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Our experience with the E30 M3 began with chassis numbers 001 and 002 campaigned under contract with BMW NA in the IMSA Endurance Series.  Today we continue our tradition of innovation, performance and reliability by modifying these cars for use in club racing, driver's schools, and "exciting" daily transportation.



Korman S14 2.3L Stock Rebuild

The high quality parts and rebuilding techniques we offer in our performance engines are also available in our stock rebuilds. All parts are meticulously cleaned and inspected, the block is bored and precision honed with a torque plate for more exact cylinder roundness, and pistons, bearings, oil pump, seals, etc. are replaced with OE parts. A careful hand assembly and blueprinting gives you an engine we expect to outlast the original, and at a substantial savings over a factory exchange engine. Engine Plus parts included.  P/N 11028500


Korman S14 2.3L Stage 1 Rebuild

Includes our Stage 1 Performance Kit (high flow Evolution 2 air intake system, K&N air filter, computer chip, and offset exhaust cam gear) and 5 angle performance valve seat/valve work, radius and contour the intake and exhaust ports, and our modified oil pan baffle.  Engine Plus parts included.  11028500A


Korman S14 2.3L Stage 2 Rebuild

Includes all of Stage 1 plus BMW Motorsport intake cam (264 deg, 10.55mm lift), high performance valve springs, lightweight flywheel, lightened and balanced connecting rods, light weight piston pins, titanium valve spring retainers, and additional port and combustion chamber work.  Engine Plus parts included. 11028500B


Korman 2.5 Liter Engines

Our 2.5 Liter "stroker" engines are built around genuine BMW Motorsport pistons and crankshafts,  not cheap imitations.  The benefits of using these original parts are improved power and longevity, and reduced oil consumption.    


Korman S14 2.5L Stage 1 Engine

Very substantial low and mid-range torque increase pulling rapidly to top end. Includes special alloy 87mm crankshaft with radiused, lightened counterweights, hollowed throws, and hardened, stronger front pulley bolt. Special 95mm pistons, 95mm head gasket. Also includes our Stage 1 Performance Kit (Evolution air box kit, K&N Filtercharger, exhaust cam gear), and a custom 2.5 computer chip, oil pan baffle kit. Cylinder head ported to Stage 1 specifications. Completely balanced and blueprinted. Engine Plus Parts included.  P/N 11028510






Korman S14 2.5L Stage 2 Engine

All the features of our Stage 1 above plus Evolution intake cam, Motorsport valve springs, Motorsport lightweight flywheel, Stage 2 cylinder head porting and polishing, lightened connecting rods, light weight piston pins, and larger (38.5mm) intake valves. The reduced reciprocating weight of this package allows the engine to rev very quickly. Engine Plus parts included.  P/N11028520                                               

Left: Korman 2.5L Stage 2 Engine with Big Bore Throttle Bodies(stock peak HP 187@6500 RPM, stock peak Torque 169@4000 RPM)










Korman S14 2.5L Tracksport Engine

Built to competition specifications for long lasting reliable club event on track driving. Not emissions legal for street/highway use. Significantly extended top end power, topping out at 250HP. Includes all of our Stage 2 features plus Schrick 284 and 276 degree cams, titanium valve spring retainers, and big bore throttle bodies.  Engine Plus parts included.

Our goal is to build a club/racing type engine that maintains the strength, durability, and smoothness of a street engine. In other words, we use our high tech racing tricks and parts for a winning power increase, and build to last over 100,000 miles, not just a few races.

Output is increased to 265 HP with special pistons and a 12:1 compression ratio.

We strongly suggest upgraded suspension, brakes and wheels/tires to accompany this engine package.

Also available with Schrick 292/284 cams for even more power

P/N 11028530


Other S14 Engines

We also build many other S14 variants which are too numerous to list here.  All stages of the engines above are available in 2.0 liter, 2.3 liter, and 2.5 liter configurations.  Full Group A engines and hybrids utilizing similar components, programmable fuel injection and ignition or carburetion are available depending on your series specifications.  Contact us with specific performance goals and series rules for an engine quote.


 All engines are priced built on your good core 


Engine Components

Sport Kits

Korman Stage 1 Performance Kit-214 HP

The best horsepower per dollar upgrade available for your M3. Kit includes a performance chip developed on our dyno, BMW Motorsport Offset Exhaust Cam Gear for increased mid-range power, Evolution lower air filter housing/intake horn assembly, and a K&N Filtercharger. Components also available separately

P/N 11124700


Korman Evolution Sport Kit-225 HP

This high performance kit was developed with the technical assistance of BMW Motorsport, Munich. This is the strongest, emissions legal package you can just bolt on your present engine and with no loss in mid-range power. Includes the Stage 1 kit plus Motorsport intake cam (264, 10.55mm lift), 16 high performance dual valve springs, lightweight flywheel kit. Revs rapidly to 7400 RPM. Components also available separately

1988-1990 P/N 11124753

1991 P/N 11124753A



Camshaft and Valvetrain

The S14 engine produces makes the most power with an intake cam which is more aggressive than the exhaust cam.  This allows you to mix and match to suit your power needs and budget.  The Evo 2 and Schrick 276 cams are suitable for use with a stock exhaust cam.  If you decide you want more power in the future, move your Evo 2 or Schrick 276 to the exhaust side and install an Evo 3 or Schrick 284 on the intake side.  

BMW Motorsport Evolution Camshafts

Developed by BMW Motorsport GmbH engineers for all around power and drivability.  As used in our Evolution Sport Kit, above. 

Evolution 2 264 duration.  P/N  11311311821



Schrick Cams provide unsurpassed performance for your BMW.  Highest quality materials, precise machining and dyno tuned profiles.

Street Camshafts

Schrick 276 11.3mm lift, 276 duration.  P/N 1131M003276

Schrick 284 11.5mm lift, 284 duration. P/N 1131M003284

Schrick 292 12.0mm lift, 292 duration P/N 1131M003292

Race Camshafts

Schrick 320/308 Race Cam Kit

For full race applications only.  P/N 1138320308.  Includes the following components:

         Schrick 320 Camshaft 13.0mm lift, 320 duration P/N 1131M003320

         Schrick 308 Camshaft 12.2mm lift, 308 duration P/N 1131M003308

         Mechanical Tappet P/N 11382713803

         Intake Valve 39mm P/N 11341200

         Exhaust Valve 32.5mm P/N 11341201

         Upper Retainer P/N 11341031

         Lower Retainer P/N 11341032

         Keeper P/N 11342200

Schrick Racing Valve Springs

For use with Schrick race cams, above.  Must be used in conjunction with Schrick upper and lower retainers.

         Outer Valve Spring P/N 11342064

         Inner Valve Spring P/N 11342113

Offset Exhaust Cam Gear

As used in our Stage 1 Performance Kit. Retards exhaust cam timing for improved low and mid-range torque. 

P/N  11311312M28  (Lock Plate, 1 required P/N   11311305070)


Updated Timing Chain Tensioner

Eliminate timing chain rattle

Factory single piston tensioners wear and leak internally, causing timing chain rattle at start up.  This updated double piston tensioner eliminates having to wait for oil pressure to build.   Direct bolt-in replacement, sealing washer included. P/N 1131K 307782





Big Valves

Original BMW Motorsport Big Intake Valves

38.5mm intake valves as used in the 2.5L Evolution 3 M3's and Korman performance engines. Stock size is 37mm. Sold each. P/N 11341315507

Korman Stainless Steel Intake and Exhaust Valves

Custom made valves  Includes new keepers, sold each. 

Intake-38.5mm-P/N  11341315508

Exhaust-32.5mm-P/N  11341315896


Valve Guides

BMW does not supply replacement valve guides for the E30 M3 engine.  The procedure to remedy worn guides is to ream the guide and install a new valve with an oversized stem.  These are readily available from BMW, but at a premium price.  

We have replacement valve guides made to our specifications, allowing you to avoid the expense of valves with oversized stems.  Our guides are manufactured from the highest quality materials, and have the stop ring integrally machined, doing away with the hard to install factory circlip.  

Professional installation required, as is a complete valve job after installation.  

Replacement Guide-Each-P/N 1112M000356

Replacement  Guide Installed in your cylinder head-each-P/N 11121266799


Titanium Valve Spring Retainers

About half the weight and twice the strength of steel, fits original valve springs and BMW Motorsport valve springs. Weight: 12.5 grams each. 

P/N 11342016


BMW Motorsport Valve Springs

Stronger than stock and designed for high RPM use. Install with no modifications.  P/N 11341312702


Special Valve Spring Shims

Used for correcting installed height/seat pressure on reworked cylinder heads. 

  • .25mm P/N 11342203145

  • .5mm P/N 11342203146

  • .75mm P/N11342203147

  • 1.0mm P/N 11342203148

 Lash Caps

Install on valve tip, reduces clearance between cam and adjusting shim in special applications.  Hardened with oil hole, for 7mm stems.  Thickness .085”/2.16MM.  P/N  11342099


Connecting Rods

Korman Stage 2 Connecting Rods

Glass peened, lightened, balanced, rebushed.  Includes new rod bolts. As used in our Stage 2 Engines. Your original rods re-worked to Korman Specifications.

P/N  11241205


Steel Alloy Connecting Rods

Strong, lightweight steel alloy construction. For full race use or for an ultra-quick revving street/autocross motor. Includes special high strength rod bolts.  Sold outright, priced each.  As used in our competition engines. Weight 570 grams.

P/N 11241800


Light Weight Piston Pins

Up to 14 grams lighter than stock wrist pins for reduced reciprocating weight.  Especially beneficial for continuous high rpm use.  P/N  1125K712103


Engine Oiling


Korman Modified Oil Pan Baffle Kit

Inexpensive, easy to install insurance against a damaged or destroyed engine. Under hard cornering and on long high speed turns, engine oil will climb the sides of the oil pan and away from the oil pickup. Our kit includes a modified oil pan baffle which keeps the oil concentrated around the oil pickup, and a new lower oil pan gasket. Sold on a core exchange basis.

P/N 11133003, CORE P/N 11133CORM



Competition Oil Pan Kit

A much larger cast aluminum lower oil pan that extends nearly to the frame on both sides and adds about two quarts more oil capacity. Additional vertical and horizontal baffles with three one-way flapper valves control oil surging and keep oil at the pickup under hard cornering and heavy breaking. The larger size requires removal or relocation of the A/C compressor.  P/N 11133113



Engine Oil System Modifications

Our special crankshaft and main bearing modifications increase bottom end oil pressure and flow. Cylinder head oil pooling under high RPM is also greatly reduced. Kit includes special main bearings, our oil pan baffle kit, and modification of your crankshaft.

P/N 114110M3



High Performance Canton Mecca Oil Filters  

In extensive testing, these filters trapped smaller particles than any other tested, and their high flow design required less horsepower to pump oil through the filter.  Most filters caused a 5-6 psi pressure drop, we measured only 1 psi drop on these.  The strong aluminum canister contains a replaceable filter element.                      

Spin On Filter-For installation to original BMW filter housings. Cast aluminum.  P/N 114202526

Replacement Elements-Each  P/N 114202600

Replacement Elements-6 Pack  P/N 114202602

Replacement Seal Kit  P/N 11420999




Group N Hard Rubber Engine and Transmission Mounts

Reduces engine and transmission movement under hard cornering and heavy braking. Both transmission and engine mounts must be changed together. Kit includes 2 engine, 2 transmission mounts.

P/N 11810003



Ignition Wire Set

OE style with plastic loom included, red "evo style" wires.  Priced considerably less than factory replacement sets.   P/N 12121311803

Bosch Ignition Parts

M3 Distributor Cap    P/N 12111309797

M3 Rotor    P/N  12111309798

Bosch Spark Plugs

Track Plugs-Colder heat range plug for sustained high RPM operation.  Not suitable for street use.  P/N  XR4CS  

Street plug  P/N  X5DC


Heavy Duty Alternator Bushings

Replace your soft stock bushings with these much firmer poly bushings. Eliminates canting of the alternator which causes drag, belt noise, uneven bearing load, and thrown belts. Sold each, 4 required.

P/N 12311268433



S14 Evolution Valve Cover and Plenum 

BMW initially offered the Evolution M3's with a valve cover and plenum painted white with Motorsport stripes.  These were manufactured by various vendors for BMW, all with one recurring flaw, they turned yellow with heat and age.  They were also sold separately for a short time by BMW but at a healthy price, since you were purchasing both a new valve cover and plenum PLUS the special paint job.

We have been offering our own version of these special valve covers and plenums  to our in-house 2.5 liter engine customers for several years, but can now produce them in sufficient volume to offer them to our mail order customers as well.  Your valve cover and plenum are chemically stripped, cleaned, and glass peened to remove all traces of paint.  The problematic plenum chamber fitting is drilled, tapped and bolted in place. A special high temperature, self-etching, self-leveling epoxy primer is applied, followed by high temperature epoxy color coats.  As a final step, a  high temp non-yellowing clear coat is applied.  Though not shown in the photo, the plenum chamber receives the stripes as well, per our archived photos of the originals.  

These special valve covers and plenums are available on an exchange basis (deposit required) if you don't want your car out of service during the process.  Please note that each casting is unique and some have more pitting and flaws than others.  These casting flaws may not be completely hidden by the painting process, just like the originals.  These are special order parts, full payment is required at time of order, no refunds or exchanges.  If you are sending your valve cover to us, ask your salesperson for an estimated time of completion.  We have had these in service for over 7 years with no yellowing, fading, cracking or peeling.

Valve cover and plenum painting-P/N  99MSPTVC/PN

Valve cover and plenum core charge- P/N  99MSPTVCORE 


Black Krinkle Finish Valve Cover and Plenum 

For those who want the original factory look. Your valve covers are cleaned and glass peened for a good paint bond. We bake the black krinkle paint finish on. The raised ribs and BMW logo are polished to a mirror finish . Price is for refinishing your valve cover and plenum.


Valve cover w/black Krinkle finish P/N LAB11124014

Plenum w/black Krinkle finish P/N LAB1112401P


Heavy Duty Air Box Support

Replace the failure prone Plenum support with our direct bolt in heavy duty version. Failure of the original Plenum support causes the intake gaskets to leak, leading to lean running conditions, bad idle and pre-ignition. 

P/N 13711E30


A complete line of standard rebuild, tune up and high performance parts are available from Korman Autoworks, though too numerous to list here.  Call us with your parts needs.


INDY CAR, IMSA GTP, SCCA TransAm, and Formula Car drivers testing or racing with our race suspension systems have often remarked that it "handles like a good formula car". Co-drivers such as John Andretti, Davy Jones, Robbie Buhl, Dorsey Schroeder, and David Hobbes have praised the handling of Korman Suspensions. Join the winners and the record breakers!


Korman Roadsport Suspension

Our best selling suspension package is comfortable enough for daily use, yet provides substantially improved handling for winding roads and weekend club events. Kit includes: 4 progressive rate springs which lower the car .75" front, 0.5" rear; Front and rear anti-sway bars (22mm/19mm) complete with polyurethane bushings, and front and rear Bilstein Sport Shocks.

P/N 31103M3H


Korman Clubsport Suspension

For the enthusiast who is willing to accept a much firmer ride on the street and wants a distinctive competitive edge at Club events and autocrosses. This kit is similar to the Roadsport System but includes aggressive linear rate springs which lower the car 2.0" front and 1.5" rear. Also included are our heavy-duty offset lower control arm bushings (description below).

P/N 31103M3H2


Korman J-Stock Suspension

This suspension package takes your M3 to the maximum allowable specifications for BMW CCA Club Racing  J-Stock class.  Kit includes special race springs, Korman valved Bilsteins, sway bars, delrin offset lower control arm bushings and diff mount, rear sway bar reinforcements, camber plates, aluminum control arms,  heavy duty subframe mounts, adjustable sway bar links, and front and rear strut braces.  Firm, yet still streetable.  Performance is comparable to full race coil-over suspensions when driven on the track.

P/N  31103M3JS


Korman Tracksport Suspension/Chassis Systems

Designed for the driver who intends to win at Club events and autocrosses. This is a fully adjustable racing suspension which is designed for maximum control, not comfort. Legal in the prepared and modified classes of the BMW CCA Club Racing Program.  Front strut assemblies are sold on an exchange basis.



Korman Complete Tracksport Suspension System

Korman Basic Tracksport Suspension System

  • Bilstein shocks re-valved to Korman specifications

  • Shortened, threaded adjustable front struts

  • Lightweight 60mm diameter front race spring/tender spring assemblies

  • Rear Race Springs

  • Aluminum Spring Plates/Perches

  • Adjustable Front and Rear Sway Bars

  • Adjustable Sway Bar Links (Front and Rear)

  • Rear Sway Bar Reinforcements

  • Offset Lower Control Arm Bushings

P/N 31103M3C

  • Bilstein shocks re-valved to Korman specifications

  • Shortened, threaded adjustable front struts

  • Lightweight 60mm diameter front race spring/tender spring assemblies

  • Rear Race Springs

  • Aluminum Spring Plates/Perches

  • Adjustable Camber Plate Assemblies

P/N 31103M3S


Korman Full Race Suspension/Chassis Systems

This system lets you out-handle almost everything else on the track. Neutral controlled drifts under hard throttle, faultless tracking through chicanes and slaloms, forgiving and quick to recover from excesses. Brings out the best in you and your M3. 


  • Bilstein shocks re-valved to Korman specifications

  • Threaded adjustable front struts (no exchange)

  • Offset front upper support bearings

  • Lightweight 60mm diameter front race springs

  • Rear Race Springs

  • Aluminum Spring Plates

  • Adjustable Front and Rear Sway Bars

  • Adjustable Sway Bar Links Front and Rear

  • Rear Subframe Camber/Toe Assembly

  • Rear Sway Bar Reinforcements


  • Offset Lower Control Arm Bushings

  • Hard Rubber Subframe and Differential Mounts

  • Adjustable Front Camber Assembly with Solid Spherical Bearings

  • Delrin Front Lower Control Arm and Differential Bushings

  • Solid Subframe Mounts

  • Highly Progressive Rate Racing Rear Springs

  • Three Piece Tender Spring Assembly

  • Aluminum Front Lower Control Arms 

P/N 31103M3H4



Suspension Components



Frt Adj Camber Plt.jpg (35145 bytes)E30 M3 Adjustable Camber Plates

Crafted from aircraft quality aluminum these precision machined adjusters feature OE style bearings and a bonded urethane insulator. Both camber and caster are adjustable from the engine bay after installation. Works with original or aftermarket springs and strut inserts.

P/N 31001873


Upper Decamber Plates

A pair of hardened aluminum plates complete with studs and bolts for easy installation. Improves front negative camber by about 1. Legal for stock class BMW CCA Club Racing.

P/N 31062056


Heavy-Duty Rear Shock Mounts

Eliminates a common failure area on the E30 chassis.  Kit includes billet aluminum mounting plates with replaceable bushings, special hardened washers, hardware and body gaskets. 

P/N  3352000547


Heavy-Duty Stamped Steel Rear Shock Mounts

A budget solution for your street driven 3 series. This eliminates a common failure area on the E30 chassis and stops that annoying “thunk” from the rear shock mounts. 

P/N  33521000003


Rear Subframe Camber/Toe Assembly

Our eccentrics allow adjustment of rear wheel camber and toe in just a matter of minutes. Enables the restoration of factory specified alignment settings, adjustable for racing. These kits are weld-in only, you must send us your subframe for modification.

P/N 33203567


Strut Braces

Strengthens chassis, minimizes strut tower deflection. Polished aluminum finish.

Front-P/N 3130103, Rear-P/N 33220461


Competition Adjustable Anti-Sway Bar End Links

Allows for custom tuning of front and rear anti-sway bar preload to suit specific track layouts. Light weight aluminum threaded centers connect right and left hand threaded heim joints for quick adjustments. Front links may be used singly or in pairs, rear links must be installed in pairs.

Front Adjustable Link-P/N 3102847,  Rear Adjustable Link-P/N 3102848


Rear Anti-Sway Bar Reinforcements

The original rear sway bar to body mounting brackets are notorious for breaking. When they tear out, you're left with more work than just replacing a bracket! Our reinforcement bracket fits into the stock location but has provision for an extra through-trunk mounting bolt. The resulting vertical and horizontal rigidity completely eliminates any future breakage problems. Sold in pairs.

P/N 3133E30RACE


Aluminum Lower Control Arms

Stronger than the original steel front control arms and half the weight! 4.5 lb. reduction in unsprung weight per side.

Left P/N 31121308L, Right P/N 31121308R


Manual Steering Rack

More precise steering and a 14 lb. weight reduction when all the power steering components are removed. Parasitic load on the engine caused by the pump is also eliminated. No more steering effort required at speed, noticeably more effort required for low speed maneuvers. Kit includes new steering rack and necessary linkage parts.

P/N 32110325


Performance Bushings

Hard Rubber Bushings

Will slightly stiffen ride. Use for street, autocross, and competition.

Offset Upper Support Bearing Mounts-Improves caster and camber angles for better front end traction and reduced outer edge tire wear. Sold in pairs. P/N 3131143

Offset Lower Control Arm Bushings-Improves caster and camber angles, also provides necessary clearance for larger wheel/tire packages. This hard rubber bushing reduces fore and aft wheel movement for more precise steering. Sold in pairs. P/N 3112222

Rear Subframe Mounts-Stronger than stock, built to handle the increased loads of modified suspensions and engines. Sold in pairs. P/N 3330108

Differential Mount Bushing-Prevents unwanted differential movement under high loads. P/N 3330109.

Complete Hard Rubber Kit-Includes all above part numbers in a convenient kit. P/N 31501E30.

Offset Rear Trailing Arm Bushings-Used for making small camber and toe changes to the rear suspension. Sold in pairs. P/N 332202203


Polyurethane Bushings

Trailing Arm Bushings-Complete kit with metal sleeves. Can be used on the street or track. P/N 332202204


Delrin Bushings-Delrin solid suspension bushings are designed for hardcore autocrossing and road racing.  This bushing material will not deflect durning hard cornering.  This produces very precise steering, turn in, and quicker cornering.   Road noise and vibration are transmitted directly.  Due to their harshness, we do not recommend them for normal street use.

Offset Lower Control Arm Bushings-P/N 311202325 (pair)

Differential Mount Bushing-P/N 331200325

Trailing Arm Bushings-P/N 331201002 (complete kit)



Korman 12" Brake Kit

Original M3 rotors are 11" diameter. Our 12" special alloy dual ventilated front rotors bolt to a lightweight aluminum center hat. Steel adapters provide correct spacing for the original M3 calipers. Rears are solid 12" rotors. 16" wheels required.

P/N 34517100


Korman M3 Stage 1 Brake Kit

Complete bolt on system includes: special gas slotted rotors, front and rear; high performance Korman pads, front and rear; stainless steel brake lines, stainless steel caliper pistons and brake duct kit.

P/N 341122250M3


Korman High Performance Brake Rotors

Choose gas slotted or cross drilled

Computer controlled slotting helps gasses escape from between the pad and rotor mating surfaces reducing pedal effort and fade. Slots are precision cut to the rotor's wear limit, then the entire rotor is gold cadmium plated. Our cross drilled rotors feature a computer controlled pattern with the holes chamfered to the wear limit. These are also finished in cadmium after machining.

Gas Slotted Front Rotor P/N 3411S226455

Gas Slotted Rear Rotor P/N 3421S225507

For crossdrilled rotors substitute "C" for "S" in above numbers.


M3 Brake Cooling Duct Kit

Motorsport designed duct kit clips into the front spoiler utilizing the fog lamp openings for air intake. Plastic ducting then routes air through the inner fender lining. Kit is complete with all mounting hardware and instructions. Easy installation with hand tools.

P/N 34517103


M3 Competition Brake Duct Kit

As used on our IMSA cars

A custom made front brake backing plate with sealing lip that precisely fits the inside of the brake rotor. Air is brought in from the front spoiler under pressure and forced into the center of the rotor and out through the vent holes. Provides superior cooling under hard use. Kit includes special brake ducts (install in fog lamp openings), 6 feet of brake duct hose, backing plates with 2.5" hose fitting (3.0" available by request), clamps and instructions. Requires R & R of wheel hubs for installation.





 Ferodo Premier Brake Pads

Meet original BMW specs for all models. Full ABS and ESC (electronic stability control) compatibility. 

  • Original Spec reliability and safety

  • Full noise reduction specifications

  • Extended pad life design

Ferodo DS2500 Compound Brake Pads

This is a race developed pad with characteristics that make it perfect for track days.  Its consistent coefficient of friction at any temperature, low or high, give very predictable braking and great pedal modulation.  This new generation of friction material is very low in compressibility ensuring a firm pedal feel while still providing great life for both disc and pad.  Combing with low dusting of wheels and low noise this product is the brake pad for the driver who demands the ultimate in track day braking performance. 


Hawk High Performance Disc Brake Pads

  • Superior Pad Life

  • High friction coefficient

  • Extremely rotor-friendly

  • Pre-bedded at factory

  • Ferro-Carbon™ friction material evaluated up to and beyond 1800 F.

  • BLUE compound for full race applications


Korman High Performance Brake Pads

Developed for use in our IMSA E30 M3's. Good enough to win both the drivers and the manufacturers IMSA Sport Class Endurance Championships. This pad material is a non-asbestos graphite/metallic formulation. Unlike some racing materials that work well only when hot, the broad coefficient of friction of these pads also enable them to work well under cool, light braking conditions. They are therefore ideal dual purpose pads for both street and club events.

Endurance Racing Brake Pads

Developed by BMW Motorsport specifically for endurance racing. Tested and proven on our IMSA Endurance Series M3 CSL and 328's. Nothing else comes close.



Korman High Performance

Endurance Racing

Hawk Blue

Ferodo DS2500














Stainless Steel/Teflon Brake Lines

Essential for driving schools and highly recommended for all high performance driving. Provides stronger pedal, improved modulation under hard brake usage. Eliminates expansion associated with rubber lines. Kit includes a full set of 6 lines.

P/N 34321086




Stainless Steel Brake Caliper Pistons

Stainless steel transfers less heat to the brake fluid, reducing the risk of fade. Sold in pairs.

Front P/N 34111153000

Rear P/N 34211153002


Super Blue Racing Brake Fluid

A non-silicone high performance dot 4 brake fluid designed for the extreme demands of motor racing, yet perfectly suited for street applications. Sold in 1 liter cans. P/N SUPER BLUE  (blue fluid)   (Type 200 is a yellow version of Super Blue)  P/N TYPE200



Super Blue

Dot 4

Dry Boiling Point



Wet Boiling Point





Evolution Air Box Kit

Kit includes a BMW Motorsport developed larger air filter box, upgraded air horn, sealing ring and rubber air box support. This kit replaces the original factory intake duct that has three restrictive 90 bends. Note: Most 1991 M3's came equipped with this air intake assembly.

P/N 13711330


Korman High Flow Intake

Cone type K&N filter which replaces your stock air filter assembly.  Fits all years.

P/N 1371K30M3


Front Spoiler Cover Panels

After installing our Evolution Air Box Kit, the black air intake grill is no longer functional. This grill and the similar tow hook cover produce turbulence and drag. We offer a pair of snap in flush panels to replace the grills for a smoother look and improved aerodynamics. Paint to match. Kit includes left and right panels, clips and retaining straps.

P/N 51111961KIT

K & N Filtercharger for Evolution and Stock Air Box

P/N 1372332005



Korman Heavy-Duty Air Accumulator Support

The M3 air accumulator (plenum chamber) is supported by a rubber mount which is prone to failure. When this mount breaks, the weight of the accumulator and throttle bodies hangs on the intake manifold, causing a premature intake gasket leak. This is a stronger steel reinforced rubber mount.

P/N 13711E30


Korman Big Bore Throttle Body Kit

We bore the original stock throttle bodies and replace the 46mm throttle plates with 48mm plates. The manifold and air horns are then ported to increase air flow through the entire assembly. Some "tuners" offer larger throttle bodies, but they only machine the round throttle bore end without porting out the bore between the throttle plate and cylinder head.  Our throttle bodies are enlarged all the way through for maximum flow. Modified intake gaskets included, sold on an exchange basis.

P/N 1161048013, CORE P/N 116161CORE


BMW Motorsport Big Bore Throttle Body Kit

Larger diameter intake manifold and a 48mm throttle butterfly give a 9% increase in throttle plate area. Larger aluminum intake air horns, throttle flange gaskets and special intake gaskets included. These are all new parts (not reworked stock parts) which are cast from larger molds. Sold outright.

P/N 1161048003

Replacement Special Intake Gasket for 48mm throttle bodies listed above P/N 13541310865 


B&B Performance Exhaust

The B&B Performance exhaust is precision crafted using 100% T304 stainless steel.  A smooth uninterrupted exhaust flow is achieved with CNC mandrel bent tubing and careful TIG welding. Through a combination of sound cancellation and absorption the straight through design muffler offers a deep rich exhaust note on acceleration with a mild tone at idle and cruising speeds. As well as increasing horsepower and torque! Following the factory layout and mounting in the factory hangers allows for an easy do it yourself installation. No engine management sensors are moved or altered therefore this system is 50 state emissions legal and is backed with B&B’s limited LIFETIME warranty. E30 M3 (88-91) with dual 3” tips P/N 18FBMW-1500


Supersprint Performance Exhaust

Dyno developed mild steel exhaust features DTM tips, stainless steel internal baffles and tail pipes.  Steel components are aluminized for durability and the entire unit is finished in black powder coat.  Deep, low tone but not too loud for street use.    Two year warranty.

P/N  1883783206


Supersprint 100% Stainless Steel Exhaust System

P/N  1883043306


Korman Competition Exhaust Systems

These systems are the direct results of more than 35 engine dyno tests comparing different pipe sizes, configurations, mufflers, power results, and dB sound level measurements. Each system produces max power for each application. All are custom fabricated on a special jig, tig welded and finished in high temp silver paint. Factory mounting points are utilized.

IMSA Specification Competition Exhaust- Dual pipes transition into a single 3" oval pipe for best flow and maximum ground clearance, then into a tuned racing muffler with a single 3" outlet tip. As much power as straight pipes, but meets 108dB requirements. Bolts to stock exhaust manifold. P/N 1850287KM3R

Tracksport M3 Exhaust- Similar to above but adds a second muffler in the front section to reduce noise levels below 105dB. P/N 1850287KM3

Note: The above systems are not street legal since the catalytic converter is omitted

Clubsport M3 Exhaust- The most performance you can obtain from a street legal system. Similar to our full race system with 3" oval pipe and racing rear muffler. Also includes a high flow EPA certified catalytic converter. P/N 1850287KM3K


Ceramic Thermal Barrier Coating

We tested several header designs in our early R & D of the E30 M3, but found none that produced a noticeable advantage over the stock exhaust manifold. For performance, corrosion protection and appearance, we do recommend applying ceramic thermal barrier coating to the stock manifold. The ceramic coating provides superior corrosion protection, stain resistance, increased gas velocity and combustion chamber stabilization. Even if scratched or chipped its unique self-sacrificial properties won't allow oxides to form under the coating. Unlike other coatings, both the inside and outside of the exhaust manifold is coated. Expect underhood temperatures to be reduced by 20 or 30%.

P/N 182110014


Korman Adjustable Short Shift Kit

  • Adjusts in minutes from inside your car

  • Accepts original or aftermarket gearshift knobs

  • Assembled unit saves on installation time

  • Adjustment locking mechanism

  • Replaceable, self-lubricating bushings

  • Includes shifter cup bushings and complete instructions

  • Easily installs in less than an hour

All E30 M3's P/N 25250001


Lightweight Flywheel

Precision machined and balanced steel flywheel. 35% lighter for reduced inertia and more rapid acceleration. The flywheel and ring gear are machined from one piece of steel for greater strength and lower weight. As supplied by BMW on the Evolution 2 and 3 M3's. Weight is 12.5lbs.

P/N 11220003


Sachs Heavy Duty Sport Clutch Kit

Includes spring loaded disc with heavy duty lining, a heavy duty release bearing which features a strong aluminum housing (OEM is plastic), and a heavy duty pressure plate. Components also available separately

P/N 2151151020


Close Ratio Gearbox

A popular option on European M3's, the five speed close ratio provides quicker acceleration through more optimum use of the M3's power band. There is no overdrive like the U.S. unit. Fifth is a 1:1 ratio. A direct bolt in on U.S. specification M3's. We recommend changing the final drive ratio when using this transmission.

P/N 23001221372, Core Charge P/N 2300M3CORE


Korman M3 Gearbox Rebuild

We rebuild your gearbox using only BMW original parts. Includes new bearings, synchronizers, seals, gaskets and labor.  2 year/24,000 mile warranty.

P/N 23231800

Close Ratio Rebuild P/N 23231902


Korman M3 Close Ratio Gearbox Rebuild

We rebuild your gearbox using only BMW original parts. Includes new bearings, synchronizers, seals, gaskets and labor.  2 year/24,000 mile warranty. 

P/N 23231902



Clutch_Line_2.jpg (42547 bytes)Stainless Steel Braided/Teflon Clutch Hose

Replace your cracked rubber hose with our more durable stainless steel braided unit. Improved clutch feel and modulation when compared to OE rubber line.

P/N 2152115667S


Korman 50% and 75% Limited Slip Differential Conversions

If you race, autocross, rally, do BMW driving schools, or otherwise tend to push your car to the limit, let us convert your 25% limited slip differential to 50% or 75%  limited slip. Wheel spin is reduced or eliminated, improving track times significantly. Additionally, the reduction in internal slippage lowers lubricant temperatures, helping prolong bearing life. The conversion requires special machining at our facility, making it necessary for you to ship your differential to us for modification.  Your salesperson can help you decide which percentage is right for you.

75% Limited Slip Conversion P/N 33126375 

50% Limited Slip Conversion P/N 33126350 (price when done with gear change, rebuild or similar)


Korman Standard Differential Rebuild

2 year/24,000 mile warranty

Differentials with normal wear don't usually require the replacement of the ring and pinion gears. Our standard rebuild includes complete disassembly, through cleaning, close inspection of all parts, replacement of all bearings, seals gaskets, crush sleeve and lock ring. Includes meticulous attention to correct gear lash, gear contact, precise pre-load of bearings and exact torque specifications. We expect our rebuilds to last well over 100,000 miles. Note: UPS can pick up and deliver your differential at your door!

Standard Diff Rebuild P/N 33126030
Rebuild with 75% Limited Slip Conversion P/N 33126475
Rebuild with 75% Limited Slip Conversion and 4.45 Gear Set P/N 33126030B


Optional Gear Ratios


4.45 Gear Conversion

M3 stock gearing is 4.10:1. We recommend changing to a 4.45:1 for improved acceleration. This 8.5% change results in 0-60 times around 6.9 seconds (other modifications notwithstanding), more flexibility for spirited driving, and of course faster lap times at autocrosses and drivers' schools. You get quicker acceleration in every gear at all RPM ranges.

3.46 Gear Conversion

Korman's recommendation for best performance with our Close Ratio Gearbox.


Other  Available Gear Ratios-E30 M3






















M3 Finned Differential Cover Kit

Bolt-on cover with deep cooling fins lowers differential temperatures and increases the service life of your diff.  Compatible with Delrin solid diff mount.  Kit is complete with special length bolts, gasket and drain plugs.  P/N  3311K228335


Heavy Duty Differential Mounts

Improved mounts reduce differential movement under heavy loads.  Use the hard rubber mount for street or track.  The delrin unit is not recommended for street due to transmission of noise into passenger compartment.

Hard Rubber Differential Mount P/N  3330109

Delrin P/N  331200325


Korman recommends Red Line Synthetic Lubricants for best performance in your BMW driveline components.


Evo 3 Fiberglass Splitter

A lower priced alternative to the OE Evo 3 splitter, this unit features a strong but light fiberglass venturi panel and a tough ABS plastic splitter lip. Mounts to your existing front bumper/spoiler assembly using the Motorsport gasket and expanding fasteners. Both pieces are faithful reproductions of the wind-tunnel designed and track tested Motorsport design, afully adjustable. Mounting hardware and instructions included.

P/N 5171238007

A splitter which extends 1" further  is also available for a modest upcharge






Evolution 3 Adjustable Spoiler Kits

Not just for looks, both front and rear spoilers have 3 adjustments resulting in 9 possible aerodynamic combinations. The front spoiler integrates a "venturi" spoiler under the car creating a suction effect that pulls the car down to the road. Kits include all necessary hardware.

Evolution 3 Front Spoiler Kit P/N 5171238006

Evolution 3 Rear Spoiler Kit P/N 5171K234562

Evolution 3 Matching Mirrors P/N 51162230/231




Evolution 2 Front and Rear Spoiler Kits

Attractive and functional, our BMW Motorsport Evolution 2 type front and rear spoilers are made of high impact polyurethane for strength and durability. The front spoiler extension bolts on to your existing front air dam perfectly with no modifications. The rear spoiler mounts below your existing rear wing. Both pieces require painting to match your car.

Front Evolution 2 Spoiler P/N 51712238178 (hardware kit P/N 5171223817F) 

Evolution 2 Rear Spoiler P/N 51712238005




Lightweight Fiberglass Parts

M3 Front Bumper-Spoiler Assembly-Duplicate of original. Weighs 11.6 lb., stock is 26.6 lb. P/N 41353FB

M3 Front Bumper-Spoiler Assembly with Evolution 2 Spoiler Molded In-As pictured in above photo. Weight is 11.6 lb., stock is 26.6 lb. P/N 41353FBE2

M3 Rear Bumper/Apron Assembly-Duplicate of original. Weighs 12.3 lb., stock is 27.5 lb. P/N 41353RB

Door Shells-Left P/N 41350325L, Right P/N 4135325R

Fenders- P/N 41353325LF/RF/LR/RR

Street Fiberglass Hood-Duplicate of original. Weighs 17 lb., stock weighs 44 lb. Includes provision for use of original hinges and locks. P/N 41330325

Race Fiberglass Hood-As above, weighs just 12 lb. No provisions for hardware, must be pinned in place. P/N 41330325R



M3 Gauge Packages

Includes 3 VDO gauges, mounting console, and all necessary sending units, adapters and wiring. Fits neatly into the recess in front of the shift lever. Also includes bulb covers to match your factory illumination.

Kit with oil pressure, oil temp and voltmeter gauges P/N 62110875

Kit with oil pressure, cylinder head temperature, voltmeter P/N 62110874

Kit with oil pressure, water temp, voltmeter P/N 62110873


Leather Shift Knob/Boot Kit

One piece leather knob/boot combinations are high quality replacements which cost less than OEM units. Reuse your original emblem or we can supply several styles for you to choose from.

Anatomical Style shift knob/boot assembly P/N 25111221510



msptstripetape.jpg (68374 bytes)Motorsport Stripe Tape

High quality one-piece vinyl tape in BMW Motorsport colors is perfect for customizing your car, trailer, tool box or workshop. Self adhesive peel and stick with a top layer that can be left in place during installation for a perfectly straight application with no distortion or waves. To follow a curve, simply peel away the top layer and stretch to match the contour. Except for the 9" stripe, stripes are sold in pairs, 15' long per roll. 

15mm width (shown) P/N 99MSTRIPE15

30mm width P/N 99MSTRIPE30

60mm width P/N 99MSTRIPE60

9" wide x 36" long P/N 99MSTRIPE (no top layer, reinforced vinyl)


m3tfrt.jpg (139126 bytes)m3trear.jpg (129317 bytes)M3 Vintage T-Shirts

Based on the shirts we produced when actively campaigning the E30 M3's in IMSA. Haynes Tagless 100% cotton. 

99E30M3 (+S, M, L, XL, XXL)





Sew-On Patches, Decals




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