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Korman Stock Rebuilds

M50 2.5, M52TU 2.5 & 2.8, M52 2.8, S50 3.0, S52 3.2

Building these engines for professional and amateur race series since their introduction gives us unique insight into what makes a reliable, powerful engine. Hours on the dyno and on the track has let us build engines for our customers that have put them in the winner's circle time after time.

Even our stock rebuilds benefit from our competition experience. Our engines are hand-assembled in-house to factory tolerances or better.  Where applicable, components are updated for improved performance and durability.  We prefer OE pistons for best service life, and as with all our engines a torque plate is employed during machining for the best bore possible. Our comprehensive packages include many internal and external components not found in cheaper rebuilds, and we always return your engine ready to install, not stripped down. 

M3 3.0 Liter  P/N 110S50001

M3 3.2 Liter  P/N 1100S52001

2.5 Non-Vanos P/N 110M50001

2.5, 2.8 Vanos P/N 110M50002


Our engines are priced built on your good core

Oiling System and Reliability

Competition Oil Pump/Pan Kit

The M3, 328, and 325 oil pans are not adequate under racing conditions. The problem caused the demise of both BMW IMSA GTS entries in the '95 Daytona 24 Hour Race, and all IMSA Racing Stock M3 Lightweights were withheld from the Sebring Race until improved parts became available. Under hard braking and especially into sweeping left hand corners, oil in the sump surges forward and up the right canted-over side of the crankcase. Oil starvation then affects the bearings and hydraulic lifters. The remedy is a new oil pump and oil pan kit developed for the European '95 GT International Series. The pan is specially baffled and the oil pump has two pick-ups instead of one. One pick-up is in the main rear lower sump and one is forward to pick up oil surging to the front of the engine.

If you install a serious suspension system, wide wheels, "R" type tires, and spend time on the track, weigh the cost of this BMW Motorsport engineered package against the cost of a ruined engine.

P/N 11131404GTP


E36 Oil Cooler Kit

E36 Six cylinder motors will run at 250 to 270 oil temperatures in racing and driving school conditions.  These temperatures are at the upper limit of the best synthetic oils and critical for petroleum based oils.  We have seen engines where the customer had been told that he must have missed a shift because of the valve ticking noise, but the problem was that the hydraulic lifters had turned black and blue from heat and the lifters and lifter bores were scored causing sticking.  For hard running and on-track reliability, the oil cooler is strongly recommended.  For racing it must be considered essential.  Unlike other kits ours is sold complete and ready to install with new oil filter housing drilled and tapped to fit original oil pressure sender (if an electric oil pressure gauge is to be added, order our VDO Double Sending Unit P/N 6236024 and adaptor P/N 622400230), oil cooler, pipes and fittings, modified alternator air duct, o-rings, etc.

E36 Oil Cooler Kit P/N 1142K000366


Heavy Duty Hard Rubber Engine and Transmission Mount Kit

Under hard cornering and heavy braking, E36 engines & transmissions can lean to one side contributing to the "missed shift syndrome" . Installation of these improved bushings (2 engine mounts, 2 transmission mounts) can help you avoid a costly repair bill. A must for racing, strongly recommended for autocross, rally and driver's school use.

E36 M3, 328, 325 P/N 11810005


Heavy Duty Alloy Engine Mounting Bracket

Look at the right side cast aluminum engine bracket on your M3, 328 or 325. You will notice that due to the tilt of the engine (30), this bracket carries the bulk of the load. This bracket does break under competition conditions. Our special heavy duty alloy bracket was designed to withstand the stresses of racing. Use with our heavy duty mount kit, above.

E36 M3, 328, 325 P/N 11811492M36


Aluminum Thermostat Housing

The OE plastic thermostat housings are a common failure point.  Over tightening, heat and time lead to eventual cracking and sudden coolant loss.  Our aluminum thermostat housing is a direct replacement and eliminates the problem permanently. 

E36 M3, 328, 325 P/N 1153K722531


Aluminum Radiator

This 100% aluminum radiator resolves issues with the failure prone aluminum and plastic original equipment radiators. Eliminates leaking seams and upper hose necks which simply fall off with no warning.  A true bolt-in conversion, accepts all factory fittings, shrouds and mounts. 

E36 M3, 328, 325 P/N 17111E36


Korman Auxiliary Fuel Supply System

With a good suspension kit and spec type bigger tires, E36 cars will suffer fuel pick-up problems in corners with just under a half tank of fuel or less.  Our kit with a high output Bosch pump feeds the motor from a pressurized auxiliary reservoir assuring a constant fuel flow down to the last gallon.

P/N 1331K100KIT



Camshafts and Cylinder Head




E36 Roadsport Camshafts for VANOS 328, 325

These higher lift and duration cams feature improved profiles for better cylinder filling at an excellent price. Kit includes intake and exhaust cams and our cam installation kit  (described below). Requires custom chip.   With our custom chip original emissions specs are maintained.  Revs to 7000 rpm's.

P/N 11382528KIT



Chart shows 2.8L engine with Korman Roadsport Cams, Custom Chip and Full Racing exhaust system (stock peak HP 193@5300 rpm, peak torque 206 lb/ft@3950rpm)








E36 Clubsport Camshafts for M3, 328 & 325 VANOS Engines

Lift and duration increased to maximum allowable limits of the hydraulic lifters, springs, and piston to valve clearances. No internal engine modifications required. Works best with our fully prepared cylinder heads, titanium valve spring retainers and custom chip. 10.55mm of intake lift, 9.95mm of exhaust lift. Sold in pairs. 328 and 325 models require installation kit, below. Horsepower gains achieved through the full rev range and especially strong at top end.  

P/N 1138600M3


328/325 Camshaft Installation Kit

Includes necessary parts for installation of our Roadsport or Clubsport cams in your VANOS 328 or 325. Includes special valve springs, titanium retainers, valve locks, and hardened lower spring plates.

P/N 11396450


Korman Big Valves

Larger valves feature a stepped down stem at the valve head for even better flow. Black nitride coating for long service life and less friction. Fits all 2.5/2.8/3.0/3.2 engines. 

34mm intake Valve P/N 1134E36R34

31.5mm exhaust valve P/N 1134E36315


2.5/2.8/3.0 Liter Engines and Valve Spring Retainers

High revs can drive valve stems down into the original retainers, and sooner or later cause the valves to drop through the retainer into the combustion chamber. This can destroy the piston, cylinder head and sometimes the connecting rods and block. BMW has updated the retainers on 97> cars to address this issue.   We offer two choices, the hardened BMW steel retainers or the lighter, stronger titanium retainers. 


Titanium Valve Spring Retainers

About half the weight and twice the strength of steel. Used in all our stage 3, 4 and full race engines. Weight 12.5 grams each.

E36 325 (single valve spring only) P/N 11342325

E36 M3 & 328 P/N 11342328


BMW Hardened Valve Spring Retainers

P/N  11341432453


Korman Computer Chips

BMW's shipped from the factory are designed to run safely on a wide range of fuels. By optimizing ignition advance and fuel curves for premium fuel (92 octane or higher), significant horsepower and torque increases can be realized. Early E36's have a replaceable "plug in" P.R.O.M. chip which can be shipped to you for installation (please provide your engine control unit number when ordering). Later models incorporating BMW's anti-theft circuitry require you to send us your entire control unit for reprogramming. On all chips, the top speed limiter is raised. Rev limits increased to 7000 RPM for M3 and 325 chips, 7200 RPM for 318.



Stock HP

Chip HP

Stock Torque

Chip Torque

"Plug-In" Chip

"In-House" Reprogramming

M3 >12/95







M3 12/95>



M3 3.2







325 ECU#402







325 ECU#403, 405



325 ECU#413



325 12/95>










318 92-93 ECU#070







318 93-94 ECU#168



318 94-95 ECU#626



318 94-95 ECU#913



318 95-early 96 with Bosch ECU#595




Custom & Race Computer Chips

We have several configurations for M3's, 328's and 325's developed on our dyno for racing and custom applications. Adjustments are made for racing exhaust systems, fully prepped cylinder heads, camshafts, increased displacement, race fuel, etc. allowing you to get the most out of your engine. Call for pricing and details.

logo1inkorman.gif (1982 bytes)

Roadsport Suspension Systems

Our most popular packages. Designed to be comfortable yet firmly controlled for everyday commuting, while providing substantial improvements in handling for winding roads and club events.


Korman Roadsport Suspension System- E36 318, 325, 328

Kits include:

  • 4 progressive rate springs, 1.5" height reduction front, .75" height reduction rear

  • 2 Bilstein Heavy Duty Valved Front Strut Units

  • 2 Bilstein Heavy Duty Valved Rear Shocks

  • Front and Rear Sway Bars (28mm front, 21mm rear), mounting hardware and bushings included.

318i, iS  P/N 3110318H2, 318Ti P/N 31103318Ti, 318iC P/N 3110318iC, 325/328i, iS 3110325H6, 325/328 iC P/N 3110325iC


Roadsport Suspension System-M3 3.0 and 3.2 Liter

Same description as above. Kit includes:

  • Sport Bilstein Shocks

  • Sway Bars 27mm front, 22mm rear.

  • 4 progressive rate springs, 1.5" height reduction front, 1.0" height reduction rear.

P/N 31103M3B1 


logo1inkorman.gif (1982 bytes)

Clubsport Suspension Systems

For the more competitive enthusiast who is willing to accept a very firm ride. Stronger spring rates are utilized for outstanding performance in driver's schools, autocrosses, and CCA Club Racing events. Kit includes:

Korman Clubsport Suspension System- E36 318, 325, 328

  • 4 linear rate springs, 2.0" height reduction front, 1 3/8" height reduction rear

  • Bilstein Sport Valved front struts and rear shocks

  • Front and Rear Sway Bars (28mm front, 21mm rear), mounting hardware and bushings included.

318i, iS (all) P/N 3110318H4, 318Ti P/N 3110318TI2, 325/325i, iS (all) P/N 3110325H8

Clubsport Suspension System-M3 3.0 and 3.2 Liter

Kit includes:

  • 4 linear rate springs, 2.2" height reduction front, 1.3" height reduction rear

  • Bilstein Sport Valved front struts and rear shocks

  • Front and Rear Sway Bars (27mm front, 22mm rear), mounting hardware and bushings included

P/N 31103M3B2


logo1inkorman.gif (1982 bytes)

Tracksport Suspension Systems

Designed for drivers who intend to WIN at club events. The streets and highways are just for getting there. This package is not suggested for commuting due to low ground clearance, racing spring rates and race valved shocks. Superb handling with neutral, controlled drifts under hard throttle, faultless tracking through chicanes and slaloms. This system is forgiving and quick to recover from excesses. Brings out the best in you and your BMW. R&D for these components has been fine tuned on the track for professional racing series, even down to subtle spring rate changes we make for add on aerodynamic components. Ride height is easily adjustable for setting corner weights. Kit includes:

  • Korman Specification race valved Bilstein front shocks

  • Group N Bilstein rear shocks, revalved to Korman Specification

  • Threaded, adjustable front struts

  • Extremely progressive, lightweight 2 1/4" diameter front racing springs with tender spring

  • Special progressive Group N rear race springs

  • Aluminum spring plates

  • Competition adjustable sway bar end links

  • Front and rear sway bars with polyurethane bushings

The E36 328 and 325 kits also include offset hard rubber front upper support bearings and offset lower control arm bushings for improved camber and caster.

E36 328, 325 Tracksport Suspension System P/N 31103M3H5 (28mm adjustable front sway bar,  24mm adjustable rear bar)

E36 M3 Tracksport Suspension System P/N 31103M3H7 27mm adjustable front sway bar,  22mm adjustable rear bar)

 logo1inkorman.gif (1982 bytes)

 Full Race Suspension Systems

All the components of our Tracksport Suspension System plus:

  • Adjustable front camber assembly with solid spherical bearings

  • Solid Delrin bushings for the front lower control arms

  • Stronger spring rates to handle additional horsepower and cornering load

This system lets you outhandle just about anything on the track. We and our customers often beat competitors in classes above our entry on handling alone.

E36 Full Race Suspension System P/N 31103M3H6



logo1inkorman.gif (1982 bytes)

SCCA ITS E36 325i/iS Suspension

Engineered to put you up front

This fully adjustable, full race suspension system is designed to the maximum legal limits allowed in SCCA ITS.  Modified front struts with threaded sleeves, adjustable rear spring perches, our Korman Race Valved Bilsteins, special rate race springs, competition adjustable front camber plates, delrin control arm bushings, and   performance anti-sway bars are included.  Price also includes labor for modifying your original strut housings, available on a core exchange basis.

P/N 31103325ITS



Suspension Components



Steif Bar

An X-shaped tubular steel cross frame that bolts to the frame rails and front subframe beneath the engine. Alone or combined with an upper strut bar, this unit provides a substantial increase in chassis stiffness. Recommended for use with wider wheel/tire combinations, upgraded suspension, or participation in driver's schools/club events. An additional advantage is added protection for your oil pan. Late M3's have provisions for bolting this unit on directly. All other E36's require the use of our Steif Bar Tool, which we will supply at no additional charge with purchase (tool deposit required, however).

Steif Bar P/N 51712E36

Steif Bar Tool Deposit P/N 88886113200


E36_AL_Rr_Susp_Arms.jpg (35649 bytes)E36 Aluminum Rear Control Arms

Ultra strong and ultra light, these arms replace the weak factory stamped-steel control arms. Adjustable, gives -1.0 to +3.0 of rear camber change for stock or lowered vehicles. 

P/N 33323646



Frt_Adj_Camber_Plt.jpg (35145 bytes)E36 Adjustable Camber Plates

Crafted from aircraft quality aluminum these precision machined adjusters feature OE style bearings and a bonded urethane insulator. Both camber and caster are adjustable from the engine bay after installation. Works with original or aftermarket springs and strut inserts. 

P/N 31001874



BMW Motorsport Adjustable Front Strut Brace

All aluminum, black finish with threaded ends for "pre-loading" your front end. Motorsport stripe logo on each end piece. Fits M3, 328, 325 through '95 except models with ASC+T.

P/N 313600M


Korman Front Upper Stress Bar

Functional and reasonably priced. Constructed of highly polished aluminum tubing. Lightweight. Fits M3, 328, & 325.

Without traction control P/N 3136100, With traction control P/N 3136101

Korman Rear Stress Bar-Matches above stress bar, fits all E36 except Ti.  

P/N 33523641


Performance Anti-Sway Bars

Complete front and rear kits with performance polyurethane bushings. 

E36 M3 3.0 & 3.2 27mm adjustable front bar, 22mm adjustable rear bar.   P/N 3310RDE36M3

E36 328/325/318 28mm front bar, 21mm rear bar P/N  311030E36


M3 Competition Adjustable Sway Bar End Links

Allows for custom tuning of front sway bar pre-load to suit specific track layouts. Lightweight aluminum center with left and right hand threaded rod and joints for quick adjustment. Can be used singly or in pairs.

P/N 3102847


Offset Lower Control Arm Bushings

Installation of these bushings yield more precise steering, improved handling and quicker cornering. Improved caster and camber angles also reduce tire wear on the outside edges and improve front end traction. Sold in pairs.

Hard Rubber-All E36 P/N 3112222

Delrin-Race/Autocross use only-P/N 311202325


Upper Decamber Plates

Hardened aluminum plates complete with studs and bolts improve negative camber by approximately 1. Can be used alone or combined with our Camber Kit (below).

M3 P/N 31062061

E36 3 Series >6/92 P/N 3106062

E36 3 Series 7/92> P/N 31062063


Korman E36 Camber Kit

For lowered cars only. Improves front strut angle for increased negative camber. Includes special length bolts and hardened washers. Fits all E36 models.

P/N 31062036


Polyurethane Adjustable Upper Support Bearing

Easy camber adjustment to meet a wide range of conditions from street to track.  Polyurethane center section improves response and handling while offering more compliance than a solid mount.  Sold in pairs, fits stock strut assemblies. 

P/N  31330036


Polyurethane Adjustable Rear Camber Eccentrics

Allows rear camber adjustment in addition to factory range.  Kit includes polyurethane eccentric bushings and hardware.  Fits all E36 except TI.

P/N 332202207


Hard Rubber Offset Upper Support Bearing

Produces improved caster and camber angles for better handling and more precise turn in. Provides more even tire wear during aggressive driving.

E36 328, 325, 318iS and Ti P/N 31333325


Rear Trailing Arm Camber/Toe Assembly-318Ti

Our eccentrics allow adjustment of rear wheel camber and toe in just a matter of minutes. Enables the restoration of factory specified alignment settings, adjustable for racing. These kits are weld-in only, you must send us your subframe for modification.

P/N 33203567



Big Brake Kits


Korman E36 Competition Big Brake Kit

New 13" diameter ventilated front rotors, aluminum hats, larger lightweight aluminum calipers and bigger brake pads give you nearly indestructible braking power. Polished adapter brackets and all necessary hardware are included. With these monsters up front, no change is needed in the rear except for matching pads. No wheel spacers required. Specify exact year and model when ordering. P/N 341123630R



Korman 328/325/318 Competition Big Brake Kit

Brings your 328/325/318 up to the same front braking capability as our M3 competition package above. This kit also includes a larger master cylinder and a complete M3 size 12" brake/rotor conversion at the rear.  P/N 341123625R


Korman Big Brake Kit 328/325/318

The potential for substantial increases in acceleration and top end speed of the 328, 325, 318iS and Ti models is so great, especially with turbocharging, that serious improvements in braking capacity must be considered. These kits are true bolt on units, no cutting or welding required. Some 16" wheels will give sufficient clearance for this kit, but it is designed to work with wheels 17" in diameter or larger.

P/N 341123625


Original Brake System

Korman Big Brake Kit




Larger Calipers, Larger Master Cylinder, Larger Pads (included, Ferodo)

front rotor


286x10mm (non- ventilated)



rear rotor






Performance Brake Rotors

BMW Motorsport Euro 3.2L M3 "Floating" Rotors

These two piece floating rotors are lighter and transfer less heat to the bearing/hub assembly than the U.S. model one piece rotors, making them ideal for high performance applications. The rotor is made with dowel pins cast into the center opening, then the aluminum center hat is cast on the pins. Bolt on replacement for all U.S. spec E36 M3's.

P/N 34112227737(L), P/N 34112227738 (R)

Gas Slotting or Cross Drilling available at additional cost


Korman High Performance Brake Rotors

Available in either a computer controlled cross-drilled version with the holes chamfered to the wear limit, or in a computer controlled gas slotted version with the gas ports milled to the wear limit. Our rotors are then finish plated with cadmium. While nothing beats the appearance of crossdrilled rotors, we suggest using the gas slotted versions for true high performance and track use due to superior wear rates and brake cooling.


Korman HP Rotors




front rotor

3411D227172 (pair)



rear rotor




"D"=cross-drilled rotor, *Substitute "S" for gas slotted rotors


Ate Power Disc Rotors

  • Computer designed pattern for optimal performance,  reduced fadingreduced stopping distances, reduced brake noise.  True high performance at about the same price as a stock rotor!


E36 328/325/318 P/N3411P160674





High Performance Brake Pads


Ferodo Premier Brake Pads

Meet original BMW specs for all models. Full ABS and ESC (electronic stability control) compatibility. 

  • Original Spec reliability and safety

  • Full noise reduction specifications

  • Extended pad life design

Ferodo DS2500 Compound Brake Pads

This is a race developed pad with characteristics that make it perfect for track days.  Its consistent coefficient of friction at any temperature, low or high, give very predictable braking and great pedal modulation.  This new generation of friction material is very low in compressibility ensuring a firm pedal feel while still providing great life for both disc and pad.  Combing with low dusting of wheels and low noise this product is the brake pad for the driver who demands the ultimate in track day braking performance. 


Hawk High Performance Disc Brake Pads

  • Superior Pad Life

  • High friction coefficient

  • Extremely rotor-friendly

  • Pre-bedded at factory

  • Ferro-Carbon™ friction material evaluated up to and beyond 1800 F.

  • BLUE compound for full race applications

  • BLACK compound for street and track


Korman High Performance Brake Pads

Developed for use in our IMSA E30 M3's. Good enough to win both the drivers and the manufacturers IMSA Sport Class Endurance Championships. This pad material is a non-asbestos graphite/metallic formulation. Unlike some racing materials that work well only when hot, the broad coefficient of friction of these pads also enable them to work well under cool, light braking conditions. They are therefore ideal dual purpose pads for both street and club events.


Endurance Racing Brake Pads

Developed by BMW Motorsport specifically for endurance racing. Tested and proven on our IMSA Endurance Series M3 CSL and 328's. Nothing else comes close.


Korman High Performance

Endurance Racing

Hawk Blue

Hawk Black

Ferodo Premium

Ferodo DS2500
















328, 325, 318iS &Ti


















Brake Cooling


 Korman Competition Brake Duct Kit

Special duct/hose assembly which allows cool air to be brought in from the front spoiler and routed to the back of the brake rotors . A unique backing plate then forces the incoming pressurized air through the center of the rotor and out through the vent ribs. Provides superior cooling under competiton conditions. Kit includes backing plates, reinforced duct hose and clamps.

E36 325,  328  P/N 34517107

E36 M3 P/N 34517108

Brake duct kits for special applications (ie: big brake kits) also available, inquire


Universal Intake Ducts

For use with brake duct kits above.  ABS plastic duct with 5"x9" Rectangular opening, 1/2" flange and  offset 3" hose connection.  Fits most front spoiler fog lamp openings, some cutting and fabrication required.

P/N  3451106A


Other Brake Components

Stainless Steel Brake Caliper Pistons

Precision machined, the stainless steel transfers less heat to the brake fluid reducing the risk of fade. Sold in pairs.




front pistons

rear pistons




328, 325, 318





Stainless Steel/Teflon Brake Lines

Essential for driving schools and highly recommended for all high performance driving. Provides stronger pedal, improved modulation under hard brake usage. Eliminates expansion associated with rubber lines. Kit includes a full set of 6 lines.  

E36 M3, 328, 325, 318iS and Ti P/N 34321056




Super Blue Racing Brake Fluid

A non-silicone high performance dot 4 brake fluid designed for the extreme demands of motor racing, yet perfectly suited for street applications. Sold in 1 liter cans.P/N SUPER BLUE  (blue fluid)   (Type 200 is a yellow version of Super Blue)  P/N TYPE200





Super Blue

Dot 4

Dry Boiling Point



Wet Boiling Point




Ram Air Intake

The four valve per cylinder BMW engines can move a lot of CFM, therefore improving air intake flow translates into immediate power gains. Our air intake system includes a ram air tube, modified brake duct and the high flow K&N Filtercharger.

The key part is the air ram tube that picks up air from the pressurized left brake duct (without a loss in brake cooling), forcing it up through a new intake air tube and on through the more efficient K&N air filtercharger.

The advantage over cone filter intakes is that our Ram-Air system is always getting cool outside air, never losing power from ingesting hot under-hood air. The temperature difference can exceed 100 F in city driving or waiting in line for your autocross run. SAE correction factors for temperature give a horsepower loss of about 5% for a 50 F increase, 9% loss for a 100 F increase. In an M3, that's over 20 H.P!

The second advantage is that cone filter intakes rely on manifold vacuum to draw air through the filter. Our Ram-Air system gets positive pressure, the faster your road speed, the greater the ram-air effect. The air flow sensor automatically meters the correct fuel curve to match the increased air flow. There is no re-tuning, no change to emissions specs, just bolt on and go faster! All kits include K&N Filtercharger.

  • E36 M3 P/N 13711330M30

  • E36 323 and 328 P/N 13711330328

  • E36 325 P/N 13711330325



K & N Filtercharger

The K & N Filtercharger is unsurpassed in filtration protection, while maintaining an air flow greater that the OEM paper filter. Constructed of a pleated special cotton fabric with aluminum screen mesh and wide rubber seals, it comes pre-oiled with a one million mile warranty. When dirty, simply clean, re-oil and reinstall.  These filters are a direct replacement for your factory paper element.

  • E36 M3 95> P/N 137233 2628

  • 328 95> P/N 137233 2628

  • 325 92> P/N 137233 2628

  • 318 > 10/93 P/N 137233 2059

  • 318 10/94> P/N 137233 2733

 flowtech.JPG (40473 bytes)

Flowtech Intake-318

Easy bolt-on installation. Just remove the factory air filter box and install the new venturi tube and special cone shaped K & N Filtercharger. Less restrictive than the factory air box with a sporty sound.   Support bracket included.

  • 318 (1.8L) P/N 13714330E36

  • 318 (1.9L) P/N 1371Z360



recharger15.JPG (33459 bytes)

K&N Filter Service Kit

12 ounce K&N air filter cleaner, 6.5 ounces K&N oil and instructions for servicing in one convenient package.

P/N 1372995050





 bigthrottlebody.gif (10701 bytes)

Big Bore Throttle Bodies

Bore size enlarged 3mm for a 10% increase in butterfly area. Quicker acceleration, more torque and acceleration through mid range and top end. Most effective when combined with upgraded intake, free flow exhaust and upgraded computer chip. Sold on an exchange basis.

M3, 325 P/N 116106036 (core P/N 116160CORE)



Schrick Performance Intake Manifold for BMW M52 2.8 & 3.2




On the M52 engines BMW uses one intake manifold design for engine capacities from 2.0 to 3.2 liters (U.S. Models 328 and 3.2 M3). These manifolds produce excellent torque but in the larger capacity engines they don't supply sufficient flow at higher rpm. This is especially noticeable on engines modified for increased power. 

Schrick's goal was to design a manifold which would provide increased performance at higher rpm's without sacrificing low end torque. They accomplished this using 3D-CAD software to optimized flow at all rpm ranges. The new manifold design includes changes in the intake runner diameter, length and shape, the air plenum chamber has been enlarged for greater capacity, and the injectors have been moved closer to the ports.

Schrick dyno tests on the 2.8L engine showed a 14HP increase with no other modifications. A larger increase is expected in the 3.2 engines. Further gains are possible with the computer programming, performance cams, free flow exhausts, cylinder head modifications, etc.

The Schrick manifold is made with a removable plenum cover which allows access for porting and polishing for further air flow increases.  The manifold is a direct bolt-on upgrade for the 2.8 and 3.2 liter engines. Installation Time: Approximately 3 hours.  P/N 1161160017




Performance Cat-Back Exhaust Systems


Top quality design and construction from Austria reduces back pressure up to 80% for more power and improved MPG. Warranty is 24 months with no mileage limit. The DTM (Deutche Touring Championship) style has two round upswept 70mm stainless steel tips.  The new style DTM tips are upswept but are more angular in appearance.  Once piece construction for precise fit. 



Remus Standard DTM Tips

Remus New Style DTM Tips

E36 M3, 328, 325



Also Available:  Remus Sport Exhaust Systems with twin 90mm tips (chrome or carbon fiber) or twin 92mm X 78mm oval tips (chrome or carbon fiber), inquire.







Dyno tested for maximum power with up to 30% more flow than factory systems.  

Stainless steel inner components, aluminized and black powder coated exterior for long service life.  

E36 325,328, M3 Dual DTM tips P/N  1883783666

Shown:  twin round tips








Ansa Performance Exhaust-325

Dyno tested, deep sport sound, but measured in decibels, no louder than stock. Free flowing, premium construction with stainless steel baffles and dual 76mm stainless steel tips. One piece construction for factory fit. Three year unlimited mileage warranty.                           

E36 325 P/N 18BW9127



Ceramic Thermal Barrier Coating

The ceramic coating provides superior corrosion protection, stain resistance, increased gas velocity and combustion chamber stabilization. Even if scratched or chipped its unique self-sacrificial properties won't allow oxides to form under the coating. Unlike other coatings, both the inside and outside of the exhaust manifold is coated. Expect underhood temperatures to be reduced significantly.

E36 M3, 328, 325 P/N 182110016

E36 318 P/N 182110014


Korman Adjustable Short Shift Kit

  • Adjusts in minutes from inside your car

  • Accepts original or aftermarket gearshift knobs

  • Assembled unit saves on installation time

  • Adjustment locking mechanism

  • Replaceable, self-lubricating bushings

  • Includes shifter cup bushings and complete instructions

  • Easily installs in less than an hour

All E36 P/N 25250001


Heavy-Duty Transmission Mounts

For competition type driving we strongly recommend our full engine and transmission mount kit, but for more moderate use you may change the transmission mounts only. The purpose of these mounts is to reduce transmission/gearshift pattern movement and minimize the chance of selecting the wrong gear.

E36 325, 328, M3 P/N 23233136


Sachs Heavy Duty Clutch Components

 Modified engines, turbos, superchargers, and wider tires place an increased load on clutch components. Heavier duty assemblies are highly recommended. We use only new Sachs clutch parts, no rebuilt units. Sachs is the original equipment supplier for BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Etc.

Heavy-Duty Pressure plates feature a 20% increase in clamping force.  Heavy-Duty Clutch discs are manufactured with a high performance friction material and stronger springs.




Heavy-Duty Sport Pressure Plates

Heavy-Duty Sport Discs

Release Bearing

E36 M3 3.0




3.2 2121999698A    

Sachs Original Equipment Clutch Components (standard duty)


Pressure Plates


Release Bearing

E36 325









SACHS Replacement Clutch Kits

Comes with Sachs pressure plate, Sachs clutch disc, Sachs release bearing and disc alignment tool.
318i/318is P/N 2121 0 000 006
325i/325is >95, 1999 323i, 1998-1999 323is P/N 2121 0 000 013
E36 M3 3.0l P/N 2121 0 000 011
E36 M3 3.2L P/N 2121 0 000 012 


Aluminum Flywheels

The factory dual mass flywheel weighs 27.6 lbs. The Korman Aluminum Flywheel weighs just 10.4 lbs. This reduction in rotating mass (17.2 lbs.) allows your engine to accelerate faster at all Rpm's. Our flywheel is precision machined on the latest numerical control lathes to ensure highest possible accuracy. Constructed of high strength heat treated aluminum with a replaceable steel friction surface. Kit includes aluminum flywheel, anti-galling plate, and special flywheel bolts. Unbeatable when combined with our Sachs Sport Clutch Kits (above), and is also compatible with the original factory clutch set.

  • E36 M3 (3.0L), 328 (240 mm) P/N 11121890K

  • E36 M3 97>3.2L P/N 11121892K

  • E36 325 (228 mm) P/N 11121900K

Korman 50% and 75% Limited Slip Differential Conversions

If you race, autocross, rally, do BMW driving schools, or otherwise tend to push your car to the limit, let us convert your 25% limited slip differential to 50% or 75%  limited slip. Wheel spin is reduced or eliminated, improving track times significantly. Additionally, the reduction in internal slippage lowers lubricant temperatures, helping prolong bearing life. The conversion requires special machining at our facility, making it necessary for you to ship your differential to us for modification.  Your salesperson can help you decide which percentage is right for you.

75% Limited Slip Conversion P/N 33126375 

50% Limited Slip Conversion P/N 33126350 (price when done with gear change, rebuild or similar)


Optional Differential Gear Ratios

Korman recommended optional gear change ratios for increased acceleration and acceptable RPM per mile:

Model (E36)

Stock Gear Ratio

Recommended Ratio

318iS, Ti Manual Transmission



318iS, Ti, Automatic Trans



325 Manual Transmission



328 Manual Transmission



325/328 Automatic Transmission



M3 3.0



M3 3.2 , Auto and Lightweight



E36 M3/325/328 Available Gear Ratios

318iS/Ti Available Gear Ratios





































Call for pricing information on your model

*May require pinion flange change at additional cost


Transmission and Differential Rebuilding

Who can you trust to rebuild your transmission or differential? In addition to performance upgrades, Korman Autoworks can rebuild your drivetrain components to BMW factory specifications. We have the special tools and expertise to do the job right, and provide a 2 year, 24,000 mile warranty.* 

  • E36 325 (200/250G 5 speed) Transmission Rebuild P/N 23231700

  • E36 M3 5 Speed Transmission rebuild P/N 23231902

  • E36 325, 328, M3 Differential Rebuild P/N   33126036


BMW Motorsport CSL/Group N Rear Spoiler/Wing Kit

As seen on IMSA M3's and the U.S. M3 Lightweight model. Produces enough down force to alter rear spring rates on track cars. Available in two heights.

Standard Height Rear Wing P/N 51712E36002

High Rear Wing (includes spacers) P/N 51712E36001

BMW Motorsport CSL/Group N Front Splitter/Spoiler Kit

Adustable extension for a variety of conditions.  As supplied on the M3 Lightweight.  Complete kit with steel mounting brackets. Fits M3 only.

P/N 51112264036




Lightweight Competition Body Parts (all E36)


Designed to be pinned in place, no provisions for hinges or latches.

Kevlar (12 lbs.) P/N 41336325C

Fiberglass (17 lbs.) P/N 41336325

Fiberglass Front Fenders

Left P/N 4135336LF

Right P/N 4135336RF

M3 Style Fiberglass Front Bumper Cover/Spoiler

Fits 318/325/328 and M3.

P/N 413536FB

Lightweight Aluminum Doors

As supplied on the M3 CSL Lightweight. Saves 70 lbs. over stock steel doors. Supplied with special door mount brackets necessary for installation. Fits all E36 except 318Ti and Z3.

P/N 41350036L and 41350036R

E36 Gauge Console Set

Injection molded in black plastic to match interior. Replaces sunglasses tray in center dash with a 3 gauge console set. Kit includes console, oil pressure gauge, oil temperature gauge, voltmeter gauge, sending units and wiring.

P/N 62110876



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