coating (described below) for additional performance, durability and improved appearance.


Primary Tube Diameter






street w/cat.

with lamda fitting, man. trans only


325i, 325e

1 3/8"

street modified w/cat.

with lamda fitting, man. or auto trans


1 3/8"

street modified/ competition/euro

no catalytic converter fitting




325 race header (stainless)




Ceramic Thermal Barrier Coating

The ceramic coating provides superior corrosion protection, stain resistance, and increased gas velocity. Even if scratched or chipped its unique self-sacrificial properties won't allow oxides to form under the coating. Unlike other coatings, both the inside and outside of the exhaust manifold is coated. Expect under hood temperatures to be reduced significantly.    

M20 P/N 182110016     M10, M42/44 P/N 182110014



supersprintred.gif (5307 bytes)




Dyno tested performance for your BMW.  Welded seams, stainless steel internal components and tail pipe, aluminized piping, black powder coated finish.  TUV approved.  2 year warranty.  E30 325i, Twin 76mm round tips  P/N 1883782406  E30 325i, DTM tips P/N 1883782466



Ansa Free Flow Exhaust Systems

Ansa Sport free flow systems are made in Italy and come with a one year warranty. Excellent reduction in back pressure, sporty sound, budget priced.





318 >9/83



318 9/83>










Korman Adjustable Short Shift Kit

Let's you select the shifter throw that suits your needs

  • Adjusts in minutes from inside your car

  • Accepts original or aftermarket gearshift knobs

  • Assembled unit saves on installation time

  • Adjustment locking mechanism

  • Replaceable, self-lubricating bushings

  • Includes shifter cup bushings and complete instructions

  • Easily installs in less than an hour

All E30 >6/86 P/N 25250002

All E30 6/86> P/N 25250001



Aluminum Flywheels

Precision machined on the latest numerical control lathes to ensure highest possible accuracy. Constructed of high strength, heat-treated aluminum, with a steel friction surface retained by aircraft structural screws. The insert is stress relieved, blanchard ground, precision drilled, countersunk, and heat-treated. It is far superior to spray-on type friction surfaces and can be replaced when worn. Kit includes aluminum flywheel, flywheel bolts and anti-galling plate. Total flywheel weight is 8.9 lb.      325 ALL (228mm) P/N 11121880K           318 M10 (215mm) P/N 11121800K 




Lightweight Steel Flywheels

Precision machined and balanced steel flywheel. 35% lighter for reduced inertia and more rapid acceleration. Cost is based on maching and balancing your good flywheel, resurfacing additional if required.   325e, i P/N 11220325   318i P/N 11220230


ETA Dual Mass Flywheel Conversion

The factory dual mass flywheel weighs 27.6 lb. This unit weighs just 14.9 LB! Kit includes lightweight steel flywheel, Sachs Heavy Duty pressure plate, Sachs Sport Disc, and release bearing. Fits all 5/86> 325, 325e and 325eS with dual mass flywheels.    P/N 11221325

Flywheel Bolts-Always replace these "stretch" bolts when changing your flywheel. P/N 11220616143


Clutch Components

We sell only quality SACHS clutch components. Heavy duty pressure plates feature increased clamping force for better performance with high horsepower engines, bigger tires, etc. Heavy Duty Sport Discs feature a performance grade friction surface which is both riveted and bonded for greater strength.


Heavy Duty Pressure Plate

Heavy Duty Disc

Release Bearing

325e, i (228mm)






Stock Clutch Kits

All new (no reman) kits include stock pressure plate, disc and release bearing.

318i P/N 21210000005                325e,i  P/N 21210000009                      318iS (M42/44) P/N 21210000006  


Clutch_Line_2.jpg (42547 bytes)Stainless Steel Braided/Teflon Clutch Hose

Replace your cracked rubber hose with our more durable stainless steel braided unit. Improved clutch feel and modulation when compared to OE rubber line.

P/N 2152115667S




Close Ratio Gearbox

A popular option on European cars, close ratio gearboxes provide quicker acceleration through more optimum use of your car's power band. There is no fifth gear overdrive like the U.S. unit. Fifth is a 1:1 ratio. A direct bolt in on U.S. specification 325. We recommend changing the final drive ratio when using this transmission, call us for options.                                                   P/N 23001325500





Korman 5 speed Gearbox Rebuild

2 year/24,000 mile warranty

We rebuild your gearbox using only BMW original parts. Includes new bearings, synchronizers, seals, gaskets and labor. P/N 23231650


Korman Standard Differential Rebuild

2 year/24,000 mile warranty

Differentials with normal wear don't usually require the replacement of the ring and pinion gears. Our standard rebuild includes complete disassembly, through cleaning, close inspection of all parts, replacement of all bearings, seals gaskets, crush sleeve and lock ring. Includes meticulous attention to correct gear lash, gear contact, precise pre-load of bearings and exact torque specifications. We expect our rebuilds to last well over 100,000 miles. Note: UPS can pick up and deliver your differential at your door!

                        325 (All) P/N 33126030                 318 M10 P/N 33124030


Korman 50% and 75% Limited Slip Differential Conversions

If you race, autocross, rally, do BMW driving schools, or otherwise tend to push your car to the limit, let us convert your 25% limited slip differential to 50% or 75%  limited slip. Wheel spin is reduced or eliminated, improving track times significantly. Additionally, the reduction in internal slippage lowers lubricant temperatures, helping prolong bearing life. The conversion requires special machining at our facility, making it necessary for you to ship your differential to us for modification.  Your salesperson can help you decide which percentage is right for you.

75% Limited Slip Conversion P/N 33126375 

Above with differential rebuild P/N 33126475

Additional Labor Charge, change gear set with either above P/N LAB33126575

50% Limited Slip Conversion P/N 33126350 (price when done with gear change, rebuild or similar)


Spec E30 Differential Rebuild

Our standard differential rebuild plus restoring your limited slip unit to the maximum lbs/ft of torque allowed by series rules.  P/N 33126030SPEC



 Optional Ratio Differential Gear Sets

"My first BMW, a 1964 1800 TISA four door sedan regularly beat the performance sport cars of its day in autocrosses: E-Jaguars, Lotus Elans, Corvettes, MG Twin Cams, Porsche Super 90's, and more than a few 911's! Along with very minor engine changes, a good suspension package, wider wheels and tires, and a close ratio gearbox, my most effective "speed secret" was the change to a 4.75 gear set!"

Ray Korman

Korman Suggested Differential Gearing



Stock Gear Ratio

Available Ratios


318i M10




3.91 (recommended upgrade)






*May require pinion flange change at additional cost


Stock Gear Ratio

Suggested Upgrade


318iS (M42)




325e, eS


3.25 or higher, call for recommendations (carrier change required)


325i, iS, iC,





325iX 5 Speed Transmission

Stock Gearing (front and rear differentials)

Suggested Upgrade (front and rear differentials





Lightweight Fiberglass Parts


Korman E30 Widebody Kit

Converts your 318 or 325 to the aggressive M3 look. Kit includes fiberglass front fenders, front bumper cover, side skirts, rear bumper cover, rear quarter panels, adjustable M3 style rear wing, and mounting hardware. The M3 type fenders are wider and allow for larger wheel/tire combinations.     P/N 4135M3KIT

Street Fiberglass Hood

Duplicate of original. Weighs 17 lb., stock weighs 44 lb. Includes provision for use of original hinges and locks. P/N 41330325


Race Fiberglass Hood

As above, weighs just 12 lb. No provisions for hardware, must be pinned in place. P/N 41330325R

Gauge Packages

Includes 3 VDO gauges, mounting console, and all necessary sending units, adapters and wiring. Fits neatly into the recess in front of the shift lever. Also includes bulb covers to match your factory illumination.

Kit with oil pressure, oil temp and voltmeter gauges    P/N 62110875

Kit with oil pressure, cylinder head temperature, voltmeter   P/N 62110874

Kit with oil pressure, water temp, voltmeter   P/N 62110873



Leather Shift Knob/Boot Kit

One piece leather knob/boot combinations are high quality replacements which cost less than OEM units. Reuse your original emblem or we can supply several styles for you to choose from.   Mushroom (OEM) Style knob/boot assembly P/N 25112225873

Anatomical Style shift knob/boot assembly P/N 25111221510  


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