Revive Your BMW: Expert Restoration Services 

Replace it or rebuild it? Your BMW has given you many years of faithful service but is starting to show its age. Not quite the acceleration it used to have, a suspension that doesn’t feel as tight at is used to, and a door ding collection that keeps growing. Oh, and that coffee stain from when the car was new that you never got around to having cleaned.

A new BMW is quite an investment, and the depreciation can exceed the monthly payment. A used car is just that, used. You know your car, and you think it’s sound enough to warrant an investment, but you want to be assured of the results.

You should consider letting Korman Autoworks restore your BMW to like new or better-than-new condition. We’ve restored just about every model of BMW, even newer models you wouldn’t think would be candidates for this type of work. The types of restoration we perform include daily drivers, hot street cars, vintage racers & show cars. Our reputation for attention to detail has led many customers to ship cars to us from other countries for restoration. We can provide you with a car that will reward you with many more years of enjoyment and reliable service.

If you’re unsure whether your BMW is worth the effort, we encourage you to get it to us for an assessment. The cost is minimal and there’s no obligation to proceed if you decide not to. The end result of our assessment is a detailed estimate (usually provided to you on a spreadsheet so we both have room to make notes in the margins) so you can see exactly what needs to be done and the associated costs. It’s the best way we know to help you make an informed decision.




We welcome and encourage your involvement in the process of returning your BMW to its former glory. This is the best way to ensure that the finished product is exactly what you expect. Mechanical restorations can be done in as little as a few weeks, and full restorations can take up to 12 months or longer depending on their scope. Most customers have some definite ideas about parts of the project but may be unsure of others. In these cases, we will seek your input, and offer our expertise to arrive at the right choices for your personal taste and budget. We will periodically give you updates on the project, and you may also call, email, or stop by any time. We want you to be as comfortable with the process as you will be when you slip back into the driver’s seat! 


Delivering Your Car

You can drive, ship, or tow your car to us for restoration. We can also locate a suitable chassis for you if you have a model in mind but can’t find exactly what you’re looking for. The shipping companies we work with take great care in assuring your car arrives in the same condition it leaves in. We encourage you to call several companies to get competitive rates which can vary with the season and other factors. After you arrange pick up, the transport company will coordinate with us on delivery time (most of them know exactly where we are). A complete list of car transport companies and their phone numbers is included at the bottom of this page.  In some cases, we can pick up or deliver your vehicle for you. 


Mechanical Inspection

Regardless of the extent of the work being performed, we always do a detailed mechanical inspection of the car as it is delivered. Our technicians are given time to go over your car with a fine-toothed comb, noting any wear, defects, or previous work which may become a problem in the future. This inspection results in a detailed list of parts and labor, which is then cost estimated. When we present this information to you, we will also advise you of any opportunities to upgrade components or systems in the process. Many times improved or performance type parts can be used with no additional labor expense. We also incorporate any specific requests you have into the estimate.


Body & Interior

Our specialty is BMW’s. Body shops specialize in paint, trim shops specialize in interiors. We sublet our body and trim work to local craftsman who we select based on your needs and budget. Estimates for this work are provided along with our mechanical estimate to give you a clear picture of the entire project. We handle all preparation of the car prior to body work and all reassembly after painting. This means that experienced BMW technicians will be reinstalling your wiring harness, engine, suspension and so on. This is our area of expertise, not the body shop’s.


Work, Work, Work 

If body work is being performed, we will remove the car’s mechanical components first so that work on the engine, transmission, etc. can continue even if the car isn’t present in our facility. During teardown it is also common to find other parts that need replacing or refurbishing (we will advise you of any significant items).

Some of the common non-mechanical services we provide during restoration include:

  • Plastic media cleaning or sandblasting of engine compartments, suspension components, undercarriages, etc.
  • Body and trim restoration
  • Glass bead blasting, zinc plating, powder coating, painting and undercoating of hardware and suspension components
  • Removal and replacing of sound deadening material
  • Interior restoration
  • Replacement of rubber seals and trim
  • Removal of glass for painting
  • Retrofitting of bumpers, body work and aerodynamics
  • Stereo and alarm installation


Final Inspection

We utilize a system of internal checks in our shop to assure the final product meets our demanding criteria. Completed cars are given a final inspection by our senior shop personnel, and the cars are often driven for several days by Korman Management to turn up any potential deficiencies which are corrected before delivery.



Many people choose to fly in and drive their “new” BMW home. Whether you drive it home or have it shipped, we’ll provide you with detailed instructions on the care and feeding of your “new” BMW. (see shipping info below)


Years Down the Road

What happens years from now when you have a question about your car? Just call us. Our restorations are usually as individual as our customers, and we consider both part of the Korman Family. You’ll find our staff as helpful 5 years from now as you will when you are initially discussing your project.


Start of Work

60% of total estimate


20% additional


Balance Remaining



You may make payments by check, wire transfer, credit card, et. Our business office will establish an account for you and provide a deposit summary with your final invoice. Invoices are itemized showing all labor times, part numbers, and prices. 

Shipping Companies

There are literally hundreds of companies who specialize in the careful moving of your BMW across the state or across the country. We are not associated with any particular shipper, but have thus far found Transport Reviews  to be courteous and careful.

There are two types of transport, open and enclosed, the former being less expensive. Many shippers can also offer a discount for “stand by” status, meaning they will pick up your car the next time a truck is in your area instead of making a special trip. One of our favorite carriers →

Mom’s Auto Transport

(419) 682-1975

Shipping Address

Korman Autoworks, Inc.

2629 Randleman Rd.

Greensboro, NC 27406

Delivery Contact Phone (336) 275-1494


To protect your investment, we strongly encourage you to obtain a professional appraisal and additional insurance commensurate with the new value of your car. Korman Autoworks has a certified appraiser on call and can have your appraisal done before your car leaves our facility, just let us know.


With the appraisal in hand, you can check with your existing insurance carrier or a specialty carrier to come up with a policy that fits your needs and budget. A few more popular insurers are Hagerty, Grundy, Classic Auto Insurance, and Heacock Classic.