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 M30 "Big Six" Complete Engines

2.5, 2.8, 3.0, 3.3, 3.5, 3.7 Liter

 Korman offers 4 basic rebuilding configurations for the M30 engine, Stock, Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stroker Engines. All our street engines come with a 2 year/24,000 mile warranty.

All the listed engine packages are 50 State emissions legal unless otherwise noted

Stock Rebuilds

Our stock rebuilds are assembled to BMW specifications by our experienced and dedicated technicians rather than off a mass production assembly line. Korman engines are assembled with meticulous craftsmanship, precise machining, and detailed blueprinting. All of our boring is done with a torque plate for exceptional bore roundness and long engine life. These hand built engines are available at prices comparable to a factory reman units which offer only 12 month/12,000 mile warranties.

2.8/3.0 liter carbureted P/N 11006000

2.8/3.0 liter fuel injected P/N 11006010


Stage 1 Engines

Korman Stage 1 Fuel Injected Engine-2.8/3.0 Liter

Our Stage 1 rebuild will provide a moderate increase in power through the use of our proven performance techniques. Special valve and valve seat work, increased compression, Korman-Stahl Headers and Stage 1 cylinder head porting will net a gain of 20-25 HP depending on model. 

2.8/3.0 liter P/N 11006110

Stage 1 Engine-Carbureted-2.8/3.0 Liter

We utilize a moderate increase in compression ratio, special valve and valve seat work, a special distributor, sport coil and Stahl headers to obtain maximum efficiency and performance from the stock camshaft. Horsepower is up from 170-180 (depending on model) to 205 HP. I you have had some of the usual headaches with the Solex (euro 5,6,7 series) or Zenith (2800, 3.0, Bavaria, CS models) you may with to fit our Weber 32/36 downdraft conversion. The package includes all necessary linkage, hoses, fittings, and air cleaners. Single carb Solex models will require a different intake manifold and additional linkage pieces. Please specify year and model.

Stage 1 Carbureted (original carb) P/N 11006100

With Weber 32/36 DGAV Conversion P/N 11006114

With Weber 32/36 DGAV Conversion (with manifolds and special linkage) P/N 11006115


Stage 2 Engines

Stage 2 Engine-Fuel Injected-2.8/3.0

These engines include the Schrick 284 camshaft for power ratings of 235-250 horsepower depending on model. Stage 2 porting and polishing, Korman Rocker Arms, dual valve springs, chrome alloy valve spring retainers, oiling system modifications and stage 2 connecting rods also included.

~Not emissions legal~

2.8/3.0 liters P/N 1106220


Stage 2 Engine-Carbureted

Our most popular performance rebuild for carbureted M30 engines. Produces 250 smooth, reliable horsepower (3.5 liters).

Parts Include:

  • Triple Weber 40 DCOE carburetor kit with Korman 1 piece intake manifold

  • Korman K-300 Camshaft

  • Mahle High Compression Pistons

  • Korman Rocker Arms

  • Stahl Headers

  • Performance Distributor (where applicable)

  • Bosch Sport Coil 

These engines also receive our Stage 2 cylinder head porting and polishing, Stage 2 connecting rods, and engine oiling system modifications. Substituting the Schrick 284 cam yields 240 HP (3.0 liter), 250 HP (3.3 liter), and 260 HP (3.5 liter).

~Not emissions legal~

2.8/3.0 liter P/N 11006200



Another way of gaining horsepower and torque without affecting emissions is to increase the displacement of the M30 engine. This option is available with all of our rebuilds, please call us with your needs.

Required main components:

  • 2.5/2.8 to 3.3-block and crankshaft

  • 3.0 to 3.3-crankshaft

  • 3.3 to 3.5-block and crankshaft

  • 3.5 to 3.7-crankshaft and conversion parts


All Korman engines are priced built on your good core



M30 Engine Components



Camshafts and Valvetrain Components

These are Schrick's street performance cams. All give a strong increase in power across the full rev range while retaining a smooth idle. They do not require cutting for additional piston/valve clearance. They are designed to perform with the BMW original fuel injection systems.

Schrick performance camshafts are not emissions legal. Sold for off road use only.

M30 Schrick Camshafts

Schrick 282-282 duration, 10.6 mm lift. Smooth idle, no internal engine modifications necessary. Dual valve springs, chrome alloy retainers required. Performance chip strongly suggested.

>9/83 P/N 11316282

Korman K-300 Camshafts

These popular reground camshafts feature 300 duration, 9.4 mm of lift. Capable of 240+ HP in carbureted M30 engines.

>1984 P/N 11316300

Core Charge P/N 1131CORE

Offset Adjustable Cam Gear

Resurfacing the cylinder head retards the camshaft timing. Use this gear to advance it back to specification. Machined for 1,3,5 and 7 degrees of offset. Can also be used to fine tune the power band of the engine.

M30 > 10/78 P/N 11316006

Camshaft Installation Kits

  • M30 6 Cyl. Stage 1

Includes cast alloy rocker arms, dual valve springs, and chrome alloy retainers. P/N 11396430

Valvetrain Components

Korman Rocker Arms

Lightened cast alloy rocker arms, contoured, peened and polished. Radiused to clear valve spring retainers with high lift cams. Sold each.

M30 6 Cyl. P/N 1133K256229

Korman Racing Rocker Arms

Similar to above, fully polished arm, pads micropolished.

M30 6 Cyl. P/N 1133R256229

Aluminum Rocker Arm Locks

Designed to eliminate both the early style high tension and late style low tension rockershaft springs. Locks rocker arm into place with less friction loss than the OEM rockershaft springs. Minimizes the chance of broken rocker arms from rockershaft spring deflection. Weight is 20.8 grams each. Sold each.

P/N 11341M10M30

High Performance Dual Valve Springs

Includes center damper spring sleeve. Long life with revs to 7600 RPM. Will fit over 79> small valve seals. Must update guides and seals on older heads. No cylinder head machining required. Fits all M30 and M20 engines. M20 requires use of our titanium valve spring retainers, below.

P/N 11341204

Schrick Racing Valve Springs

Made to sustain very high spring pressures, very high cam lift, and extended high RPM. Will maintain original tension four or five times longer than any other spring that we tested for BMW engines. Use with titanium retainers, sold each. Fits M10 and M20 engines.

P/N 11341028 (inner and outer set, each)

Titanium Valve Spring Retainers

About half the weight and twice as strong as steel. Used in all our Stage 3, 4, and race engines. Weight is 12.5 grams each.

For Korman Dual Valve Springs-M30 P/N 11342002

For Schrick Racing Valve Springs-M30 P/N 11341029

Chrome Alloy Steel Valve Spring Retainers

Stronger than stock, used in all our Stage 2 engines. Weight is 21.5 grams each.

P/N 11342001

Korman BMW Valves

Note: M20 engines manufactured before 12/86 have 40 mm intake and 34 mm exhaust valves. Upgrading to the sizes below offers a nice increase in flow, provided your cylinder head ports are enlarged to take advantage of the bigger valves.

Swirl polished, profiled, and radiused for improved flow.

M30 4 cyl.

46 mm intake P/N 1134K257592

38 mm exhaust P/N 1134K250129

Alpina Valves-M30

Special alloy, polished dished design.

  • 47 mm intake P/N 11341140

  • 39 mm exhaust P/N 11341144

Special BIG Racing Valves-M30

Special 47 mm alloy intake valve (stock is 46 mm). Fits stock valve seat, features dished design with polished surface.

P/N 11344140

Pistons and Connecting Rods

High Compression Pistons

In addition to standard pistons, we offer the following special pistons. All piston sets include rings, pins and clips. You must provide your bore size when ordering.

M30 9.1:1 P/N 112508258

Lightweight Piston Pins

Similar to those used in our racing pistons. Nice addition to any engine job. Ten to twenty percent lighter than stock pins, suitable for full race or street applications.

M30 6 Cyl. P/N 1125K712198

Korman Modified Connecting Rods

Lightened, balanced, peened, sized, rebushed, and alignment checked. About 8% lighter than stock rods. Shipped complete with new rod bolts and nuts. Sold on an exchange basis.

M30 All (each) P/N LAB11241201

Korman Lightweight Competition Connecting Rods

Designed for full race use, equally suitable for the street. Super strong and light alloy composition reduces the rotating mass of your engine, reduces stress forces at high RPM. About 25% lighter than stock, can be ordered in stock sizes or custom lengths for special applications.

M30 6 Cyl. (550 grams) P/N 11241500

Heavy Duty Alternator Bushings

Replace your soft stock rubber bushings with these heavy-duty units.

Long P/N 12311268432 (2) required

Short P/N 12311268433 (2) required



E3/E9 Oiling System Improvements


Spin-On Oil Filter Conversion

Eliminates the mess and difficulty of changing the cartridge filter. Replaces your cartridge oil filter with an easy spin-on filter. Bolt on conversion, ready to install. Uses Fram HP-2 filters.

All E3/E9 through '76 P/N 11410076

Replacement Filters P/N 1141HP2



Engine Oiling System Modifications

Modification to the crankshaft and main bearings increase bottom end oil pressure, prevent oil from pooling in the cylinder head at continuous high RPM operation. Kit includes special main bearings, new oil pump with sprocket and hardware. You must ship your crankshaft to us for modification.

M30 6 Cyl. P/N 11411306

Oil Cooler Kits

Our stacked plate design coolers provide as much as 9 times the surface area as conventional tube type units.

Korman Remote Oil Cooler Kits

Includes cooler, remote filter adapter, remote filter mount, filter, all necessary hoses, clamps and fittings.

3"x11" Oil Cooler Kit P/N 11426002

5.75"x11" Oil Cooler Kit P/N 11426003

Korman Competition Oil Cooler Kit

Includes oil cooler, aircraft type aluminum fittings, stainless steel braided #10 hose, remote adapter, remote oil filter mount, filter.

3"x11" Oil Cooler Kit P/N 11426100

5.75"x11" Oil Cooler Kit P/N 11426200

Heavy-Duty Remote Oil Filter Mount

Extra strength for the most demanding situations. Housing machined from billet aluminum, red anodized finish. Includes AN 10 fittings, AN 12 available on request.

P/N 1142900004

Remote Adaptor Block-Off Plate

As included in our kits above.  

P/N  114205476

Oil Thermostat

Works with the above oil cooler kits to facilitate quicker engine warm up.

P/N 11420111 (for Korman Remote Kits 002 and 003)

P/N 11420222 (For Korman Competition Kits, AN 10 fittings)

Korman recommends Redline Synthetic Lubricants for your BMW




Korman Roadsport Suspension Systems

Our best selling suspension package is comfortable enough for daily use, yet provides substantially improved handling for winding roads and weekend club events. Kit includes:

-Front and Rear Bilstein Heavy Duty Valved Shocks

-Front and rear sway bars with polyurethane bushings (rear bar adjustable)

-Four lowering springs



Build Date

Sway Bar Size

Height Reduction


2500, 2800, 3.0, Bavaria















Upper Decamber Plates

A pair of hardened aluminum plates complete with studs and bolts for easy installation. Improves front camber by about 3/4 degree.

2500, 2800, 3.0CS, Si, Bavaria to '74 P/N 31062055

Upper Support Bearings

2500, 2800, 3.0 P/N 31331101663

Rear Subframe Camber/Toe Assembly

Our eccentrics allow adjustment of rear wheel camber and toe in just a matter of minutes. Enables the restoration of factory specified alignment settings, adjustable for racing. Sold on an exchange basis.

P/N 33203567 (camber or toe only, x 2 for both)

Polyurethane Rear Trailing Arm Bushings

Replaces your soft stock rubber bushings. Kit includes set of 4 bushings and metal sleeves.

P/N 332202204


E9 Strut Tower Brace 

Our strut brace has a brushed stainless steel cross bar with billet aluminum ends. There are NO swivels or hinges. It fits all E9 coupes both with carburetors and fuel injection. The stock air cleaners fit well with the Zenith carburetors but with the Weber DGV down drafts the stock air cleaner hits the strut brace. We suggest using the smaller individual air cleaners with Weber DGV conversion. P/N 31361009


Rear Shock Tower Brace/Battery Mount Kit

Triangulates and reinforces rear shock towers (load bearing on the E9 chassis) and provides secure battery mount for relocation.

P/N 33525COUPE



Ferodo Performance Brake Pads

Developed as a non-asbestos street alternative. Formulated with metallic fibers and other inorganic substances that yield a high friction level with good resistance to fade and wear. This competition grade compound is completely suitable for normal street use as the friction level is affected very little by temperature.

2500, 2800, 3.0CS, S, Si, Bavaria Front P/N FDB34

3.0 CS, Si, Bavaria Rear P/N FDB162


Korman High Performance Brake Rotors

Available in either a computer controlled crossdrilled version with the holes chamfered to the wear limit, or in a computer controlled gas slotted version with the gas ports milled to the wear limit. Our rotors are then finish plated with cadmium. While nothing beats the appearance of crossdrilled rotors, we suggest using the gas slotted versions for true high performance and track use due to superior wear rates and brake cooling. Please specify crossdrilled or gas slotted when ordering.


Front Rotor

Rear Rotor

All 2500, 2800, 3.0 and Bavaria Front


Special Order Only

Other Brake Components


Stainless Steel/Teflon Brake Lines

Essential for driving schools and highly recommended for all high performance driving. Provides stronger pedal, improved modulation under hard brake usage. Eliminates expansion associated with rubber lines. Kit includes a full set of 6 lines.

All E3/E9 P/N 34321016


Super Blue Racing Brake Fluid

A non-silicone high performance dot 4 brake fluid designed for the extreme demands of motor racing, yet perfectly suited for street applications. Sold in 1 liter cans.



Super Blue

Dot 4

Dry Boiling Point



Wet Boiling Point




Weber Downdraft Conversion-2.5, 2.8, Bavaria, 3.0, CS

Two Weber twin choke downdraft carbs bolt to your stock manifold to replace those troublesome, hard to tune and expensive to repair Zeniths. Our kit includes a water heated choke mechanism that connects to the original Zenith water choke fittings. The progressive linkage gives excellent fuel mileage. The mechanically operated secondary opens quicker than the vacuum controlled Zenith and provides smooth quick acceleration. We do not represent this as a high performance conversion. The throttle area of these Webers is not greater than the Zeniths. You get easy tuning, low maintenance, fuel economy, and quick initial throttle response but for more horsepower you must use the side draft Webers. This has been a very popular kit and most customers just wish they had installed them sooner!

Includes two DGAV carburetors, base gaskets, two idle solenoid valves, complete linkage assembly, top quality air cleaners, fuel lines, water hoses and clamps. Detailed instructions are provided.

P/N 13006002

Air filter housing adapter plates-Allows use of original air filter assembly. 2 required.

P/N 99004.350


Triple Weber 40 DCOE Sidedraft Conversion-M30

Three sidedraft 40DCOE carburetors on a special manifold completely change the character of your 6 cylinder sedan or coupe. There is an awesome amount of torque and horsepower in every big six and this package brings it all out. This kit produces astonishing results with a completely stock, unmodified engine. When combined with our headers and mechanical advance distributor you realize even more of your engine's potential. Not for the timid! You should definitely consider suspension and brake modifications to utilize this power safely.

Includes three Weber 40 DCOE sidedraft carburetors, Korman 1 piece intake manifold with balance ports, complete linkage assembly, choke cable, top quality air cleaners, fuel line, fittings, water hoses, water by-pass pipe, and detailed instructions. Will perform well with automatic transmission. Korman will custom jet your kit to match your engine as closely as possible, please provide all the details about your engine when ordering.

Triple Weber 40DCOE Kit P/N 13406006


Triple Weber 45 DCOE Sidedraft Conversion-M30

Same complete kit as the 40 DCOE kit above but with 45 DCOE Webers. Not suitable for stock 2500, 2800, 3.0 or 3.3 engines. Application is for stock and modified 3.5 engines and very high output 3.0 and 3.3 engines. Requires extensive porting to heads and manifolds.

Triple Weber 45 DCOE Sidedraft P/N 13456009


Triple Sidedraft Modified Thermostat Housing

The stock thermostat housing does not have sufficient clearance once the Weber carbs are installed. We offer this modified housing which replaces the original unit without any clearance problems.

P/N 1153K278187

Carburetor Accessories

Stainless Steel Braided Fuel Line

Assembled, ready to install stainless steel fuel lines with aircraft type fittings. Includes fuel filter and standard fuel pressure regulator. (pictured above)

M30 P/N 13006125


Electronic Fuel Pump

Reliable and compact electronic fuel pumps designed for use with Weber carburetors. Complete with hose fittings and wiring instructions. Must be used with fuel pressure regulator.

P/N 13912FPMP


Standard Fuel Pressure Regulator

Adjustable from 1-5 psi. When used with the above pump it delivers the correct flow and pressure and quick surge capacity for high performance engines. Packaged complete with brass fuel fittings.

P/N 13310600


Bypass Fuel Pressure Regulator

Permits use of original fuel injection electrical fuel pump with carburetor conversions. Must be used between original fuel pump and before standard fuel pressure regulator.

P/N 13310700



Synchronizes your multiple carburetors to assure best performance, economy, and emissions. Simple precision device enables quick and accurate tuning. Complete with instructions.

P/N 13314025



Not only balances multiple carbs but it is also calibrated to measure air flow in kilograms per hour. Imported form West Germany. For all Weber and SK carbs.

P/N 13314026





K & N Filterchargers


Complete Filter with Chrome Housing


Weber 32/36 DGV/DGAV/DGEV

4.5" x 7" oval


-Replacement Element



Weber 32/36 DGV/DGAV/DGEV

5.5" x 9" oval


-Replacement Element




4.5" x 7" oval



4.5" x 7" oval


-Replacement Element for 40/45 DCOE

4.5" x 7" oval



K & N Filterchargers for Stock Air Boxes

2500 69-71, 2800 69-71, 3.0CS, Si 72-76

Fits Stock Air Box

13722630 (2 required)


K & N Accessories

K & N Accessories


K & N Cleaner 32 oz.


K & N Oil 8 oz.


K & N Sealing Grease



UNI Air Cleaners

The original "POD" air filter. Cylindrical foam element. A heavy gauge steel spring maintains shape and prevents collapsing. Our dyno tests have proven this filter produces higher horsepower than the Lynx or K & N. Heavy rubber base with stainless steel clamp fits securely over air horns. Use one filter per carburetor.

UNI Air Cleaner 40 DCOE (sold each)

P/N 13720WK40

UNI Air Cleaner 45 DCOE (sold each)

P/N 13720WK45


ITG Air Filters

This new air filter permits use of short air horns inside for improved power. The red fiberglass reinforced plastic frame is covered with two layers of foam for a two stage filtering process. It seals better than the Lynx type filter and provides greater flow. Fits both Weber and SK side draft carbs. From England.


ITG Single Air Filter 40mm

P/N 13720640

ITG Single Air Filter 45mm

P/N 13720645

ITG Single Air Filter 50mm

P/N 13720650


Lynx Air Cleaners

A high quality foam element/chrome mesh air cleaner made in Australia, specially designed to clear the BMW brake booster assemblies. After extensive testing we found no other unit to come close in function and appearance. The filter element can be cleaned and re-used and we also stock replacement elements. Use one filter per carburetor.

 Lynx Air Filter for DGV or DGAV Weber

P/N 13720432

Lynx Air Filter for 40 DCOE Weber

P/N 13720440

Lynx Air Filter for 45 DCOE Weber

P/N 13720445

Lynx Replacement Element DGV, DGAV, and DCOE

P/N 13720050 /15


Factory Weber Service Manual - 32/36 DGV, DGAV

P/N 99000.400

Factory Weber Service Manual - DCOE Series

P/N 99000.800

HP Weber Manual (all models)

P/N 99001.393

Korman stocks many hard to find Weber Carburetor parts including rebuild kits, chokes, jets, etc. Call us with your needs!


E3/E9 Exhaust

Korman-Stahl Headers

These high quality headers provide a 6-10% power increase on stock engines, much more on high performance engines. Engineered for trouble free fit and long service. Also available with ceramic thermal barrier coating (described below) for additional performance, durability and improved appearance.


1 1/4"

1 3/8"

1 1/2" High Perf.

2800, 3.0, 3.0CS, Bavaria

18215114 (1)

18215138 (1)

18215150 (2)

Notes: (1) Connector length to the center resonator pipe must be shortened. If a 4 speed model has been converted to a 5 speed, must trim the edge of the transmission support bracket. (2) Only for 3.0, 3.3, 3.5 engines over 270HP, must radius edge of engine casting for clearance.

Exhaust Manifold Porting

A careful porting and polishing of the exhaust manifolds. We then precisely mate the exhaust manifold gaskets to the exhaust manifold for maximum flow. Especially effective with Ceramic Thermal Barrier Coating. An excellent alternative where headers are not an option.

All 6 cylinder P/N LAB18213006

Ceramic Thermal Barrier Coating

From Aerospace technology comes this oven baked metallic/ceramic finish that is far superior to ordinary header paints. In salt spray testing where high temperature paints lasted 40-50 hours, the ceramic coating lasted over 5,000 hours. The ceramic thermal barrier finish also coats the inside of the pipe. The thermal barrier will reduce underhood temperatures and testing has shown horsepower gains due to combustion chamber stabilization and increased gas velocity.

All 6 cylinder P/N 182110016


Korman Adjustable Short Shift Kit

Let's you select the shifter throw that suits your needs

  • Adjusts in minutes from inside your car

  • Accepts original or aftermarket gearshift knobs

  • Assembled unit saves on installation time

  • Adjustment locking mechanism

  • Replaceable, self-lubricating bushings

  • Includes shifter cup bushings and complete instructions

  • Easily installs in less than an hour

All E3/E9 with new style shifter P/N 25250004


Lightweight Steel Flywheels

Precision machined and balanced steel flywheel. 35% lighter for reduced inertia and more rapid acceleration. Sold on an exchange basis.

All E3/E9 P/N 11220006


Aluminum Flywheels

Precision machined on the latest numerical control lathes to ensure highest possible accuracy. Constructed of high strength, heat-treated aluminum, with a steel friction surface retained by aircraft structural screws. The insert is stress relieved, blanchard ground, precision drilled, countersunk, and heat-treated. It is far superior to spray-on type friction surfaces and can be replaced when worn. Kit includes aluminum flywheel, flywheel bolts and anti-galling plate. Total flywheel weight is 8.9 lb.

All E3/E9 P/N 11121840K

Flywheel Bolts (always replace flywheel bolts when replacing the flywheel)

All E3/E9 P/N 11220616142


Sachs High Performance Clutch Components

We sell only quality SACHS clutch components. Heavy duty pressure plates feature increased clamping force for better performance with high horsepower engines, bigger tires, etc. The heavy duty light weight pressure plates feature the same increase in clamping force but the center plate, normally cast iron, is replaced with lightweight aluminum for even better performance. Heavy Duty Sport Discs feature a performance grade friction surface which is both riveted and bonded for greater strength.


Heavy Duty Pressure Plate

Heavy Duty Light Weight Pressure Plate

Heavy Duty Disc

Release Bearing

All E3/E9





Stock Clutch Kits

All new (no reman) kits include stock pressure plate, disc and release bearing.

3.0, 3.0CS, S, Si,Bavaria '74> P/N 2121000004

Guibo Update Kit

Allows replacing the weak solid rubber flex disc with the new style reinforced type. Replaces BMW P/N 26111107832. New style guibo and all necessary hardware included. Manual transmission only.

72-76 Bavaria, 3.0, 3.0 CS, Si, S P/N 26111UPDATE


5 Speed Overdrive Conversion Kit

These complete kits allow you to install a later model five-speed overdrive gearbox into your early model four-speed BMW. The first four gears are nearly identical ratios as your original four-speed. The additional fifth gear drops engine speed about 20% for improved fuel mileage and less engine wear.

Our kit includes the BMW remanufactured five-speed gearbox and necessary shift linkage, shift support and shifter bushings. The price includes the cost of shortening and re-balancing your present driveshaft which you must ship to us.

Complete 5 speed Overdrive Conversion P/N 232350300

Korman Manual Gearbox Rebuild

2 year/24,000 mile warranty

We rebuild your gearbox using only BMW original parts. Includes new bearings, synchronizers, seals, gaskets and labor.

P/N 23231600


Korman Standard Differential Rebuild

2 year/24,000 mile warranty

Differentials with normal wear don't usually require the replacement of the ring and pinion gears. Our standard rebuild includes complete disassembly, through cleaning, close inspection of all parts, replacement of all bearings, seals gaskets, crush sleeve and lock ring. Includes meticulous attention to correct gear lash, gear contact, precise pre-load of bearings and exact torque specifications. We expect our rebuilds to last well over 100,000 miles. Note: UPS can pick up and deliver your differential at your door!

Early Style Differential Rebuild (sideloader) P/N 33126000

Korman 75% Limited Slip Differential Conversion

If you race, autocross, rally, do BMW driving schools, or otherwise tend to push your car to the limit, let us convert your 25% limited slip differential to 75% limited slip. Wheel spin is reduced or eliminated, improving track times significantly. Additionally, the reduction in internal slippage lowers lubricant temperatures, helping prolong bearing life. The conversion requires special machining at our facility, making it necessary for you to ship your differential to us for modification.

75% Limited Slip Conversion P/N 33126375

Quaife Automatic Torque-Biasing Limited Slip Units

Already used in Formula 1, IMSA, SCCA and Pro Rally applications, Quaife Automatic Torque Biasing Limited Slip Units are now available for your BMW. Quaife units utilize a gear driven mechanical process to direct power at an infinitely variable rate (as opposed to a fixed 25%, 40% or 75% rate) to the wheel with the most traction. Unlike the more complicated and fragile Torsen design and the BMW OEM clutch pack limited slip units which tend to transfer power abruptly, the Quaife units are simple and rugged in design and provide a very smooth power transfer between the two driven wheels. Quaife units have proven to make as much a one second per mile difference in lap times on road courses. We can provide you with the unit for your own installation, or install it here in our facility.

P/N 3314690xx

Optional Ratio Differential Gear Sets

"My first BMW, a 1964 1800 TISA four door sedan regularly beat the performance sport cars of its day in autocrosses: E-Jaguars, Lotus Elans, Corvettes, MG Twin Cams, Porsche Super 90's, and more than a few 911's! Along with very minor engine changes, a good suspension package, wider wheels and tires, and a close ratio gearbox, my most effective "speed secret" was the change to a 4.75 gear set!"

Ray Korman


Call us for recommendations, pricing and more information on upgrading your differential.

Korman Autoworks recommends Redline Synthetic Lubricants for your BMW



Engine Bay Decal Sets

A set of engine bay decals to refresh your Coupe’s engine bay. Perfect for dressing up your engine bay or when you repaint your engine bay. Please provide your VIN number, paint color code and if your Coupe2 has air conditioning when ordering. P/N 51 DECAL 3.0CS   

Hood Insulation Kits

Our self adhesive hood insulation kits are pre-cut and feature a mylar outer layer for ease of cleaning, long life, and improved appearance. Self sticking adhesive backing. State model of car when ordering.

P/N 41110999 


Quartz Halogen Headlight Conversions

For off road and racing applications only. Competition proven by rally racers and off road racers around the world.


  • Replaceable Halogen bulb, non-sealed

  • Lead Crystal Lens

  • Metal aluminum-coated reflect reflector


  • Produces more light than tungsten sealed beams

  • Precision optics, projects the light right where you need it

  • Reflects 100% of the light produced by the Halogen bulb

Direct plug-in replacements for your sealed beam units. No additional wiring required.

High Beam 5 3/4" round, 4 headlight system P/N 71456

Low Beam 5 3/4" round, 4 headlight system P/N 71156


The Cockpit Line introduced the motoring world to new standards of accuracy and reliability with styling designed to enhance any instrument panel. This full line of instruments features matte black faces, white characters and red pointers. Efficient illumination provides instant day or night readability. Whatever instrumentation your automobile or driving style requires, you will find it in the VDO Cockpit Line. Bulb covers are available to match your existing gauge illumination.

Oil Temperature - to 300 degrees F, 2 1/16"

Sending Unit (Replaces oil pan plug)

P/N 62310012

P/N 62323066

Water Temperature - to 250 degrees F, 2 1/16"

Sending Unit

P/N 62310039

P/N 62323055

Oil Pressure Electrical - to 150 psi, 2 1/16" diameter

Double Sending Unit (permits use of original warning light)

Adapter (1970 models on) Coarse

Adapter (up to 1969 models) Fine

P/N 62350041

P/N 62360023

P/N 62240043

P/N 62240041

Voltmeter - 0 to 12 volt DC, 2 1/16"

P/N 62332041

Wiring Kit

P/N 62240023

Cylinder Head Temperature - to 600 degrees F, 2 1/16"

Wiring Kit

Sending Units (fits 14mm spark plug)

P/N 62310901

P/N 62240701

P/N 62323701

Turbo Vacuum/Boost Gauge - 30" Vacuum to 15 psi Boost 2 1/16"

Installation Kit

P/N 62150061

P/N 62150851

Mounting Cup (fits all gauges listed above)

P/N 62240100

Korman Autoworks, Inc. 2629 Randleman Rd. Greensboro, NC USA 27406